Middlebury College Press

Wilderness Comes Home
Rewilding the Northeast
Christopher McGrory Klyza, ed.; Bill McKibben, epilogue

Middlebury College Press


• Taking Stock
• An Eastern Turn for Wilderness - Christopher McGrory Klyza
• "Remote, rocky, barren, bushy wild-woody wilderness": The Natural History of the Northeast - Alicia Daniel and Thor Hanson
• Old Growth Forests of the Northeast - Robert T. Leverett
• Public Lands and Wild Lands in the Northeast - Christopher McGrory Klyza

• Designing a Northeastern System of Wild Lands

• Ecological Reserve Design in the Northeast - Stephen C. Trombulak
• An Opportunity for Big Wilderness in the Northern Appalachians - Jamie Sayen
• Restoring the Wild: Species Recovery and Reintroduction - Stephen C. Trombulak and Kimberly Royar
• Making It Happen: Protecting Wilderness on the Ground - Emily Bateson and Nancy Smith

• Northeastern Wild Lands in Context

• Stewardship and Sustainability: Reconnecting Nature, Culture, and Community - Nora Mitchell and Rolf Diamant
• Vermont Family Forests: Building a Sustainable Relationship with Local Forests - David Brynn
• A Conversation at the Edge of Wilderness - John Alder
• Some Lessons from Wilderness, East and West - John Davis

• Final Thoughts

• Epilogue - Bill McKibben

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