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Publisher logoBuilding on a long history of previous research and publication, the Warring States Project's books draw on and cumulate the research represented by its journals. The books form two series, with the Sinological series further divided. We find that many of the source texts, both Christian and Chinese, are accumulations rather than integral compositions: the result of a formation process rather than of a single authorial impulse.

Like authority texts in any culture, from Polynesian ancestral chants to the Constitution of the United States, they maintain their authority status by keeping current with changing needs and perceptions. Only if understood in this dynamic sense can their value as evidence for history be properly assessed and utilized. This approach to texts is more or less standard in many humanistic fields, but it tends to meet resistance precisely in the two fields with which we are concerned: classical China and early Christianity. As a result, the Project's conclusions about these texts and the history they imply constitute a breakthrough in both fields.

For more about the Warring States Project and future publications visit their site at University of Massachusetts.

Ancient China in Context

The Emergence of China
From Confucius to the Empire
A comprehensive survey of classical Chinese history and thought
Brooks, E. Bruce and Brooks, A. Taeko


Alpha v1 (2017)
Studies in Early Christianity
Articles on early Christian texts and history

Warring States Papers

Warring States Papers v1 (2010)
Studies in Chinese and Comparative Philology
Articles on major classical Chinese texts