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Starshine & Clay
Kamilah Aisha Moon

Stahlecker Selections

Four Way
2017 • 128 pp. 6 x 9"
Poetry / Poetry - African American

$15.95 Paperback, 978-1-935536-95-6

“Moon, rages against racist violence in America in her second collection, while also finding moments of beauty in nature as well as human kindness. The... [continued in Reviews below]”—Publisher's Weekly

These poems run the gamut between human striving and suffering, ultimately imbued with a tenacious hope

We are making our lives up “here on this bridge / between starshine and clay” (Lucille Clifton). Addressing tough circumstances tenderly, this book is about life—what we inherit, what we create, what shapes us, what’s possible.

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Reviews / Endorsements

“Moon, rages against racist violence in America in her second collection, while also finding moments of beauty in nature as well as human kindness. The specter of police brutality looms large as she lists its victims, including Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice…. She juxtaposes these current events with their historical counterparts—lynchings, concentration camps, slavery—and a skillful sestina about a Jefferson Davis statue in Mississippi illuminates the lingering terror of Confederate memorials. Moon advances benevolence as an antidote to the poison of persecution. She writes of a deceased friend living on in the form of organ donation. And despite instances of clichéd metaphors, she crafts some remarkable imagery, particularly when describing her mother’s chest after a partial mastectomy as well as her own experience undergoing uterine surgery. Throughout, Moon explores the body and the many traumas it must absorb, confronting death, survival, and the space in between with grace and radiance.” —Publisher's Weekly

“Grief and sorrow cannot prevail where there exists such sympathetic and empathetic forces as those summoned in the poems of Kamilah Aisha Moon….”—D. A. Powell

“…I find myself utterly ravaged and unreservedly restored.” —Tracy K. Smith

“Kamilah Aisha Moon’s unrelenting and gorgeous Starshine & Clay shows exactly why she is the poet we need...”—Adrian Matejka

From the Book:

To Clyde Johnson, lynched August 3, 1935

Your weight
bows my branch
toward the earth

I was not made for this

I will never e the same
like a fractured
unset bone
that cannot heal straight

Gnarled in eternal nod
like your bark-colored head

So heavy
our body-breaking hour

forgive me

The recipient of fellowships, awards, and honors, KAMILAH AISHA MOON holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and has taught for many institutions. Her work has been featured widely. Moon’s poetry collection She Has a Name (Four Way Books 2013) was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award and the Audre Lorde Award from the Publishing Triangle.

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