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Marsden Hartley
Race, Region, and Nation
Donna M. Cassidy

University of New Hampshire Press


• Beyond Hartley the Modernist
• I. Painting and Marketing Region
• The "Painter from Maine" and New England Regionalism
• Consumerism, Tourism, and Regional Art
• II. Inventing the Past
• Autobiography: Creating the Self, Region, and Nation
• The Lincoln Portraits: Between Autobiography and Public History
• Autobiography and Public History
• Artifacts and the Historical Landscape
• III. Representing the Folk
• The Folk and the Modernist Primitive
• The Working-Class Male Body: Masculinity, Homosexuality, and Nation
• The North Atlantic Folk and Racial Discourse
• Appendixes: Essays by Marsden Hartley - A "New England on the Trapeze"
• B "The Six Greatest New England Painters"
• C "On the Subject of Nativeness - A Tribute to Maine"
• D "This Country of Maine"
• "George Fuller"
• "The Nordica Homestead"
• "Fanny [sic] Hardy Eckstorm - Penobscot Man"
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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