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Publisher logoDuquesne University Press, founded in 1927, has a long and rich tradition of scholarly publishing in a variety of subject areas. 
Over the years, Duquesne’s editorial program has included award-winning titles in literary studies, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies; its early entry into fields such as existentialism and phenomenology long ago cemented its reputation for books that shape and influence serious thought.

Duquesne publishes four seriess: Levinas Studies, Milton Studies. Medieval & Renaissance Literary Studies, and Philosophy/Communication, as well as many non-series titles.

Beginning July 1, 2016, these publications will be distributed exclusively by UPNE Book Partners.

After the Heavenly Tune
English Poetry and the Aspiration to Song
Berley, Marc

The Age of Milton and the Scientific Revolution

Duran, Angelica

Aspects of Subjectivity
Society and Individuality from the Middle Ages to Shakespeare and Milton
Low, Anthony

The Bible of the Poor
A Facsimile and Edition of the British Library Blockbook C.9 d.2
Labriola, Albert C., Smeltz, John W.

By Way of Interruption
Levinas and the Ethics of Communication
Pinchevski, Amit

Cherished Torment
The Emotional Geography of Lady Mary Wroth's Urania
Cavanagh, Sheila

The Christian Hebraism of John Donne
Written with the Fingers of Man's Hand
Goodblatt, Chanita

Collected Philosophical Papers

Levinas, Emmanuel, Lingis, Alphonso (tr.)

Coloring the Biblia Pauperum
Medieval Woodcuts to Illuminate and Inspire
A calming coloring experience, rich with the spirituality of the ages
Labriola, Albert C., John W. Smeltz

Comedy Begins with Our Simplest Gestures
Levinas, Ethics, and Humor
The important relationship of comedy to ethics, through the lens of continental philosophy and Emmanuel Levinas, in particular, is examined
Bergen-Aurand, Brian

Communicative Praxis & the Space of Subjectivity
Doing Philosophy with Others
Schrag, Calvin O.

Conversations with Emmanuel Levinas
de Saint Cheron, Mole, Gary

Culinary Shakespeare
Staging Food and Drink in Early Modern England
Goldstein, David B., Tigner, Amy L.

The Demanded Self
Levinasian Ethics and Identity in Psychology
Goodman, David M.

The Descriptive Phenomenological Method in Psychology
A Modified Husserlian Approach
Giorgi, Amedeo

The Development of Milton's Thought
Law, Government, and Religion
Shawcross, John T.

A Different Existence
Principles of Phenomenological Psychopathology
van den Berg, J. H.

Divine Subjection
The Rhetoric of Sacramental Devotion in Early Modern England
Kuchar, Gary

Doing Philosophy with Others
Conversations, Reminiscences, and Reflections
Schrag, Calvin O.

Emmanuel Levinas
His Life and Legacy
Malka, Salomon, Kigel, Michael, Embree, Sonja M.

The Essex House Masque of 1621
Viscount Doncaster and the Jacobean Masque
Raylor, Timothy

Ethics and Infinity
Conversations with Philippe Nemo
Levinas, Emmanuel, Cohen, Richard A.

Ethics at a Standstill
History and Subjectivity in Levinas and the Frankfurt School
Horowitz, Asher

Existence and Existents

Levinas, Emmanuel, Lingis, Alphonso, Bernasconi, Robert

Facing Nature
Levinas and Environmental Thought
Edelglass, William, Hatley, James, Diehm, Christian

A First Introduction to Existential Phenomenology

Luijpen, William A., Koren, Henry J.

Forgiving the Gift
The Philosophy of Generosity in Shakespeare and Marlowe
Lawrence, Sean

Freud's Traumatic Memory
Reclaiming Seduction Theory and Revisiting Oedipus
Marcel, Mary

Gender and the Power of Relationship
"United as one individual Soul" in Paradise Lost
Pruitt, Kristin A.

English Renaissance Literature and Soil Science
Rooted in the interpretive field of ecocriticism, this collection asks what we can learn from representations of soil in early modern literature
Eklund, Hillary, editor

Heidegger's Jewish Followers
Essays on Hannah Arendt, Leo Strauss, Hans Jonas, and Emmanuel Levinas
Fleischacker, Samuel

Heidegger's Philosophy of Religion
From God to the Gods
Vedder, Ben

Hiddenness and Alterity
Philosophical and Literary Sightings of the Unseen
Mensch, James Richard

A History of Political Ideas from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Nemo, Philippe, Kasler, Kenneth

The History of the Church through 100 Masterpieces

Duquesne, Jacques, Lebrette, Francois, M. Cristina Borges

Horrid Spectacle
Violation in the Theater of Early Modern England
Burks, Deborah G.

In the Wake of Trauma
Psychology and Philosophy for the Suffering Other
An interdisciplinary discussion of traumatic experience seeks better understanding and care for the suffering of individuals and societies
Severson, Eric, David M. Goodman & Brian Becker, eds.

Integrating Existential & Narrative Therapy
A Theoretical Base for Eclectic Practice
Richert, Alphons J.

Interrogating Ethics
Embodying the Good in Merleau-Ponty
Hatley, James, McLane, Janice, Diehm, Christian

The Intersubjectivity of Time
Levinas and Infinite Responsibility
Lin, Yael

Job & Excess of Evil

Nemo, Philippe

John Donne and Early Modern Legal Culture
The End of Equity in the Satyres
Kneidel, Gregory

John Donne: An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism, 1979-1995

Roberts, John R.

John Macksoud's Other Illusions
Other Inquiries Toward a Rhetorical Theory
Smith, Craig R.

John Milton
An Annotated Bibliography 1989-1999
Huckabay, Calvin, Urban, David V. , Klemp, Paul J.

Kant's Philosophy of Communication

A highly original reading of Immanuel Kant that demonstrates his interest in the social realm of human interaction
Ercolini, G. L.

The King James Bible across Borders and Centuries

Duran, Angelica

Levinas and Asian Thought

Kalmanson, Leah, Garrett, Frank, Mattice, Sarah

Levinas and Buber
Dialogue and Difference
Atterton, Peter, Calarco, Matthew, Friedman, Maurice

Levinas and Medieval Literature
The "Difficult Reading" of English and Rabbinic Texts
Astell, Ann W., Jackson, J.A.

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 10
The latest volume of Levinas Studies, featuring eight new extended essays on Emmanuel Levinas’s thought
Bloechl, Jeffrey, ed.

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 1
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 2
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 3
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 4
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 5
Atterton, Peter

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 6
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 7
Drabinski, John E.

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 8
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 9
Bloechl, Jeffrey

Levinas Studies V11
An Annual Review, Volume 11
The latest volume of Levinas Studies, featuring ten new extended essays on Emmanuel Levinas’s thought
Cohen, Richard A.

Levinasian Meditations
Ethics, Philosophy, and Religion
Cohen, Richard

Levinas's Philosophy of Time
Gift, Responsibility, Diachrony, Hope
Severson, Eric

The Life-Giving Gift of Acknowledgment

Hyde, Michael J.

The Literary Invention of Margaret Cavendish

Dodds, Lara

Lived Experience from the Inside Out
Social And Political Philosophy In Edith Stein
Calcagno, Antonio

The Lives of the Saints through 100 Masterpieces

Duquesne, Jacques, Lebrette, Francois, M. Cristina Borges

Longing for the Other
Levinas and Metaphysical Desire
Dalton, Drew M.

Magic and Masculinity in Early Modern English Drama

McAdam, Ian

Melville and Milton

Grey, Robin

Milton & the Preaching Arts

Lares, Jameela

Milton and Homer
"Written to Aftertimes"
Machacek, Gregory

Milton and the Poetics of Freedom

Woods, Susanne

Milton in the Age of Fish
Essays on Authorship, Text, and Terrorism
Lieb, Michael , Labriola, Albert C.

Milton on Film

Brown, Eric

Milton Studies
Volume 57
Seminal forum for Milton scholarship and criticism, published annually
Knoppers, Laura L., ed.

Milton Studies
Volume 54
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton Studies
Volume 45
Seminal forum for Milton scholarship and criticism, pubished annually.
Labriola, Albert C., ed.

Milton Studies
Volume 37
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 40
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 41
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 51
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton Studies
Volume 52
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton Studies
Volume 53
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton Studies
Volume 55
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton Studies
Volume 46
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 48
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 47
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 49
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 50
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 56
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton Studies
Volume 38
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 39
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies
Volume 42
Labriola, Albert C.

Milton Studies, Volume 58
Milton in the Americas
Special issue of the award-winning forum for Milton scholarship and criticism, highlighting Milton’s pan-American literary life and afterlife
Sauer, Elizabeth and Angelica Duran

Milton Studies, Volume 59

Award-winning forum for Milton scholarship and criticism, published annually
Knoppers, Laura L.

Milton the Dramatist

Burbery, Timothy J.

Milton, Materialism, and Embodiment
One First Matter All
Original essays explore the concepts of materialism and embodiment as depicted by Milton in his fascinating portraits of humanity’s place in the cosmos
Donovan, Kevin J. and Festa Thomas, eds.

Milton's Rival Hermeneutics
"Reason is But Choosing"
DuRocher, Richard J. , Thickstun, Margaret Olofson

The Myth of Normative Secularism
Religion and Politics in the Democratic Homeworld
Miller, Daniel D.

The New Science of Communication
Reconsidering McLuhan's Message for Our Modern Moment
Wachs, Anthony M.

New Talmudic Readings

Levinas, Emmanuel, Cohen, Richard A.

The Noble Flame of Katherine Philips
A Poetics of Culture, Politics, and Friendship
Orvis, David L. , Paul, Ryan Singh

An Ontological Study of Death
From Hegel to Heidegger
Ireton, Sean

Ontology after Ontotheology
Plurality, Event, and Contingency in Contemporary Philosophy
van der Heiden Gert-Jan

Otherwise than Being or Beyond Essence

Levinas, Emmanuel, Lingis, Alphonso

"Paradise Lost: A Poem Written in Ten Books"
An Authoritative Text of the 1667 First Edition
Shawcross, John T. , Lieb, Michael

"Paradise Lost: A Poem Written in Ten Books"
Essays on the 1667 First Edition
Lieb, Michael, Shawcross, John T.

Perspectives on Philosophy of Communication

Arneson, Pat

Phenomenology and Psychological Research

Giorgi, Amedeo

The Philosophical Sense of Transcendence
Levinas and Plato on Loving Beyond Being
Allen, Sarah

The Philosophy of Edith Stein

Calcagno, Antonio

The Plague in Print
Essential Elizabethan Sources, 1558-1603
Totaro, Rebecca

Pleasure and Gender in the Writings of Thomas More
Pursuing the Common Weal
Cousins, A. D.

Practicing Renaissance Scholarship
Plays and Pageants, Patrons and Politics
Bergeron, David M.

Preaching the Gospel of Black Revolt
Appropriating Milton in Early African American Literature
Wilburn, Reginald A.

Private Lives Made Public
The Invention of Biography in Early Modern England
“Life-writing” experienced an unprecedented boom in the late seventeenth century, giving rise to the modern biography
Walkden, Andrea

Psychotherapy as a Human Science

Burston, Daniel, Frie, Roger

Psychotherapy for the Other
Levinas and the Face-to-Face Relationship
Krycka, Kevin C., Kunz, George, Sayre, George G.

The Qualitative Vision for Psychology
An Invitation to a Human Science Approach
Advocates a perspective rooted in human experience to discuss issues such as empathy, sexual assault, the natural environment
Fischer, Constance T., Leswin Laubscher and Roger Brooke, eds.

Reading Between the Lines
Form and Content in Levinas's Talmudic Readings
Goldwyn, Elisabeth, Kessel, Rachel

Reading the Renaissance
Ideas and Idioms from Shakespeare to Milton
Berley, Marc

Reading the Torah
Beyond the Fundamentalist and Scientific Approaches
Explores the ways in which a spiritual reading of religious texts, as opposed to fundamentalist or scientific approaches, leads to greater insight
Chalier, Catherine

Reexamining Deconstruction and Determinate Religion
Toward a Religion with Religion
Simmons, J. Aaron, Minister, Stephen

Refiguring the Sacred Feminine
The Poems of John Donne, Aemilia Lanyer and John Milton
DiPasquale, Theresa M.

Renaissance Ecology
Imagining Eden in Milton's England
Hiltner, Ken

Renaissance Texts Medieval Subjectivities
Rethinking Petrarchan Desire from Wyatt to Shakespeare
Crosses the traditional medieval/early modern boundary to focus on reading Renaissance texts in light of earlier poetic forms
Sokolov, Danila

Renaissance Tropologies
The Cultural Imagination of Early Modern England
Shami, Jeanne, ed.

Rethinking Shakespeare's Skepticism
The Aesthetics of Doubt in the Sonnets and Plays
Tartamella, Suzanne M.

Rhetoric and the Gift
Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Contemporary Communication
Mifsud, Mari Lee

Satan's Poetry
Fallenness and Poetic Tradition in Paradise Lost
St. Hilaire, Danielle A.

The Self in Early Modern Literary Studies
For the Common Good
Sherwood, Terry G.

Shakespearean Resurrection
The Art of Almost Raising the Dead
Benson, Sean

Shanghai Quartet
The Crossings of Four Women in China
Lu, Min-Zhan

Single Imperfection
Milton, Marriage, and Friendship
Luxon, Thomas H.

Spiritual Arechitecture and Paradise Regained
Milton's Literary Ecclesiology
Simpson, Ken

The Spiritual Path
An Introduction to the Psychology of the Spiritual Traditions
de Wit, Hans F.

Stages of Engagement
Drama and Religion in Post-Reformation England
Mardock, James, McPherson, Kathryn

The Structure of Behavior

Merleau-Ponty, Maurice

Suffering in Paradise
The Bubonic Plague in English Literary Studies from More to Milton
Totaro, Rebecca

Theological Milton
Deity, Discourse and Heresy in the Miltonic Canon
Lieb, Michael

A Theology of Alterity
Levinas, von Balthasar, and Trinitarian Praxis
Morrison, Glenn

"Through a Glass Darkly"
Milton's Reinvention of the Mythological Tradition
Mulryan, John

Time and the Other

Levinas, Emmanuel, Cohen, Richard A.

To Repair the Ruins
Reading Milton
Fenton, Mary C., Schwartz, Louis

Totality and Infinity
An Essay on Exteriority
Levinas, Emmanuel

Totality and Infinity at 50

Davidson, Scott, Perpich, Diane

Toward the Outside
Concepts and Themes in Emmanuel Levinas
Smith, Michael B.

Tradition and Subversion in Renaissance Literature:
Studies in Shakespeare, Spenser, Jonson, and Donne
Roston, Murray

Tricks of Time
Bergson, Merleau-Ponty and Ricoeur in Search of Time Self and Meaning
Muldoon, Mark S.

The Truth (and Untruth) of Language
Heidegger, Rieoeur, and Derrida on Disclosure and Displacement
van der Heiden, Gert

The Two Principal Laws of Thermodynamics
A Cultural and Historical Exploration
van den Berg, J. H.

A Variorum Commentary on Poems of John Milton
Volume 3 [Samson Agonistes]
Dobranski, Stephen B. , Burnett, Archie, Klemp, P.J.

A Variorum Commentary on Poems of John Milton
Volume 5, Part 4 [Paradise Lost, Book 4]
Fresch, Cheryl H., Klemp, P.J.

A Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton
Volume 5, Part 8 [Paradise Lost, Books 11-12]
Lares, Jameela, Klemp, P.J.

The Virgilian Pastoral Tradition
From the Renaissance to the Modern Era
Lindheim, Nancy

Visionary Milton
Essays on Prophecy and Violence
Medine, Peter E., Shawcross, John T., Urban, David V.

Walking My Dog Jane
From Valdez to Prudhoe Bay Along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Rozell, Ned

What is the West

Nemo, Philippe

With Wandering Steps
Generative Ambiguity in Milton's Poetics
Explores Milton’s creative power to create a desire for a unified resolution that we are never meant to actually reach—at least in this world
Fenton, Mary C., Louis Schwartz, eds.

Women Writing of Divinest Things
Rhetoric and the Poetry of Pembroke, Wroth, and Lanyer
Bennett, Lyn

Writing the Forest in Early Modern England
A Sylvan Pastoral Nation
Theis, Jeffrey S.