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Emergences and Spinner Falls
Robert Haight

Inland Seas

New Issues Poetry & Prose
2002 • 51 pp. 6 x 8 1/2"

$14.00 Paperback, 978-1-930974-20-3

“The poems contained in this volume are deftly crafted and highly immersive, so much so that the reader cannot resist their pull; they grab tight... [continued in Reviews below]”—Kyle Austin, Through the 3rd Eye

Reviews / Endorsements

“The poems contained in this volume are deftly crafted and highly immersive, so much so that the reader cannot resist their pull; they grab tight and submerge the reader in the narrative of rivers and forests, and the language of nature, making them internalize the experience of the poem’s often unnamed subjects.....The mastery with which Haight captures in his own poetic language the intricate language of the natural world is invigorating. Anyone who reads these poems cannot help but tremble outdoors at the slightest swaying of the trees, or the softest sound of rushing creek water. It is a joy to read the poetry of a man who seems to have lived with a river himself for many years, enough at least to possess the capacity to transfer his connection with nature to the written page. These are poems that leave the reader with fresh eyes and a burning desire to get off the couch. They force us to look beyond the surface of our material reality to acknowledge our participation in something larger than ourselves. Whether you’ve lived with a river or not, Spinner Falls and Emergences is necessary reading, a book that will profoundly impact the way you perceive the world around you.”—Kyle Austin, Through the 3rd Eye

“Robert Haight's Emergences and Spinner Falls is an extraordinary collection. This is poetry with teeth that both nibbles and bites hard. It is full of the things of this world, scarcely noticed even by most poets, without which we are the living dead. There is the marvelous sense of the grace and wit of a good poet at the top of his form.”—Jim Harrison

ROBERT HAIGHT was born in Detroit and educated at Michigan State University and Western Michigan University. His articles, essays, and poems have appeared in The Rockford Review, Oxford Magazine, The South Coast Poetry Journal, South Florida Poetry Review, Louisville Review, The Passages North Anthology, Contemporary Michigan poetry, New Poems from the Third Coast, and elsewhere. He has won awards from the Poetry Resource Center of Michigan, Western Michigan University, the Kalamazoo Foundation, and the Arts Foundation of Michigan. An avid fly fisherman and committed environmentalist, he teaches writing at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and lives at Hemlock Lake in Cass County, Michigan.

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