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First Tuesday
Oren Tasini

Chaucer Press Books
2013 • 350 pp. 6 x 9"
Thrillers / Espionage Thrillers / Crime Thrillers

$22.95 Paperback, 978-1-884092-92-3

Pandemonium surrounds the fate of the U.S. presidency after the president-elect is assassinated

When president-elect Arthur Davis is assassinated shortly after Election Day, the first Tuesday in November, the nation faces grave uncertainty about who is to become president in this unprecedented situation. According to the 20th Amendment of the Constitution the vice president-elect is to become the president, but the 12th Amendment says no one can be declared president until the Electoral College officially casts its votes, which occurs in December after the election. Since Electors have the constitutional right to vote for whomever they choose, the death of the president-elect propels power hungry groups and individuals to seek ways to manipulate the Electors toward their own ends—including a cabal of super-rich, ultra-patriotic Americans and even the sitting president, Peter Hampton, who wants to retain power although he lost the election. Simultaneously, Carlos Martinez, a member of the homegrown Marxist-oriented group, the Front—which is working to incite society-wide revolution—is accused by the authorities of assassinating the president-elect. He contacts lawyer Jack Banner, who unexpectedly gets swept up into the role of defending Carlos. In the process, Banner tries to untangle the mystery behind the assassination, assisted by Alison Stevens—a smart, beautiful attorney. Soon their lives are threatened, and while on the run they develop a complex romantic relationship. Can they stop the Electors from being manipulated to serve the ends of a hidden and powerful few? Does the vice-president elect become the president? Is the president-elect’s assassin identified and brought to justice?

Devotees of action-adventure novels with a political twist will be gripped by this truly original and harrowing story that deeply explores our Constitution and the powerful, hidden forces at play in our current political system.

OREN TASINI is a practicing attorney and shareholder of the law firm of Haile, Shaw & Pfaffenberger, P.A., in North Palm Beach, Florida.

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