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My Life as a Doll
Elizabeth Kirschner

Autumn House
2008 • 88 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

$14.95 Paperback, 978-1-932870-20-6

“Yes, My Life as a Doll reflects the effects of childhood abuse throughout the persona's life. But it's also that leap from a brutal battering... [continued in Reviews below]”—Eileen Tabios, Galatea Resurrects

Elizabeth Kirschner's fourth collection of poetry.

Kirschner's fourth collection of poetry is a narrative of an abused childhood. It explores the inner landscapes of memory through stunning imagery and voice.

Reviews / Endorsements

“Yes, My Life as a Doll reflects the effects of childhood abuse throughout the persona's life. But it's also that leap from a brutal battering to the significance of the winter garden that paradoxically shows how the persona doesn't ultimately get buried by the abusive experience. Despite the bludgeonings described on many -- oh so many! -- pages of the book, the lyrical -- often gorgeous -- lines offer the impression that the abused did not remain a victim.”—Eileen Tabios, Galatea Resurrects

“These poems are dark, iridescent beads strung along a narrative of embattled childhood that supports but never overrides the lyrical force of Kirschner's voice and vision. The narrative begins with a mother's violence and follows its effects upon the daughter's inner landscape the visions, the bouts of madness, the circling smoke of memory -- as she grows older. It's the landscape that generates the force behind these poems, rendered as it is with stunning imagery at every turn, and with urgent rhythms that push towards a kind of exorcism. These poems confront hard things head-on, but far from being sensationalistic or depressing, they are lush, fierce, and lovely.”—Leslie Ullman

ELIZABETH KIRSCHNER has published three books of poetry, Twenty Colors, Postal Routes and Slow Risen Among the Smoke Trees, all by Carnegie Mellon University Press. In addition, she has a CD released by Albany Records wherein her own poetry, not a translation, has been set to Robert Schumann's Dichterliebe. Now titled The Dichterliebe in Four Seasons, it premiered in Vienna in the fall of 2005, followed by an American debut in Boston featuring soprano Jean Danton accompanied by pianist Thomas Stumpf. She collaborates with many composers and has taught at Boston College since 1990. She lives with her husband and son and divides her time between Boston and the Berkshires. Kirschner also studies ballet with Boston Ballet.

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