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Producing Presences
Branching out from Gumbrecht’s Work
João Cezar de Castro Rocha, ed.; Victor K. Mendes, ed.; Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, afterword

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth


Foreword: Do Theories Ever Travel? – Victor K. Mendes & João Cezar de Castro Rocha
• The Materiality of Presence: Notes on Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s Theoretical Project – Pierpaolo Antonello
• Lost in Focused Intensity: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s Hymn to Sports – Horst Bredekamp
• The “Soft Terror” of Deconstruction – René Girard
• In Praise of Focused Intensity – Stephen Greenblatt
• Points of Style – Robert Pogue Harrison
• Critical Reading After Gumbrecht – Victor K. Mendes
• Some Thoughts on the Physics of Presence – Andrea Nightingale
• Materialities of Communication: A Parallel Campaign from the Comrade-in-Arms – Karl Ludwig Pfeiffer
• What’s the Matter
with Presence? – Joan Ramon Resina
• Match Point—Is Sports History Possible? – João Cezar de Castro Rocha
• On
Production of Presence – Richard Rorty
• Gumbrecht’s “Presence” Between Musil and Heidegger – Kathrin Rosenfield
• Interpretation in a Package – Miguel Tamen
• Literary Aesthetics: The Very Idea – Lindsay Waters
• In-12 Versus In-folio – Abel Barros Baptista
• Here Lies Nothing: Ghosts of Empire in Portuguese India – K. David Jackson
• Another Look at Identities – José Luís Jobim
• Allophone Presences, in the ‘Here-and-Now’ of the Humanities – Christopher Larkosh
• Repress the Desire for Eternity, or, Stop Making Sense of History! – Luís Madureira
• On How to Compact a Text, or, La Rochefoucauld in the Tropics – Pedro Meira Monteiro
• The Senses of In-Materiality – Evando Nascimento
• Portuguese
Actually: The “Special Relationship” meets the “Oldest Alliance” – Hilary Owen
• From Oral Transmission to Written Text: The Construction of Emerging Literary Systems – Francisco Salinas Portugal
• Driftings from Gumbrecht and Lyotard: The Concepts of “Figural” and “Presence” – Marília Librandi Rocha
• Teaching Desire: The Aleatory in Ethics and the Aesthetic Experience – Phillip Rothwell
• Afterword: Will my Present have a Future? – Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
• Remarks on “Will my Present have a Future?” – Arbogast Schmitt
• Contributors and Translators
• Index

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