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Energy in America
A Tour of Our Fossil Fuel Culture and Beyond
Ingrid Kelley

University of Vermont Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Fossil Fuels
• Coal: The King
• Oil: King of the Road
• Natural Gas: Modern Miracle
• Uranium and Nuclear Power
• The Electricity Grid
• Efficiency and Conservation: The Science and Art of Using Less Renewable Energy
• Solar Energy
• Wind Power
• Biomass Energy Sources
• Other Non-Fossil Energy Sources
• Community Energy and Sustainability
• Energy and Smart Growth Planning
• Clean Energy Policy and the Government Role
• Appendix A. Energy Connections to Sustainability Goals
• Appendix B. Timeline: Seven Generations of Fossil Fuels
• Appendix C. Glossary of Electricity Terms
• Index

Fri, 2 Mar 2018 15:00:23 -0500