About UPNE - Frequently Asked Questions

About UPNE

University Press of New England is an award-winning university press supported by a consortium of schools: Brandeis University, Dartmouth College, University of New Hampshire, and Northeastern University..

Founded in 1970, UPNE is a unique publishing consortium based at Dartmouth College, the host institution. UPNE has earned a reputation for excellence in scholarly, instructional, reference, literary and artistic, and general-interest books. Many of these are published cooperatively with one of the member institutions and carry a joint imprint. Others are published under the University Press of New England imprint.

The publishing program reflects strengths in the humanities, liberal arts, fine, decorative, and performing arts, literature, New England culture, and interdisciplinary studies. The Press publishes and distributes more than eighty titles annually, with sales of more than $2.5 million. A professional staff of twenty-four maintains high standards in editorial, design and production, marketing, order fulfillment, and business operations.

UPNE Book Partners

UPNE also distributes all titles published by Bibliopola Press, Carnegie Mellon University Press, CavanKerry Press, Chaucer Press Books, the Chipstone Foundation, Four Way Books, Gordian Knot Books, International Polar Institute Press, Nightboat Books, Saturnalia Books, The Sheep Meadow Press, Tagus Press, and Wesleyan University Press, as well as selected titles published by Art Services International, the Boston Athenaeum,  the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Wadsworth Atheneum  and other institutions. UPNE also distributes the English language publications of Academia Press Scientific Publishers of Belgium.

UPNE is a member of the Association of American University Presses and the Greater Lebanon (NH) Chamber of Commerce.

What We Publish

University Press of New England publishes books for scholars, teachers, students, and the general public. The Press concentrates in American studies, literature, history, and cultural studies; art, architecture, and material culture; ethnic studies (including African American, Jewish, Native American, and Shaker studies); international studies; nature and the environment; and New England history and culture.

Submitting Your Book Proposal

All submissions must be accompanied with a self-addressed stamped envelope or some form of return postage. Manuscripts for consideration by UPNE Book Partners distribution clients should be sent directly to their offices.

For University Press of New England (UPNE) and its Member Presses, please see our complete submission guidelines and list of acquisitions editors and their areas of responsibility.

How We Select Books

UPNE judges manuscripts first for their scholarly or artistic merit, their contribution to knowledge, and their cultural value. We also consider how well a project fits our areas of specialization, its originality, its style, and its likely reception in the marketplace. Projects considered for publication undergo a rigorous peer review, and they are evaluated by leading experts, publication editors, and an editorial board of distinguished scholars.

How We Edit and Market Books

UPNE edits, produces, and markets books according to the highest professional standards. We pride ourselves on the close, personal attention we give authors and manuscripts.

Experienced copy and production editors work closely with authors in helping to shape distinguished books. Our award-winning production department is widely known for its exquisite design work.

Each book is marketed according to a comprehensive, individually designed plan by six in-house staff members, eighteen North American sales representatives, and four international sales groups. Books are promoted through publicity, exhibits, reviews, advertising, direct mail, catalogs, electronic and in-print data bases, telemarketing, Web sites, and Internet marketing. UPNE sells books through independent and chain retailers, wholesalers and distributors, and directly to institutions, libraries, and individuals.

How to Reach Us:

• Editorial
Design & Production

University Press of New England
1 Court St - Ste 250
Lebanon, NH 03766

603-448-7006 (fax)

• Ordering
Customer Service

University Press of New England
1 Court St
Lebanon, NH 03766

800-421-1561 (orders & order inquiries only)
603-448-9429 (Fax)


UPNE Fulfillment
c/o Maple Logistics Solutions
Lebanon Distribution Center
704 Legionaire Dr
Fredericksburg, PA 17026

603-448-1533 ext. 503
603-448-9429 (Fax)

Review Copies for Media

UPNE provides complimentary copies of titles as available to bona fide members of the media for review. Requests for review copies must be submitted in writing on the letterhead of your publication, either by mail (Att: Publicity Manager at the address above) or by fax (603-448-9429); requests for review copies are not accepted via telephone or e-mail. Sorry, but we are generally unable to honor requests for review copies from freelancers.

Desk Copies for Faculty

College and university professors may request desk copies of eligible books for their courses. Requests should be on institutional letterhead and accompanied by book order information giving the name of the class, whether the book is required or recommended, the number enrolled, and where you have placed your book order. Requests may be mailed, faxed, or
e-mailed (as attachment).

Send to: Customer Service
University Press of New England
1 Court St
Lebanon, NH 03766

Fax 603-448-9429

Examination Copies

Professors and instructors at colleges and universities in the United States may request exam copies of eligible books (indicated in our Subject pages and on individual book pages) for consideration in their courses. Mail requests to UPNE at the Customer Service address or, if ordering with a credit card, you may FAX your request. Mail or FAX requests must be on institutional letterhead. Please include

a. Name and email address of lead instructor
b. Name of Institution and
Course Title and Estimated enrollment
...and $5.00 per title (limit 3 titles, please)

You may order online by clicking the Exam Copy button on individual book pages.

Guidelines for Permissions Requests

For permission to reprint material from UPNE-distributed presses, contact the appropriate publisher.

For classroom use of UPNE material, send requests for permission directly to Copyright Clearance Center.

For permission to reprint UPNE material, contact our (please put "Permissions" in the Subject Line) and provide the following information:

  • Title of book to be quoted
  • Name of author or editor

  • Title of poem or illustration, and/or page numbers of text
  • Title of your publication
  • Name of your publisher
  • Total number of pages in your publication
  • Projected print run
  • Projected price
  • Projected publication date

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for permission requests to be returned. Permission is granted and becomes effective only upon receipt of fee.

Permissions cannot be given over the telephone. You may send your request via e-mail, mail, or fax.


Please put "Permissions" in the subject line




Permissions Department
University Press of New England
1 Court St., Ste. 250
Lebanon, NH 03766

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