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Marni Ludwig

First Book

New Issues Poetry & Prose
2013 • 63 pp. 6 x 8 1/2"

$15.00 Paperback, 978-1-936970-14-8

“There has been talk, of late, of a new breed of poetry—what has been coined variously “Post-post modernism,” and “the new new sincerity... [continued in Reviews below]”—Cynthia Cruz, The Rumpus

Reviews / Endorsements

“There has been talk, of late, of a new breed of poetry—what has been coined variously “Post-post modernism,” and “the new new sincerity,” a lyric poetry that, though neither confessional nor narrative, does not shy away from revealing that the poems are, in fact, written by a person, a poetry that utilizes the “I,” but ventures into a new room of writing, one that plays with language and does not shirk from beauty. Not surprisingly, I find this work to be exhilarating, a breath of fresh air in a large room of poetry that often trumps sterility and smarts. Other poets I would include inside this aesthetic are Louise Mathias, Allison Benis White, Quinn Latimer, Lucie Daniel Anderson, Saratoga Rahe, and Lucie Brock Broido (in particular, Trouble in Mind). Ludwig is also, I believe, of this ilk.

Ludwig’s collection is a gorgeous and brave collection, one I have been awaiting years for, since I first encountered her work in Lucie Brock Broido’s course anthology. I carried an early rendition of Ludwig’s’ poems with me for years and loved, especially, her poem, Expert on Shadows. The ending I memorized and, in times of debilitating sorrow, I pulled the tiny scraps of paper upon which I’d handwritten the poems, out from my purse and, I swear, her words saved me.”—Cynthia Cruz,
The Rumpus

“Marni Ludwig has a vast and original mind and spirit, which along with her quiet, sometimes sharp humor, and her tenderness, implicate everyone. Her skill is like a good horse, who becomes one with the rider and with her wild, unheard of travels. Here is the real thing.”—Jean Valentine


Winner of the New Issues Prize (2012)

MARNI LUDWIG is also the author of Little Box of Cotton and Lightning, selected by Susan Howe for a 2011 Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship. She holds degrees from Sarah Lawrence College, Columbia University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Her poems have appeared in Boston Review, Boulevard, FIELD, Gulf Coast, High Chair, JERRY, Western Humanities Review, and other journals. She lives in Athens, GA, where she is a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia, and in Brooklyn, NY.

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