The Story of Modern Skiing
John Fry

University Press of New England


• Preface
• When It Happened
• Where It Happened
People and Place
• A Way of Life
• From Rope Tow to Resort
Technique and Equipment: Partners in Progress
• A Revolution in Equipment
• Technique: From Stem to Carve
• New Ways to Learn
Alpine Competition
The World of Alpine Racing
• How Skiing Changed the Olympics
• Racing in America
Diversity: New Disciplines, Old Ones Restored
• Extremities
• Freestyle
• Snowboarding
The Culture and Business of Skiing
“The Industry”
• In Print
• In Movies, On Television
• The New Ski Country
• Afterword
• Acknowledgments
• Appendix: Top World Cup and Olympic Racers
• Notes
• Glossary
• Bibliography
• Index of Names and Places

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