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Rare Light
J. Alden Weir in Windham, Connecticut, 1882–1919
Anne E. Dawson, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Preface—Anne E. Dawson
• Acknowledgments—Anne E. Dawson
• List of Abbreviations
• Family Stories—Charles Burlingham, Jr.
• J. Alden Weir in Windham, Connecticut, 1882–1919—Anne E. Dawson
• Eastern Connecticut Landscapes and the Environment, 1882–1919: The Pastoral as Middle Ground—Jamie H. Eves
• A House Unlocked: The History of the Baker-Weir Homestead—Rachel Carley
• Selected Works by Weir Painted while Residing in Windham
• Bibliography
• Contributors
• Index

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