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Publisher logoNightboat Books is a nonprofit publishing company dedicated to printing original books of poetry and prose, and bringing out-of-print treasures back to life.  

Crosslight for Youngbird

An urgent and vital debut collection of poems that mixes ekphrasis with reportage to draw a new narrative of our present-day migration crises
Wadud, Asiya

Don't Let Them See Me Like This

An incendiary debut poetry collection that tears into the thick skin of political malaise through to the guts of history
Gibson, Jasmine

ESL or You Weren’t Here

An exciting debut collection of poems that presents a portrait of the poet as witness to, & healer of, their child self
Valdez, Aldrin


A cultural biography of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, and a cry of mourning for a post-9/11 world of perpetual war and environmental violence
Cobb, Allison

Invasive species

A vernacular debut that uncompromisingly journeys towards its sole destination: the decolonization of the imagination
Helal, Marwa

Je Nathanaël

Je Nathanaël is an endangered text. Neither essay nor poem nor novel nor sex-show, what it takes from language it gives back to the body


A love letter to language even as it drifts away, this lyric collection tracks the emotive landscape of a lived experience
Leavitt, Gracie

Lyric Multiples
Aspiration, Practice, Immanence, Migration
A poet’s capacious and visionary sequence of essays exploring language and aesthetics in contemporary society
Albon, George

MacArthur Park

Andrew Durbin’s debut novel asks what it means to belong to a place, an idea, and a time, even as those things begin to slip away
Durbin, Andrew

An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color
The first major literary anthology for queer poets of color in the United States
Soto, Christopher, ed.

Pasolini’s Our

A philosophical and epigrammatic meditation on a body immersed in language, history and place, refracted through film, photography and architecture


An evocative new book from one of our leading philosopher poets
Adnan, Etel

A Year From Today

A distinctive, book-length poem written over the course of a year that carries forward the lineage of New York School poets
Szymaszek, Stacy