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The Icelandic Cure
J.D. Moyer

Not yet released.
Publication date: April 3, 2018

The Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Prize

2018 • 72 pp. 5 1/2 x 7"
Short Stories - Single Author / Fiction - Dystopian / Science Fiction - Genetic Engineering

$6.95 Paperback, 978-1-63243-051-9

Winner of the Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Prize

In the year 2021, Jane Tokugawa leads a U.S. delegation from the Centers for Disease Control to investigate a new retroviral gene therapy approved in Iceland, a shining nation churning out Olympic medalists, chess masters, and brilliant artists. As Tokugawa learns more about the Hratthníf protocol from head scientist/founder Ásdís Lúthersdóttir, she begins to question the motives of some of her delegation’s members. Hratthníf (“fast knife”) is curing diseases and mental illness, changing lives for the better. But who controls it? What are the limits? As the true mission of her delegation becomes clear, Tokugawa makes a decision that will affect millions of lives.

Reviews / Endorsements

The Icelandic Cure skillfully depicts a future disturbed by age-old conflicts. What are the ethical consequences of refashioning our genes at will, mostly in the cause of humankind’s betterment but perhaps not always? And who has the right to control such Pygmalion technologies? Moyer has crafted a compelling, timely, well-researched story that raises important questions, even as it unspools a narrative that engrosses from beginning to startling end.” —Bradford Morrow, judge of the Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Contest

J.D. Moyer lives in Oakland, California, with his wife, daughter, and mystery-breed dog. He writes science fiction, produces electronic music in two groups (Jondi & Spesh and Momu), runs a record label (Loöq Records), and blogs at His previous stories have appeared in Strange Horizons and Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores. He is currently working on his first novel, The Sky Woman.

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