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The Future of the Northern Forest
Christopher McGrory Klyza, ed.; Stephen C. Trombulak, ed.

1994 • 272 pp. 8 tables. 1 Map. 6 x 9"
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Public Policy / Maine

$27.95 Paperback, 978-0-87451-710-1

“A truly effective ‘environmental impact assessment’ [that] . . . demonstrate[s] effectively that a scholarly book on a controversial issue need be neither pedantic nor academic . . . a... [continued in Reviews below]”—American Forests

A timely collection presenting the diverse voices involved in the debate over the fate of the Northern forestlands.

Reviews / Endorsements

“A truly effective ‘environmental impact assessment’ [that] . . . demonstrate[s] effectively that a scholarly book on a controversial issue need be neither pedantic nor academic . . . a truly interdisciplinary and interesting study of a major region of the nation . . . [and] a model for integrated case studies of other regions experiencing natural resource controversy and change.”—American Forests

“Draws together authoritative essays and arguments from a variety of academics and environmental and political activists . . . Covering everything from natural history to local economic impacts, the book is . . . clearly essential to an informed understanding of the resource at risk and the choices ahead.”—Wilderness

“A fascinating and often detailed picture of the many political, economic, environmental, and ethical factors that will determine the fate of the largest U.S. forest ecosystem near major population centers . . . Given the wealth, influence, and environmental leadership of the U.S., this story has global significance.”—Choice

“A comprehensive exploration of the definition, concept, current state, and future of ‘wilderness’ in the northeastern United States, interpreted by a diverse group of land conservationists . . . Offers perspectives on historical land use, explores the consequences of past and present land management, furnishes a design for future wildland protection in the northeast, and provides examples of how local communities and economies have prospered, while at the same time embracing a land steward ethic . . . Well-researched and very readable.”—Northeastern Naturalist

“An absorbing and insightful overview of the complex issues surrounding current debates over land use in the Northern forest . . . In the context of the current political climate, which favors little government intervention, and the historically strong role that private property rights have played in the United States, this book powerfully demonstrates the difficulties of protecting the ecological integrity of the Northern Forest.”—Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy

CHRISTOPHER McGRORY KLYZA is Associate Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies at Middlebury College and author of Who Controls Public Lands? (1996). STEPHEN C. TROMBULAK is Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Middlebury. They are coauthors of The Story of Vermont (1999).

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