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Kazan Revisited
Lisa Dombrowski, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction – Lisa Dombrowski
• On Kazan the Man – Jeanine Basinger
• The Quiet Side of Kazan – Kent Jones
• Elia Kazan, Seen From 1973 – Jonathan Rosenbaum
• “The Director, That Miserable Son of a Bitch”: Kazan,
Viva Zapata! and the Problem of Authority – Leo Braudy
• Mr. Kazan Goes to Washington: A Case Study in Misguided Ambivalence – Victor Navasky
Man on a Tightrope: Kazan as Liberal Anti-Communist – Brenda Murphy
• “Independence” and the “Art Film”:
Baby Doll and After – Brian Neve
• The Search for Humor and Humanity in
Baby Doll and A Face in the Crowd – Sam Wasson
• A Straight Director’s Queer Eye: 1951-1961 – Mark Harris
• The Other Side of the Story: Elia Kazan as Director of Female Pain – Savannah Lee
• Documentary and Democracy in
Boomerang! and Panic in the Streets – Andrew Tracy
• Elia Kazan and the Semi-Documentary: Composing Urban Space – Patrick Keating
• Choreographing Emotions: Kazan’s CinemaScope Staging – Lisa Dombrowski
• Lost
River – Richard Schickel
• Late Kazan, or the Ambiguities – Haden Guest
• Filmography as Director
• Select Bibliography
• Contributors
• Index

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