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Unidentified Sighing Objects
Baron Wormser

2015 • 108 pp. 6 x 9 1/4"

$16.00 Paperback, 978-1-933880-47-1

“These are contemplative poems, but their occasions are the events, objects, people of our actual lives, so that Wormser’s odes and meditations serve as profound... [continued in Reviews below]”—Richard Hoffman, author of Love and Fury,

Through formal features, Unidentified Sighing Objects locates the circumstances of feeling that both elevate and wreck human life

The focus of Baron Wormser’s poetry over more than three decades has been the human drama of our trying to shape what is misshapen. In this, his tenth collection, he takes on a dizzying range of subjects from Diane Arbus to playground basketball to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Prospero to a suicide inquest. In all his poems, he pursues the complex gist that will at once betray and reveal the welter of feeling that informs a moment, a scene, or a life.

For readers of poetry this book is the culmination of well over three decades of poetry writing, a book into which much experience of life and poetry has gone. It’s brought to light through the formal features of odes and villanelles.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“These are contemplative poems, but their occasions are the events, objects, people of our actual lives, so that Wormser’s odes and meditations serve as profound commentary on the past half century. His poems embody a kind of deep happiness that has nothing to do with contentedness. . . . Nobody’s fool, Wormser veils his metaphysics, but he keeps faith with his vision that there is, in fact, somewhere ‘The music you can’t hear but must be there. ’ ”—Richard Hoffman, author of Love and Fury

“This is a stunning collection. Baron Wormser is a truly inimitable poet. . . . Mysterious and suggestive, quite capable of crankily humorous philosophical locutions, he reminds us of no one else composing poetry today. Sure, Wormser might write “Life’s a beautiful meaningless gift,” and yet I think that Unidentified Sighing Objects is a gift both beautiful and profound, whose poems are in turn self-concealing and wrenchingly transparent, and every page, in equal measure, is Buddhist-of-the-moment and timeless.”—Howard Norman, author of Next Life Might Be Kinder

From the Book:

To scoop up a scrap of feeling
That falls from the gusty October Sky

A raw little thing like a bare hatchling
Or fresh bloodstain

The air thick with ocher and violet
As if an abstract expressionist

Had taken hold of a cloud and soaked it
Till it bled ghost tears

Then brayed with crafty giddiness
At art's prodigal counter-punch

A bray the cars take up out of impatience
For they must be elsewhere and soon

And this moment
Is only a mental tunnel

More failed history
Though when a woman turns

Her head sideways and sees one
If those slim trees the city plants

Clinging to a few last leaves
As if they were dignity itself

BARON WORMSER is the author/co-author of fourteen books and a poetry chapbook. Wormser has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, Bread Loaf, and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. From 2000 to 2006 he served as poet laureate of the state of Maine. He teaches in the Fairfield University MFA Program and is Director of Educational Outreach for the Frost Place in Franconia, NH.

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