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The Trees
A Novel
Stan Weisleder

Chaucer Press Books
2011 • 486 pp. 6 x 9"
Fiction & Literature

$22.95 Paperback, 978-1-884092-13-8

The definitive novel about Jews and Italians growing up in Brooklyn after WWII who seek money and power in a never-before-seen Las Vegas revealed from an insider’s point of view

The Trees is an epic novel told in Godfather fashion about a handful of childhood friends who make it out of the slums of Brooklyn and reunite as young adults during the years of mob-controlled Las Vegas. Lawrence “Mongoose” Cohen starts running numbers for local bosses while in high school, and eventually manages the gambling activities at the Desert Winds Hotel and Casino in Vegas. There he reunites with Eunice—a teenage heartthrob—who’s now a showgirl known as “Venus.” She initially ignores him but softens after he’s almost killed in a car bombing. Haunted by Venus’s former involvement with underboss Tommy Di Meglio, Mongoose deals with Tommy, “makes his bones” against his would-be assassin, and becomes a “made man” as Las Vegas transforms into a legitimate entertainment mecca ready to do business with Macao in the new millennium.


“Weisleder is a wry observer with a keen eye. The Trees provides a fresh, captivating look at restless souls pursuing the American Dream.” —Davy Rothbart, reporter for NPR’s “This American Life” and creator of Found magazine

STAN WEISLEDER heads his own actuarial consulting firm with offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and is a Reserve Deputy with the LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD) assigned to the Special Victims Bureau as a Detective. He is the author of Wings of the Panther and is currently completing his third novel, The Easy Way, based on his personal experiences with the LASD.

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