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British Atlantic, American Frontier
Spaces of Power in Early Modern British America
Stephen J. Hornsby

2004 • 328 pp. 104 illus. 7 x 10"
American History / Geography & Geology

$37.50 Paperback, 978-1-58465-427-8

A pioneering work in Atlantic studies that emphasizes a transnational approach to the past.

Reflecting the growing scholarly interest in transnational and comparative approaches to studying the past, British Atlantic, American Frontier offers a geographical perspective on the development of British America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It covers in detail not only the American eastern seaboard, but also eastern Canada and the West Indies, as well as the trans-Atlantic links to Western Europe and West Africa. At one level, the book synthesizes much of the current historical and geographical scholarship on these regions; at another level, it offers a provocative interpretation of British America, arguing that profound and long-standing differences existed between the American eastern seaboard and the Atlantic regions of eastern Canada and the West Indies. These differences ultimately led to the break-up of British America, the creation of the United States, and the reconfiguration of the British Empire.

British Atlantic, American Frontier is illustrated with more than one hundred photographs, maps, and historical illustrations.

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STEPHEN J. HORNSBY is Director of the Canadian-American Center and Associate Professor of Geography and Canadian Studies, University of Maine. He is author of Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton: A Historical Geography (1992).

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