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Assembling Alternatives
Reading Postmodern Poetries Transnationally
Romana Huk, ed.

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Expected: April 2003

Wesleyan University Press
2003 • 424 pp. 6 x 9"
Literary Criticism

$32.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6540-2

First anthology to examine the national borders of postmodern poetry.

Assembling Alternatives brings together five English-speaking communities — the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland and Australia — to discuss how national differences have inflected poetic experimentation. The 24 essays provide historic overviews, close readings, personal views and polemics on poetics as they have developed in situ. These “oppositional poetries” and poetics are highly diverse and can only be unified — as they are here — as an imagined collective alternative to a mainstream and institutionalized practice of poetry. By tracing the varied histories and trajectories of innovative poetry in these countries, and by engaging in readings of specific texts from within these traditions, Assembling Alternatives suggests subtle but provocative differences in strategies of resistance, constructions of self, use of voice and use of technology.

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"By far the most intelligent collection of essays on contemporary postmodern poetries available." —Lyn Hejinian, Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley

“Brings a much-needed transnational perspective to the discussion of contemporary poetries from North America, Britain, Ireland and Australia. These lively and original interrogations of national boundaries and their determining effects on literary transmission and reception signal a decisive recasting of the critical agenda.”—Peter Nichols, Professor of American Studies, University of Sussex

Romana Huk is Associate Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame. She is co-editor of Contemporary British Poetry: Essays in Theory and Criticism (1996), and author of a forthcoming book on Stevie Smith as well as numerous essays on contemporary poetics.

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