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Katherine McCord

Autumn House
2017 • 158 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
Biography / Memoir

$17.95 Paperback, 978-1-938769-18-4

“McCord’s details dredge this 'stream of consciousness' that pursues its own fluid self with avid reckless attention, steering always away from abstraction and vagueness of... [continued in Reviews below]”—Sonya Huber, Brevity Magazine

The second memoir from Katherine McCord, winner of the 2016 Autumn House Nonfiction Contest

"Michael Martone, choosing Katherine McCord’s RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE as Autumn House Press’ Creative Nonfiction Prize, calls the literary memoir 'extraordinary,' 'a book’s BOOK. A map more detailed than the thing it represents. . .with goddamn gumption and infinite
grace.' Katherine McCord hilariously and poignantly captures living, as a writer/person/mother/professor/wife, that is, as anyone, overly aware and stunned by the time we are in, this often fascinating but very difficult age."

Reviews / Endorsements

"McCord’s details dredge this 'stream of consciousness' that pursues its own fluid self with avid reckless attention, steering always away from abstraction and vagueness of emotion toward the shocking vivid precision of remembered sights, sounds, smells, slants of light, feelings, and street corners. McCord’s short entries string together, given a sense of propulsion precisely by her own breathless quest for honesty, confiding in the reader that she can’t quite find the thing she means to say and so she returns on each page with another angle, refracting and pursuing the quickening edge of life and consciousness itself."—Sonya Huber, Brevity Magazine

"This is RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE: a literary memoir with eyes. Her eyes, readers’ eyes, memory’s eye, her sister’s, daughters’, husband’s, dead friend’s eyes, all to witness, through the lens she holds to her whirring mind, a glimpse of the fresh hell that is storming through memory and life, through the act of creating the very book being read. Then, while we’re tucked in close and properly entrenched in McCord’s web, she flexes that lens, and the result is dazzling."—Ashley Miller, Atticus Review

"The shifting sands of the knowledge of her own life are spread beneath the reader’s feet as well: McCord is playing with our reality as fate has been playing with hers. We think we know what’s going on? We have no idea what we don’t know. And this keeps readers looking over their shoulders—long after closing the book."—Anne Britting Oleson, Mom Egg Review

"Toward the end of this book, McCord addresses the end of everything. Yet it’s not the end. She writes about the need to write and the importance of writing. She writes about her friendship with her sister. She writes about her own daughters. She writes about how god (a lowercase god) says to her, on a cell phone, “Let’s just get through not losing your mind.” And indeed, however her passions may pull her this way or that, however her ideas race and get jumbled up with other ideas, the truth is that this author is eminently sane. So very sane that we can, all of us, learn from her. From her felt and full-of-feeling excellent book."—Kelly Cherry, storySouth

"To ‘READ’ (and yes I am using all that graphic punctuation with intent!) this extraordinary memoir, RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE, I had to employ a ZIP Extractor to extract (from the brain-like folds of the CLOUD) this gorgeously convoluted and original origamied textual text of the not so transparent text of this bookish book. That is to say, embedded in this message is the message that this mean medium is the message (a blast from the past!) and what a divine mess of a message it is.

Too often, it seems to me, we construct our books as if they are mere transcriptions of oral tales, desiring to invoke a waking dream in the reader while disguising the scaffolding of the narrative delivery device (the book itself), suppressing, consciously, the self-conscious consideration of self-consciousness. McCord, in RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE, reignites the curious rotary engine of curiosity, the spirographic folding back, that ululation, as a great storyteller confronting the unique high-techery of the book. Believe me, this book cannot, ever, be made into a movie or binge TV series or streamed video. No, it is a book’s BOOK. A map more detailed than the thing it represents. It confronts the BOOK and does what only the BOOK can do and does it with goddamn gumption and infinite grace.

Katherine McCord’s life here is an open book book, and the fine instrument of that opening is the story of that story."—Michael Martone

“Katherine McCord has changed the terms of engagement from labyrinth to chambered nautilus. She explores—with searing insight and humility and sensitive intelligence—the movement through terrible forms of solitude into the blessed difficulties of summoning her beloved ones, past and present, for a new dance. Madness and aloneness and despair and shame echo through RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE, but the whole effect is the unforgettable release of the human cry freed to roam the world.”—Kevin McIlvoy, author of 57 Octave Below Middle C, The Complete History of New Mexico, Hyssop, and other books

“Sculpted brilliantly. Impacts like ‘Howl’ and ‘Caged Bird.’ A word journey of Scherezade. In RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE, McCord's early life through CIA stations and intrigue from Nepal and undisclosed places finally lands back in Langley USA country. Coming of age details show the sisterhood bonding that survives alcoholism, blended gloriously with marriage, daughters, professorship, a suicide, and everyday life felt from the inside out. Like a hologram seen in the right light, the words and images from these pages reflect wit and humor, understanding, soft genius, and large creativity. Together they add to your life, change your life and make you want to know more about life as this gifted storyteller tells it.”—Dianne Lancaster, author of Anger and the Indigo Child and Destiny and Purpose of the Authentic Self

KATHERINE MCCORD is the author of two books of poetry, Island and Living Room. Her third book, My CIA, was named a top-ten book of 2012 by the Review of Art, Literature, Philosophy and Humanities and added to their ongoing list of great nonfiction reads. Her memoir, Run Scream Unbury Save, was the winner of the 2016 Autumn House Press Nonfiction Contest. McCord teaches creative writing at Stevenson University and the University of Maryland University College.

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