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The Baby Book
Robin Silbergleid

2015 • 132 pp. 6 x 9 1/4"

$16.00 Paperback, 978-1-933880-58-7

“It is impossible to read just one poem from Robin Silbergleid’s new collection. . . . As the book’s speaker endures obstacles on the path to parenthood, readers... [continued in Reviews below]”—Mary Biddinger, author of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water,

The Baby Book explores single motherhood, fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, and alternative families

At twenty-seven, Robin Silbergleid decided to become a single mother by choice; The Baby Book depicts her long struggle to build her family through assisted reproductive technology. It is a bold, multi-voiced narrative of reproductive choice, including infertility treatment, recurrent miscarriage, and high-risk pregnancy.

The Baby Book will be of interest to readers of poetry, women, people interested in reproductive rights, fertility patients and their doctors, and women who have experienced pregnancy loss.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“It is impossible to read just one poem from Robin Silbergleid’s new collection. . . . As the book’s speaker endures obstacles on the path to parenthood, readers develop an intimacy with the narrative, and an appreciation for how the poet captures surreal elements of clinical scenes and their accompanying vernacular. With the emotional depth of a novel, and the poignancy of memoir, Silbergleid has created a testament to the human spirit, and a poetry collection that is truly unforgettable.”—Mary Biddinger, author of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water

“Sophisticated and gripping, this depiction of a single woman’s experience of donor insemination, miscarriage, and birth is a major accomplishment. This artistic response to a common but little discussed human experience is powerful and moving. The Baby Book is at once evocative and informative; it takes the literature on pregnancy loss to a whole new level.”—Linda Layne, author of Motherhood Lost: A Feminist Account of Pregnancy Loss in America and producer of Motherhood Lost: Conversations

Robin Silbergleid’s The Baby Book is a relentless, fierce examination of miscarriage, loss, pregnancy, and labor that is both a commentary on modern medicine as well as a timeless reflection on motherhood, grief, and desire. A brutal and resilient narrative! I hope that this book creates much-needed dialogues.—Julianna Baggott, author of This Country of Mothers

From the Book:

The maple outside my window is dying.
I tossed another negative test
into the trash this morning, one
garish pink line mocking me
with what my body has forgotten.
On my desk, an empty bowl
a dented spoon, a cracked mug.
If it is not fertilized, a human ovum
begins to decompose in 24 hours.
Does it sit in the fallopian tube
like a teenage girl waiting for her date?
Does it shimmer with anticipation?
Does it think of anything
beyond this moment of becoming?

ROBIN SILBERGLEID is the author of the memoir Texas Girl and the chapbooks Frida Kahlo, My Sister and Pas de Deux: Prose and Other Poems. Born and raised in Illinois, she holds both an MFA and PhD from Indiana University. She is currently an associate professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at Michigan State University. She lives in East Lansing, Michigan, with her two children.

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