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Middle Time
Angela Hume

2016 • 96 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry - American / Poetry - Women Authors

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-63243-016-8

“Mid-stream, mid-era, mid-construction of the notion of an Anthropocene extending into a multitude of future absences, Hume is writing poetry that is... [continued in Reviews below]”—Evelyn Reilly, author of Styrofoam,

A debut meditation on bodies and ecologies that risk and resist the totality of “end times”

A meditation on the body amidst a crisis of environment, Middle Time imagines the contours and limits (or non-limits) of bodies at a time when our attachments and our ecologies are increasingly administered, exploited, and degraded. How in particular, asks Middle Time, might one write the feminine body in ways that avoid essentializing women’s experiences of toxicity and risk, while also acknowledging a very real history of patriarchal subjection of women’s bodies to the same? At times choral lament, at times lyric trace of individual witness, the book’s voices point toward the question of what it means to be in “the middle” (the title of one series), pushing back against the often totalizing rhetoric of “end times.” While borrowing from and undermining the languages of poetry, philosophy, science, and medicine, Middle Time reaches toward a lyric of resurgent desire for a dire yet resilient present.

Reviews / Endorsements

“Mid-stream, mid-era, mid-construction of the notion of an Anthropocene extending into a multitude of future absences, Hume is writing poetry that is both symptom and diagnosis. Querying vocabularies of mitigation, of damage, of ‘rage’s junk effects,’ these intelligent, visually and sonically acute fragments set forth an almost impossible lyric of a ‘possible earth/capsizing toward you’ or, rather, us.”—Evelyn Reilly, author of Styrofoam

“Throughout Middle Time, Hume confronts, and sometimes astounds, the reader with what we cannot keep out. This applies not only to the toxins present in our environment that our bodies may absorb and to the possible ecological disaster of a poisoned planet, but also to knowledge. The way Hume’s source material — Hume intersperses her poetry with language from published health and environmental research, for example, but also from poetry and philosophy — informs this text mirrors, in many ways, the act of absorption itself. In the end, the reader leaves middle time reminded not only of the membraneous nature of permeability, but also of the porous nature of language and thought, which also make up our environment.”—Jenny Drai, Drunken Boat

Author Photo

ANGELA HUME is the author of the poetry chapbooks Melos (Projective Industries, 2015), The Middle (Omnidawn, 2013) and Second Story of Your Body (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, 2011). Individual poems have appeared in Dusie Magazine, Armed Cell, Little Red Leaves, RealPoetik, eccolinguistics, Zoland Poetry, Spinning Jenny, The Portland Review, and elsewhere.

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