Jewish Rhetorics
History, Theory, Practice
Michael Bernard-Donals, ed.; Janice W. Fernheimer, ed.

Brandeis University Press


• Introduction
• Taking a Stance toward God: Rhetoric in the Book of Psalms—
Davida Charney
• The Rhetoric of Rabbinic Authority: Making the Transition from Priest to Sage—
Richard Hidary
• Judah Messer Leon and the
Sefer Nofet Zufim: Rethinking Rhetoric Delivery in the Early Age of Print—Jim Ridolfo
• “The Pretty Heiress from Our Old House": Figuring the Yiddish-Hebrew Relationship in Rhetorical Works by Itzik Manger and Ya’akov Fichman—
Hannah S. Pressman
• The Jewish Rhetoric of the Twentieth Century: Cha
ïm Perelman, Double Fidélité, and the Pre-Holocaust Roots of the New Rhetoric Project—David A. Frank
• Socrates as Rabbi: The Story of the Aleph and the Alpha in a Postinformation Age—
Steven B. Katz
• Maimonides's Contribution to a Theory of Self Persuasion—
David Metzger
• Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, Sophist?—
Patricia Bizzell
• Is Midrash Comics? A Fish Story about Graphic Narrative, Visual Rhetoric, and Rabbinic Hermeneutics—
Susan Handelman
• S. Yizhar's
Khirbet Khizeh and the Rhetoric of Conflict—Shai Ginsburg
• Esther's Book: A Rhetoric of Writing for Jewish Feminists—
Susan Zaeske
• “Shema Yisrael”: Listening in Judaism and What It Has to Teach Us—
Joy Arbor
Simulated Shiur? Post-It Notes of an ArtScroll Amateur—Jonathan Boyarin
• Of Superheroes and Synecdoche: Holocaust Exceptionalism, Race, and the Rhetoric of Jewishness in America—
Jennifer Glaser
• “That Ceremonious Feeling of Growing Up”: The Educational Practice of Bar Mitzvah in the Jewish Children's Folkshul—
Eli Goldblatt
• Acknowledgments
• Contributors
• Index

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