Absence, Luminescent
Martínez, Valerie
After Dayton
Carrier, C.S.
All Pilgrim
Ford, Stephanie
All You Do Is Perceive
Katz, Joy
The Always Broken Plates of Mountains
McLarney, Rose
And So
Brouwer, Joel
Lee, David Dodd
Anxious Music
Ossmann, April
The Arrival
Simko, Daniel and Carolyn Forché, intro.
Arrow Pointing North
Lee, David Dodd
Bad Daughter
Gorham, Sarah
McQuade, Molly
Bastards of the Reagan Era
Betts, Reginald Dwayne
Bear, Diamonds and Crane
Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Claire
Begging for It
Dimitrov, Alex
Belated Heavens
Tobin, Daniel
Big Spring
Figman, Elliot
Black Blossoms
González, Rigoberto
Blinking Ephemeral Valentine
Wallace, Joni
Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows
Leigh, Eugenia
The Book of Jobs
Maris, Kathryn
Boys of My Youth
Okrent, Rebecca
Breaking and Entering
A Novel
Pollack, Eileen
Buddha’s Dogs
Browne, Susan
Denrow, Jennifer
Cathedral of Wish
Thomas, Cammy
Brouwer, Joel
Prufer, Kevin
Daniels, David J.
Corporal Works
Domina, Lynn
The Cumulus Effect
Barizo, J. Mae
The Cure
Gorham, Sarah
The Currency
Otremba, Paul
Day Mark
Briccetti, Lee
Nicorvo, Jay Baron
Dear Weather Ghost
Ginsburg, Melissa
Degrees of Latitude
Blossom, Laurel
Pardlo, Gregory
Bernhardt, Deborah
Eye of the Blackbird
McFadden, Mary Ann
False Horizon
Standing, Sue
Allbery, Debra
The Foundling Wheel
Falconer, Blas
Kocot, Noelle
The Four Way Reader #2
Arnett, Carlen , Jane Brox, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Martha Rhodes, editors
Funeral Pie
Friebert, Stuart
Furs Not Mine
Cohen, Andrea
The Geographic Cure
Dudley, Ellen
The Glimmering Room
Cruz, Cynthia
Standing, Sue
Half-Lit Houses
Chang, Tina
Hams Beneath the Firmament
Ford, Terry
Aleshire, Joan
The Harness
Mangan, Pat
Hemming the Water
Harvey, Yona
A History of the Only War
Davis, Christopher
Holding Ground
Willard, Bruce
Home by Now
Kearney, Meg
A Hotel in Belgium
Lauer, Brett Fletcher
How the Losers Love What’s Lost
Frank, Patrick Ryan
Hurry Home
Novella and Short Stories
Knight, Ann Scott
I Was Thinking of Beauty
Lea, Sydney
Youn, Monica
Immaculate Fuel
Nealon, Mary Jane
In a Beautiful Country
Prufer, Kevin
In the Mouth
Stories and Novellas
Pollack, Eileen
Incomplete Knowledge
Harrison, Jeffrey
Thomas, Cammy
January Machine
Schlegel, Rob
Lane Changes
Lawrence, David
Leaving Xaia
Nurkse, D.
Lessons in Another Language
A Novella and Stories
Staffel, Megan
Lighting the Shadow
Griffiths, Rachel Eliza
Listen & Other Stories
Callanan, Liam
Litany of Thanks
Aleshire, Joan
The Little Bat Trainer
Ebert, Gwen
The Little Book of Guesses
Gallaher, John
little dark
Brennan, Karen
Blossom, Laurel
Russell, Frazier
Make Me Do Things
Redel, Victoria
The Man With Many Pens
Wells, Jonathan
The Meaning of If
Lawler, Patrick
Name Withheld
Sewell, Lisa
The Names of Birds
Wolff, Daniel
The Narrows
Tobin, Daniel
National Anthem
Prufer, Kevin
The Near Surround
Mitchell, Nancy
The Nervous Filaments
Lee, David Dodd
The Net
Tobin, Daniel
Never Before
Poems About First Experiences
Bosselaar, Laure-Anne
New Messiahs
Israeli, Henry
Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin
Donnelly, Patrick
Bowman, Catherine
Of Gods & Strangers
Chang, Tina
On the Other Side, Blue
Nogues, Collier
The Opposite of People
Frank, Patrick Ryan
Orphan Fire
Valles, Alissa
Pax Americana
Otremba, Paul
The Plath Cabinet
Bowman, Catherine
Points of Balance
Puntos de apoyo
Medina, Pablo
Donoghue, John
The Pretty Girl
Novella and Stories
Spark, Debra
The Price of Light
Triplett, Pimone
The Radiant
Huntington, Cynthia
Radio Tooth
Jenkins, Paul
The Raving Fortune
Kocot, Noelle
Realm of the Possible
Dolin, Sharon
Reilly, Rebecca
Hamer, Forrest
Field, Farrah
The River I know You By
Knauth, Stephen
Rogue Apostle
Nealon, Mary Jane
The Rules of Paradise
Nurkse, D.
The Second Person
Young, C. Dale
Second Things
Tobin, Daniel
Tseng, Sandy
See Through
Richard, Frances
Series | India
Gray, Elizabeth T., Jr.
Shade 2004
Lee, David Dodd
Shade 2006
Lee, David Dodd, editor
Shadow Mountain
Kageyama-Ramakrishnan, Claire
Berg, Stephen
She Has a Name
Moon, Kamilah Aisha
Siste Viator
Manguso, Sarah
Six Small Fires
Jenkins, Paul
Small Porcelain Head
White, Allison Benis
Wheeler, Susan
Stories That Listen
Becker, Priscilla
Strike Root
Carter, Anne Babson
Sublimation Point
Schneiderman, Jason
The Subsequent Blues
Lilley, Gary Copeland
The Tension Zone
Gorham, Sarah
The Theory and Function of Mangoes
Kalamaras, George
Kalscheur, Josh
Dempster, Brian Komei
Young, C. Dale
Traditions of Bread and Violence
Sasanov, Catherine
Train Dance
Wells, Jonathan
The Traps
Mathias, Louise
Twenty Shadows
Knauth, Stephen
The Tyranny of Milk
London, Sara
Unbuilt Projects
Lisicky, Paul
Unpeopled Eden
González, Rigoberto
Ross, Jamie
What the Right Hand Knows
Healy, Tom
Whole Sky
Kircher, Pamela
Without Compass
Miller, Benjamin
Wolf and Pilot
Field, Farrah
Woman Without Umbrella
Redel, Victoria
Cruz, Cynthia
The Yellow Transparents
Aleshire, Joan
Young of the Year
Lea, Sydney