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Publisher logoWesleyan University Press has an editorial program that focuses on poetry, music/culture, dance and performance, early classics of science fiction, film-TV, American studies, and Connecticut history and culture..

Publishing in its current form since 1957, Wesleyan University Press has lived through many transitions while continuing to thrive. It has published an internationally renowned poetry series since its inception, releasing more than 250 titles and collecting four Pulitzer Prizes, a Bollingen, and two National Book Awards in that one series alone.

The mission of Wesleyan University Press is to develop and maintain a sound and vigorous publishing program that serves the academic ends and intellectual life of the University.

The Abortion Myth
Feminism, Morality, and the Hard Choices Women Make
A new voice urges feminism to evolve a richer, more nuanced understanding of abortion.
Cannold, Leslie. Rene Denfeld, fwd.

About Writing
Seven Essays, Four Letters, & Five Interviews
Essential reading for the creative writer.
Delany, Samuel R.

Acting on the Past
Historical Performance Across the Disciplines
Leading scholars redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on historical performance.
Franko, Mark and Annette Richards, eds.

Action Speaks Louder
Violence, Spectacle, and the American Action Movie
An authoritative and entertaining history of the action film
Lichtenfeld, Eric

The Actor Within
Intimate Conversations with Great Actors
Intimate portraits of some of the most beloved actors in America
Eichenbaum, Rose, and Aron Hirt-Manheimer, ed.


New poems from an original and challenging American voice
Willis, Elizabeth

Adolphe Appia, Prophet of the Modern Theatre
A Profile
Volbach, Walther Richard

African American Connecticut Explored

First book for a general readership to present an overview of the African American experience in Connecticut
Normen, Elizabeth J., Ed. with Katherine J. Harris, Stacey K. Close, and Wm. Frank Mitchell

Africa's Gift to America
The Afro-American in the Making and Saving of the United States
Classic work of black study indicating a place for African people within Western history
Rogers, J. A.

After Spicer
Critical Essays
The first critical book dedicated to the work of poet Jack Spicer
Vincent, John Emil


Retallack’s book draws readers into a meditative experience of time, space and language.
Retallack, Joan

Against the Evidence
Selected Poems, 1934–1994
Rare poetry concerning human mortality and alienation.
Ignatow, David

Against the Meanwhile
3 Elegies
Three elegies exploring the nature of remembered time and space.
Irwin, Mark

The Age of Reasons
Uncollected Poems 1969–1982
The best of Ted Greenwald’s uncollected poems from the 1970s
Greenwald, Ted, edited by Miles Champion

A new translation of this complex and beautiful poetry.
Apollinaire, Guillaume. Donald Revell, trans.

Along the Valley Line
The History of the Connecticut Valley Railroad
The first book on the history of the Connecticut Valley Railroad
Miller, Max R.

The Alphabet in the Park
Selected Poems
Poetry that eloquently concentrates on the spiritual and physical lives of women.
Prado, Adélia. Ellen Watson. trans. and introd.

Alphabet Theater

Intelligent, emotionally engaging multi-media performance poetry.
Stricker, Meredith


Revised edition of a Latin American classic in a tour-de-force translation.
Huidobro, Vicente. Eliot Weinberger, trans.

The Alumni Show II
Wesleyan University
A fortieth anniversary celebration of Wesleyan alumni artists
Ravenal, John B., editor

Alvin Lucier
A Celebration
A tribute to the work and influence of this groundbreaking composer
Miller-Keller, Andrea

Always in Trouble
An Oral History of ESP-Disk’, the Most Outrageous Record Label in America
You never heard such sounds in your life
Weiss, Jason

America Goes to War
The Civil War and Its Meaning in American Culture
A fascinating study of the first modern war and its effect on American Culture.
Catton, Bruce

The American Kaleidoscope
Race, Ethnicity, and the Civic Culture
A leading authority's panoramic history compares the experiences of immigrant-ethnic groups, African-Americans, and Native Americans to each other and in relation to the national political culture.
Fuchs, Lawrence H. With a 1995 introd.

American Music Documentary
Five Case Studies of Ciné-Ethnomusicology
A critical companion to the most celebrated music documentaries of the twentieth century
Harbert, Benjamin J.

American Poets in the 21st Century
The New Poetics
The ideal introduction to the current generation of American poets
Rankine, Claudia and Lisa Sewell, eds.

American Poets in the 21st Century
Poetics of Social Engagement
Showcases the most innovative and politically engaged poets working in the U.S.
Rankine, Claudia and Dowdy, Michael

American Science Fiction TV
Star Trek, Stargate, and Beyond
Science fiction TV and the American psyche.
Johnson-Smith, Jan

The American Shore
Meditations on a Tale of Science Fiction by Thomas M. Disch—“Angouleme”
A keystone text in literary theory and science fiction
Delany, Samuel R.

American Women Poets in the 21st Century
Where Lyric Meets Language
A thought-provoking mix of poetry, creative manifesto and criticism.
Rankine, Claudia and Spahr, Juliana, eds.

Among the Jasmine Trees
Music and Modernity in Contemporary Syria
The first ethnographic study of music-making in modern Syria
Shannon, Jonathan Holt


Emotionally charged poetry offers an uncanny poetics of intimacy.
Zawacki, Andrew

New York City–January 1988
A major American thinker of the 20th century muses on anarchism.
Cage, John

Animal Musicalities
Birds, Beasts, and Evolutionary Listening
How conflicts between science and the humanities have shaped our understanding of the line between art and animal behavior
Mundy, Rachel

Animals Erased
Discourse, Ecology, and Reconnection with the Natural World
A linguist explores our relationships with animals and the natural world
Stibbe, Arran

Anni Albers
Selected Writings on Design
The only source in print of the key essays of a pioneer of modernist design.
Albers, Anni. Brenda Dalinowitz, ed. and introd.; Nicholas Fox Weber, fwd.

Another Future
Poetry and Art in a Postmodern Twilight
What’s next for contemporary poetry?
Gilbert, Alan

An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Poetry

In Portuguese and English.
Bishop, Elizabeth and Emanuel Brasil, eds. and intr.

Anthony Mann

Classic study of a filmmaker’s career, now including every Mann film. Back in print—new and expanded edition.
Basinger, Jeanine

Antiphonal Histories
Resonant Pasts in the Toba Batak Musical Present
A vivid ethnography and in-depth history of musical performance in North Sumatra
Byl, Julia

Antonia Mercé, “LaArgentina”
Flamenco and the Spanish Avant Garde
The first major study of the Spanish choreographer who invented the modernist Flamenco ballet form.
Bennahum, Ninotchka Devorah

Any Sound You Can Imagine
Making Music/Consuming Technology
Describes digital musical instruments, industries that supply and promote them, and the meanings they have for musicians.
Théberge, Paul

Apples from Shinar

A special centenary edition of this American poet’s critically acclaimed collection
Plutzik, Hyam with David Scott Kastan, afterword.

The Arab Avant-Garde
Music, Politics, Modernity
The first in-depth study of diverse and radical innovation in Arab music
Burkhalter, Thomas, Kay Dickinson, and Benjamin J. Harbert, eds.


A musical desert elegy on life born from loss.
Revell, Donald


Soulful and intricate lyrics make this Gizzi’s strongest book to date
Gizzi, Peter

The Arrogance of Race
Historical Perspectives on Slavery, Racism, and Social Inequality
An investigation of the issue of race over a generation of labor
Fredrickson, George M.

At Home in the World
Bharata Natyam on the Global Stage
The compelling story of a beautiful and versatile South Indian dance form
O'Shea, Janet

Three Tales
Three marvelously structured stories trace the intricate interdependencies of memory, experience, and the self.
Delany, Samuel R.

Autobiography of a Generation
Italy, 1968
A rich interweaving of personal and historical accounts of a social movement that explores the way memory reconstructs our view of the past.
Passerini, Luisa. Lisa Erdberg, trans.; Joan Wallach Scott, fwd.

Poems and Selections from the "Livre"
A vibrant new translation of a modernist poet
Mallarmé, Stéphane

Baby Steps
How Lesbian Alternative Insemination Is Changing the World
Explores the controversial implications of lesbian insemination.
Agigian, Amy

Back in No Time
The Brion Gysin Reader
First anthology of writings of a brilliant avant-garde figure
Weiss, Jason, ed., and Brion Gysin

The Bad Wife Handbook

A courageous and innovative ode to monogamy and its challenges
Zucker, Rachel

Her Art and Life
An intimate portrait of one of the great performing artists of the twentieth century
Knight, Douglas M., Jr.

Mexican Musical Life Across Borders
The first in-depth study of banda, a Mexican and Mexican American musical practice.
Simonett, Helena

Barbed Wire
An Ecology of Modernity
The history of animals and humans as seen through barbed wire.
Netz, Reviel

A Barfield Reader
Selections from the Writings of Owen Barfield
A representative selection from the major writings of the man C. S. Lewis called “the wisest and best of my unofficial teachers.”
Barfield, Owen. G. B. Tennyson, ed. and introd.

Barns of Connecticut

A testament to the beauty of the central structure of the Connecticut farm
Starr, Markham

The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction

How women and feminism helped to shape science fiction in America.
Larbalestier, Justine

BAX 2015
Best American Experimental Writing
An annual anthology of the best new experimental writing
Abramson, Seth, editor. Also edited by Damiani, Jesse and Kearney, Douglas

BAX 2016
Best American Experimental Writing
An annual anthology of the best new experimental writing
Abramson, Seth

BAX 2018
Best American Experimental Writing
An anthology of dynamic, forward-thinking writing
Abramson, Seth, and Jesse Damiani, series eds.; Myung Mi Kim, guest ed.

Beautiful Shirt

The world that Revell ponders in these poems is replete with contrarieties, as he searches for the true nature of the self through language unfettered by narrative constraints and conventional conceptual identities.
Revell, Donald

Because When God Is Too Busy
Haiti, me & THE WORLD
A poetic journey through silence, rebellious rage, love, and the sacred
Ulysse, Gina Athena

Becoming Tom Thumb
Charles Stratton, P. T. Barnum, and the Dawn of American Celebrity
The definitive biography of an iconic American entertainer
Lehman, Eric D.

The Begum's Millions

Verne’s first cautionary tale about the dangers of science -- first modern and corrected English translation.
Verne, Jules, Stanford L. Luce, trs; Arthur B. Evans, ed; Peter Schulman, intro and notes

Between Hell and Reason
Essays from the Resistance Newspaper Combat, 1944–1947
Collected for the first time in English, 41 of Albert Camus’s Combat essays trace the evolution of moral and political themes central to his literary works
Camus, Albert. Alexandre de Gramont, sel. and trans.; Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, fwd.

Between Nostalgia and Apocalypse
Popular Music and the Staging of Brazil
Chronicles the entanglement of traditional and experimental music in northeast Brazil
Sharp, Daniel B.

Beyond Document
Essays on Nonfiction Film
Critics and writers consider nonfiction film both as document and as creative work with strong artistic, political, and moral implications.
Warren, Charles, ed.

Birding in Connecticut

A comprehensive site guide to birding in Connecticut
Gallo, Frank

The Birth-mark
unsettling the wilderness in American literary history
A stimulating examination of early American literature
Howe, Susan

The Black Mirror and Other Stories
An Anthology of Science Fiction from Germany and Austria
The first collection of classic and contemporary German-language science fiction in English
Rottensteiner, Franz, ed. and Mike Mitchell, trans.

Black Noise
Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America
A comprehensive look at the lyrics, music, cultures, themes, and styles of rap music.
Rose, Tricia

Black Rhythms of Peru
Reviving African Musical Heritage in the Black Pacific
How Afro-Peruvian music was forgotten and recreated in Peru.
Feldman, Heidi Carolyn

The Black Riviera

Bold narrative poems that recreate the past.
Jarman, Mark

Blue Ravens
Historical Novel
Two Native American brothers serve as soldiers in World War I
Vizenor, Gerald

Blue State Blues

A political neophyte challenges the status quo or How a Cranky Conservative Launched a Campaign and Found Himself the Liberal Candidate (and Still Lost)
Slavitt, David R.

The Book of Landings

Exile, or auditions for utopia, in a time before this
McMorris, Mark

The Book of Music and Nature
An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts
A provocative book explores the relationship of music and the natural world.
Rothenberg, David, and Marta Ulvaeus, eds.

The Book of Music and Nature
An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts
A provocative book with audio explores the relationship of music and the natural world
Rothenberg, David, and Marta Ulvaeus, eds.

The Book of Questions
Volume II [Yaël; Elya; Aely; El, or the Last Book]
Jabès, Edmond. Rosmarie Waldrop, trans.

The Book of Questions
Volume I [The Book of Questions, The Book of Yukel, Return to the Book]
A meditative narrative of Jewish Experience and man’s relation to the world.
Jabès, Edmond. Rosmarie Waldrop, trans.

Born a Child of Freedom, Yet a Slave
Mechanisms of Control and Strategies of Resistance in Antebellum South Carolina
The diverse strategies employed by Southern slaveholders to keep their slaves under control—and those employed by the slaves to resist
Jones, Norrece T., Jr.

Born in the U.S.A.
Bruce Springsteen and the American Tradition
A thinking person’s exploration of the cultural significance of Bruce Springsteen.
Cullen, Jim, Daniel Cavicchi, fwd.

Born to Slow Horses

New work by the co-founder of the Caribbean Artists Movement.
Brathwaite, Kamau

The Bosnia Elegies

Adrian Oktenberg breaks the media-induced numbness of war and makes it impossible to resist or deny the genocide in Bosnia
Oktenberg, Adrian

The Branch Will Not Break
A new book of poetry from a Pulitzer Prize-winning master poet
Wright, James

Breakfast at O'Rourke's
New Cuisine from a Classic American Diner
Gourmet American recipes with Irish roots
O’Rourke, Brian

Poems and Letters
Rediscovery of a stunning achievement in modern Italian poetry.
Pozzi, Antonia; Venuti, Lawrence, ed. & trans.

Sound Recording, Disembodiment, and the Transformation of Lyrical Nostalgia
Explores how early radio and sound recording influenced modernist literature.
Weiss, Allen S.

Bright Balkan Morning
Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia
A celebration of settled “Gypsies” and music-dance in Greek Macedonia with CD.
Blau, Dick, photos; Keil, Charles & Angeliki, text; Feld, Steven, soundscape

Bright Existence

A celebrated poet’s vision of our dynamic universe.
Hillman, Brenda

Bright Felon
Autobiography and Cities
Eloquent intercultural coming-of-age story
Ali, Kazim

The British Raid on Essex
The Forgotten Battle of the War of 1812
The untold story of the burning of American privateers in Connecticut
Roberts, Jerry

Broken English
Poetry and Partiality
A leading American poet reclaims the realm of criticism in distinctive and impassioned readings of poems and other works of art.
McHugh, Heather

Brutal Intimacy
Analyzing Contemporary French Cinema
A major survey of contemporary French cinema’s leading films and filmmakers
Palmer, Tim

Buckdancer’s Choice
Poetry that is a blend of superb gift and subtle imagination by a mature and original poet at his finest.
Dickey, James

bury it

Winner of the 2017 James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets
sax, sam

Butting Out
Reading Resistive Choreographies Through Works by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Chandralekha
First major study of two important contemporary female dancers.
Chatterjea, Ananya

Caesar's Column
A Story of the Twentieth Century
A sensational best-seller envisions the destruction of New York City.
Donnelly, Ignatius. Nicholas Ruddick, ed.

Candy Necklace

The brutality of both public and private experience finds reckoning in these intricate and majestic new poems.
Bedient, Cal

Carmen, a Gypsy Geography

Encounters with the Gypsy female flamenco dancer throughout history
Bennahum, Ninotchka Devorah

Carriacou String Band Serenade
Performing Identity in the Eastern Caribbean
A Caribbean music festival as a window on social change
Miller, Rebecca S.

Carved in Stone
The Artistry of Early New England Gravestones
Evocative photographs and essay illuminate early American gravestones
Gilson, Thomas E. and William Gilson


These poems use the geography of California as metaphor for exploring fundamental pressures and issues of everyday life.
Hillman, Brenda

The Case of the Piglet’s Paternity
Trials from the New Haven Colony, 1639–1663
A vivid series of trials from America’s earliest days
Blue, Jon C.

Castaway Tales
From Robinson Crusoe to Life of Pi
A wide-ranging and appreciative literary history of the castaway tale from Defoe to the present
Palmer, Christopher

Celestial Empire
The Emergence of Chinese Science Fiction
How colonialism profoundly influenced the emergence of Chinese science fiction
Isaacson, Nathaniel

The Centenarian
Or, The Two Beringhelds
First English translation of a classic gothic novel
Balzac, Honoré de; Chatelain, Danièle: Slusser, George

Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person

A flowing collection of poetry that is also a guide for life.
Richards, Mary Caroline

A Certain Climate
Essays in History, Arts, and Letters
A work of literature, about literature, that discusses the many facets of the writer’s art.
Horgan, Paul.

A Memoir of My Life in Opera
A powerful pioneer in opera and music recounts her struggles and triumphs
Caldwell, Sarah with Rebecca Matlock

Scores by Alvin Lucier
First edition of this experimental music classic is now available
Lucier, Alvin and Douglas Simon

Channel Markers

A poetic exploration of land and sea.
Stringer, A. E.

Charles Olson and Frances Boldereff
A Modern Correspondence
A remarkable series of letters between Black Mountain poet Charles Olson and his most ardent reader.
Olson, Charles, and Frances Boldereff. Ralph Maud and Sharon Thesen, eds.

Chinese Dance
In the Vast Land and Beyond
A comprehensive multimedia resource for the study of Chinese culture through dance
Chang, Shih-Ming Li, and Lynn E. Frederiksen

Choreographic Politics
State Folk Dance Companies, Representation and Power
The first in-depth analysis of state-sponsored, professional dance ensembles.
Shay, Anthony

Choreographing Asian America

A critical study of Asian American performance and creative process
Wong, Yutian

Choreographing Difference
The Body and Identity in Contemporary Dance
Feminist theory illuminates the radical cultural work of contemporary dance.
Albright, Ann Cooper

The Christopher Small Reader

A rich representation of the transformative work of an influential scholar of music studies
Small, Christopher; ed. by Robert Walser

The Cinema of Errol Morris

First book on documentary cinema’s most innovative and influential director
Resha, David

Citizen Azmari
Making Ethiopian Music in Tel Aviv
An examination of popular Ethiopian music styles in Tel Aviv
Webster-Kogen, Ilana

The City of Musical Memory
Salsa, Record Grooves and Popular Culture in Cali, Colombia
A social history of salsa in Colombia.
Waxer, Lise A.

Claiming Kin

Poems devoted to family and the physical world.
Voigt, Ellen Bryant

Class Warrior—Taoist Style

The first English translation of a seminal North African poem
Khatibi, Abdelkébir, Reeck, Matt, trs.

The Clouds Float North
The Complete Poems of Yu Xuanji
Yu Xuanji. David Young and Jiann I. Lin, trans.

Club Cultures
Music, Media, and Subcultural Capital
A close look at the music and culture of dance clubs and the “rave” phenomenon..
Thornton, Sarah

Collected Poems

A collection of authentic, profound and beautiful poems.
Wright, James. Anne Wright and Robert Bly, eds.

Collected Poems

Long awaited collection of a singular American poet
Ceravolo, Joseph, edited by Rosemary Ceravolo and Parker Smathers, introduction by David Lehman

The Collected Poems of Barbara Guest

The lifework of a preeminent New York School poet
Guest, Barbara, Hadley Guest, ed.; Peter Gizzi, intro.

The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen

The collected work of a legendary San Francisco Renaissance and Beat poet
Whalen, Philip. Michael Rothenberg, ed.; Gary Snyder, fwd.; Leslie Scalapino, intro.

Colonialism and the Emergence of Science Fiction

Groundbreaking study of science fiction’s relation to colonialism and imperialism
Rieder, John

Come home Charley Patton

A moving and imaginative memoir documenting the Civil Rights Era, contemporary southern culture, and Lemon’s private and public art practice
Lemon, Ralph

The Coming Race

The story of a fascinating underground world of winged beings
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward, David Seed, ed.

Coming to You Wherever You Are
MuchMusic, MTV, and Youth Identities
A cross-cultural look at music television
Pegley, Kip

Commies, Cowboys, and Jungle Queens
Comic Books and America, 1945–1954
Comic books crystallize the social and political problems of a troubled period in American culture.
Savage, William W., Jr.

Common Sense

Reissue of a seminal Greenwald collection
Greenwald, Ted

Commonwealth of Wings
An Ornithological Biography Based on the Life of John James Audubon
A Portrait of the Last Days of the American Wilderness
Alexander, Pamela

Companion Spider
A penetrating exploration of poetic life by a veteran poet, translator, and editor.
Eshleman, Clayton. Adrienne Rich, introd.

The Complete Poetry of Aimé Césaire
Bilingual Edition
The definitive edition of the complete work of a master Caribbean poet
Césaire, Aimé, A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman, trs.

Connecticut Architecture
Stories of 100 Places
The first comprehensive illustrated history of Connecticut architecture
Wigren, Christopher; Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Connecticut in the American Civil War
Slavery, Sacrifice, and Survival
A riveting account of Connecticut’s involvement in the Civil War
Warshauer, Matthew

Connecticut Needlework
Women, Art, and Family, 1740–1840
Masterworks from the extraordinary needlework collections of the Connecticut Historical Society
Schoelwer, Susan P.

The Connecticut Prison Association and the Search for Reformatory Justice

How a groundbreaking advocacy organization has helped shape Connecticut’s criminal justice system since 1875
Bates, Gordon S.

The Connecticut River
A Photographic Journey into the Heart of New England
Breathtaking photographs of one of America’s most picturesque and historic rivers
Braden, Al

Connecticut Walk Book
The Complete Guide to Connecticut’s Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails
The ultimate guide to Connecticut’s extensive public trails system
Connecticut Forest & Park Association

A Connecticut Yankee in Lincoln’s Cabinet
Navy Secretary Gideon Welles Chronicles the Civil War
The Civil War through the eyes of a key member of Lincoln’s cabinet
Welles, Gideon; edited by J. Ronald Spencer

Connecticut’s Fife and Drum Tradition

The first full account of this beloved American music tradition
Clark, James

The Constructivist Moment
From Material Text to Cultural Poetics
Provocative cultural readings of avant-garde literature and art.
Watten, Barrett


Spontaneous, colloquial, and anti-conventional verse from a celebrated Polish writer .
Sommer, Piotr, August Kleinzahler, fwd.

Converging Movements
Modern Dance and Jewish Culture at the 92nd Street Y
A groundbreaking study of the 92nd Street Y and its major influence on 20th-century American culture.
Jackson, Naomi M

The Correspondence of William Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofsky

Newly collected letters between two masters of American poetry.
Ahearn, Barry, ed.

Cosmos Latinos
An Anthology of Science Fiction from Latin America and Spain
The first-ever collection of Latin American science fiction in English.
Bell, Andrea L. and Yolanda Molina-Gavilán, eds.

A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene
New vocabulary for a world on the brink
Russo, Linda and Marthe Reed, Edited by

Country Acres and Cul-de-Sacs
Connecticut Circle Magazine Reimagines the Nutmeg State, 1938–1952
Classic magazine captures New England state on the brink of transformation
Gitlin, Jay, editor

Country Music
Selected Early Poems
A compilation of powerful and moving poems from early in the poet’s career.
Wright, Charles. David St. John, fwd. Charles Wright, preface.

The Couple
The Rider Quintet, vol. 4
Rudman’s unique exploration of relationships.
Rudman, Mark

The Cradle of the Real Life

A poet speaks of the deaths and births that come within a life: alcoholism, womanhood, depression, marriage, motherhood, psychotherapy, sex, poetry.
Valentine, Jean

Crazy Melon and Chinese Apple
The Poems of Frances Chung
Two previously unpublished collections by an important Chinese American poet depict daily life inside New York's Chinatown and across the Chinese diaspora during the 1960s and 70s
Chung, Frances. comp. and afterword by Walter Lew

Critical Gestures
Writings on Dance and Culture
Collects the far-reaching and influential work of an eminent dance critic and scholar.
Daly, Ann

Critical Theory and Science Fiction

Selected by Choice as an Outstanding Academic Book of the Year. This innovative cultural critique offers valuable insights into science fiction, thus enlarging our understanding of critical theory.
Freedman, Carl

The Crossing Point
Selected Talks and Writings
A stunning example of poetic questioning.
Richards, Mary Caroline

Crowbar Governor
The Life and Times of Morgan Gardner Bulkeley
First biography of one of Connecticut’s most colorful and notorious statesmen
Murphy, Kevin

Culture on Ice
Figure Skating & Cultural Meaning
The first in-depth, critical look at figure skating.
Kestnbaum, Ellyn

The Culture We Deserve

Twelve essays exploring aspects of literacy and art criticism, retrospective sociology and the effects of relativism on moral behavior.
Barzun, Jacques and Arthur Krystal, ed.

Dance for Export
Cultural Diplomacy and the Cold War
A little-known episode in the history of dance that illuminates the broader subject of cultural policy during the Cold War era.
Prevots, Naima. Eric Foner, introd.

The Dancer Within
Intimate Conversations with Great Dancers
Intimate portraits of some of the most beloved dancers in America
Eichenbaum, Rose, Aron Hirt-Manheimer, ed.

Dances that Describe Themselves
The Improvised Choreography of Richard Bull
An inquiry into improvisation as practiced by Richard Bull and his contemporaries.
Foster, Susan Leigh

Daughters of Earth
Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
The best of women’s science fiction and feminist theory together in one volume
Larbalestier, Justine.

Death Tractates

A celebrated poet asks anguished questions about separation and loss.
Hillman, Brenda

Deaths of the Poets

A darkly humorous homage to poets and their deaths
Reed, Kit; Illustrations by Reed, Joseph

The Decline of the German Mandarins
The German Academic Community, 1890–1933
A splendid re-publication of an indispensable book on German history.
Ringer, Fritz K.

Deeds of Utmost Kindness

A travelogue that employs diverse settings and styles of poetry.
Gander, Forrest


The definitive edition of an important 20th-century disaster novel.
Wright, Sydney Fowler. Brian Stableford, ed.

Desert Tracings
Six Classic Arabian Odes by ‘Alqama, Shánfara, Labíd, ‘Antara, Al-A‘sha, and Dhu al-Rúmma
A skillful translation of six classical odes of pre-Islamic Arabia.
Sells, Michael A., trans. and introd.

Devouring Frida
The Art History and Popular Celebrity of Frida Kahlo
The first full-length feminist analysis of Frida Kahlo and the myths surrounding her.
Lindauer, Margaret A.

Dien Cai Dau

Poetry that precisely conjures images of the war in Vietnam by an award-winning author.
Komunyakaa, Yusef

The Director Within
Storytellers of Stage and Screen
Intimate portraits of famous directors of stage and screen
Eichenbaum, Rose

Wenderoth’s poetry features Terse and haunting lyrics that mark a new intimacy with the world
Wenderoth, Joe

Dissonant Identities
The Rock’n’Roll Scene in Austin, Texas
A fascinating analysis of the music scene in Austin, Texas.
Shank, Barry

Distance from Loved Ones

Clear and insightful poetry on our relationship to the given world.
Tate, James

A Distant Technology
Science Fiction Film and the Machine Age
Science fiction films celebrate and critique the impact of a burgeoning technology on the world’s cultural, political, and social milieu.
Telotte, J. P.

Divine Honors

A transcendent account of the effects of breast cancer.
Raz, Hilda

The Dog and the Fever
A Perambulatory Novella
First full publication of translation and commentary by famed American modernist
Espinosa, Pedro, William Carlos Williams, trs. and commentary, Raquel Hélène, trs., Jonathan Cohen, ed. and introd., Paul Mariani, fwd.

Dog Truths

A whimsically serious chapbook about dogs
Reed, Kit. Illustrated by Reed, Joseph

Domesticating Passions
Rousseau, Woman, and the Nation
The role of women and family as central to Rousseau's concept of the modern, enlightened state.
Fermon, Nicole

Done into Dance
Isadora Duncan in America
The larger-than-life story of an American dance icon.
Daly, Ann

Door in the Mountain
New and Collected Poems, 1965-2003
The collected works of one of America’s most innovative poets.
Valentine, Jean

Double Vision
An East–West Collaboration for Coping with Cancer
A mother’s extraordinary search for healing among the medical practices of East and West.
Todd, Alexandra Dundas

Dr. Mel’s Connecticut Climate Book

Connecticut’s unique climate and major weather events explained by the state’s best-known meteorologist
Goldstein, Mel

Drafts 1–38, Toll

This book is one long poem in many sections. It is the "masterwork" of this avante garde poet, who has been working on this composition for a decade.
DuPlessis, Rachel Blau

The Drama of Denishawn Dance

Sherman, Jane

Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae
The first inside story of this Jamaican reggae style
Veal, Michael E.

Duncan Dancer
An Autobiography
Duncan, Irma

Dying for a Laugh
Disaster Movies and the Camp Imagination
First study of disaster movies through reception theory and queer theory.
Feil, Ken

Dynamic Korea and Rhythmic Form

South Korean percussion genre samul nori goes global
Lee, Katherine In-Young

The Eagle’s Mile

Poems that marked a new direction for a master poet
Dickey, James

Early Connecticut Silver, 1700–1840

The preeminent study of Connecticut’s silvercraft, back in print with a new introduction
Bohan, Peter and Philip Hammerslough. Introduction by Erin Eisenbarth.

Eating in the Underworld

Poems using the Persephone myth to explore the life of a contemporary woman.
Zucker, Rachel

Echo and Reverb
Fabricating Space in Popular Music Recording, 1900-1960
The untold story of acoustic effects in popular music.
Doyle, Peter


Leading psychotherapist offers compelling insights into the vital force of ecstasy.
Eigen, Michael

Edge Effect
Trails and Portrayals
Constructed in two parts, this collection embraces secretly related worlds: the poetics of natural history and artistic discoveries of self-taught folk artists.
McPherson, Sandra

Eight Lectures on Experimental Music

Brilliant lectures by the most influential experimental music composers of our time
Lucier, Alvin, Ed.

Einstein Intersection

A nonhuman race reimagines human mythology.
Delany, Samuel R. Neil Gaiman, fwd.


Deeply felt requiems from an internationally celebrated poet

Brathwaite, Kamau

Eleven More American Women Poets in the 21st Century
Poetics Across North America
The ideal introduction to eleven of today’s most engaging women poets
Rankine, Claudia and Lisa Sewell, eds.

Ella Grasso
Connecticut's Pioneering Governor
Intimate portrait of Connecticut’s first female governor
Purmont, Jon E.

The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction

A fantastic voyage through the early science fiction of Latin America
Haywood Ferreira, Rachel

Emotional Storm

Penetrating look at human relatedness by one of the field’s most innovative thinkers.
Eigen, Michael

Empire of Dirt
The Aesthetics and Rituals of British Indie Music
Inside the culture of an artistically influential music community
Fonarow, Wendy

Empty Words
Writings ’73–’78
Writings through James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, Norman O. Brown, and "The Future of Music."
Cage, John

Encounters with Chinese Writers

Bizarre encounters between Chinese and American writers
Dillard, Annie

End of the Line
Closing the Last Sardine Cannery in America
Striking photographs of the final days of the Stinson Seafood sardine cannery in Maine
Starr, Markham

Selected Poems
Major collection by a contemporary Russian avant-garde master
Dragomoshchenko, Arkadii, edited by Eugene Ostashevsky

Engaging Bodies
The Politics and Poetics of Corporeality
Critical and performative writings from a well-known dance scholar
Albright, Ann Cooper

English in America
A Radical View of the Profession
A reissue of a controversial analysis of the literature profession.
Ohmann, Richard. With a new introd. Gerald Graff, fwd.; chapter by Wallace Douglas


A chapbook of poems about physics from Rae Armantrout
Armantrout, Rae

Envisioning the Future
Science Fiction and the Next Millennium
Writers speculate on the future and the role of science fiction.
Barr, Marleen S.


A celebrated poet struggles with the century’s events
Revell, Donald

Escape Velocity
American Science Fiction Film, 1950–1982
A cultural and economic history of science fiction cinema, from B-movies to blockbusters
Schauer, Bradley

Evaporating Genres
Essays on Fantastic Literature
A series of provocative essays on how the fantastic genres evolve and grow
Wolfe, Gary K.

Excursion for Miracles
Paul Sanasardo, Donya Feuer, and Studio for Dance (1955–1964)
How extraordinary everyday relationships shape dance.
Franko, Mark

Exposition Park

A midway of poetic styles and syllabic tableaux
Tejada, Roberto

Extra Hidden Life, among the Days

Poetry of grief and sustenance from an award-winning poet
Hillman, Brenda


Scintillating new work from a celebrated contemporary poet.
McHugh, Heather


A single word holds a narrative of the human condition.
Newman, Amy

False Prophet
Field Notes from the Punk Underground
On the road with a punk rock band.
Taylor, Steven

The Father of the Predicaments

Whether sorrowful or sassy, the poems in this new collection bear McHugh's signature: a lively love for the very language she bewares.
McHugh, Heather


A sonic boom at the root of language and dissent
Doller, Ben

Favor of Crows
New and Collected Haiku
A collection of original haiku from a preeminent Native American poet and novelist
Vizenor, Gerald

The Federalist

The definitive edition of the historic essays by ALEXANDER HAMILTON, JAMES MADISON and JOHN JAY, fully annotated and reproduced from the original text.
Cooke, Jacob E., ed., intr., and notes.

Kalakuta Notes
An intimate portrait of the Afrobeat legend
Collins, John; foreword by Banning Eyre

A Field Guide to the Birds of Wesleyan

A humorous and insightful guide to campus birds
James, Oliver

The Films of Samuel Fuller
If You Die, I’ll Kill You
First comprehensive study of this American original
Dombrowski, Lisa

Finding Pete
Rediscovering the Brother I Lost in Vietnam
A woman explores the mystery of her brother's death in Vietnam, where he was a civilian volunteer
Hunting, Jill

Fire in the Stone
Prehistoric Fiction from Charles Darwin to Jean M. Auel
The first comprehensive study of prehistoric fiction
Ruddick, Nicholas

Five Black Lives
The Autobiographies of Venture Smith, James Mars, William Grimes, The Rev. G. W. Offley, and James L. Smith
Five ex-slave narratives spanning 150 years in time, from 1729 to 1870, and a geographical area from Africa to Connecticut
Bontemps, Arna, intr.

The Five Negro Presidents
According to What White People Said They Were
Maybe Barack Obama was not the first
Rogers, J. A.

Five Weeks in a Balloon
A Journey of Discovery by Three Englishmen in Africa
First complete English translation of Verne’s debut novel from 1863
Verne, Jules; translated with introduction and notes by Frederick Paul Walter, ed. Arthur B. Evans

Flight from Nevèrÿon

A novel of myth and literacy about a long-ago land on the brink of civilization. Vol 3
Delany, Samuel R.

Flowers Cracking Concrete
Eiko & Koma’s Asian/American Choreographies
A long overdue study of two dance artists central to the American avant-garde dance scene since the 1970s
Candelario, Rosemary

The Flowers of Evil

A modernist classic translated for the twenty-first century.
Baudelaire, Charles; Waldrop, Keith, trans.

Fly Fishing in Connecticut
A Guide for Beginners
Provides the essentials to launch a personal journey into the world of fly fishing
Murphy, Kevin

The Folded Heart

Poems with a lyrical compression of language—precise, and intensely felt
Collier, Michael

Food for the Dead
On the Trail of New England’s Vampires
Startling true stories behind New England’s vampire legends—back in print with a new preface by the author
Bell, Michael E.


Lyrical approaches to the relationships between solitude, beauty and the world.
Hillman, Brenda

From “Superman” to Man

A classic work of fiction from the Harlem Renaissance
Rogers, J. A.

From the Book to the Book
An Edmond Jabès Reader
The first anthology to span the oeuvre of the late writer Edmond Jabès, including pieces previously unpublished in English.
Jabès, Edmond. Rosmarie Waldrop, trans.; Richard Stamelman, introd. essay.

From the Country of Nevermore
Selected Poems
Skillful Poems that focus on the politics of the psyche.
Teillier, Jorge. Mary Crow, trans. and introd.

The Front Matter, Dead Souls

This extraordinary new book is essay-fiction-poetry, an experiment in form, “a serial novel for publication in the newspaper” that collapses the distinction between documentary and fiction.
Scalapino, Leslie

Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You

This book of "documentary poetics" is by an important up and coming female experimentalist.
Spahr, Juliana

A Game for Dancers
Performing Modernism in the Postwar Years, 1945-1960
The first in-depth study of the modern dance world of the 1940s and 1950s
Morris, Gay

Garnet Poems
An Anthology of Connecticut Poetry Since 1776
Landmark collection illuminates the state through the work of its most prominent poets
Barone, Dennis, ed., foreword by Dick Allen

Geographies of Learning
Theory and Practice, Activism and Performance
Maps the divisions that stall the production of knowledge in theatre and performance studies, queer studies, and women's studies.
Dolan, Jill

The German Conception of History
The National Tradition of Historical Thought from Herder to the Present
The first comprehensive critical examination in any language of the German national tradition of historiography
Iggers, Georg G.

Gervase Wheeler
A British Architect in America, 1847–1860
The American career of an influential English architect
Tribert, Renée and James F. O’Gorman

A Verse Play
The first dramatic adaptation of Gilgamesh
Komunyakaa, Yusef and Chad Garcia

Glamour Addiction
Inside the American Ballroom Dance Industry
Behind the scenes of DanceSport.
McMains, Juliet

Global Cultures
A Transnational Short Fiction Reader
An anthology of 62 stories from around the non-Euro-American world providing new definitions of cultural diversity and commonality and an invaluable tool for teachers responding to the growing need for multicultural literature.
Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth, ed. and introd.

Global Noise
Rap and Hip Hop Outside the USA
International scholars explore the hip hop scenes of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.
Mitchell, Tony, ed.

Global Soundtracks
Worlds of Film Music
The first volume focusing on film music as a worldwide phenomenon
Slobin, Mark, ed.

The Glorious Revolution in America

An outstanding examination of the Crises that lead to the colonial rebellions of 1689.
Lovejoy, David S.

The Glory Gets

A deft, lyrical meditation on blues, womanhood, and beyond
Jeffers, Honorée Fanonne

Glottal Stop
101 Poems by Paul Celan
Rich new translations of one of the most important poets of our time.
Celan, Paul. Nikolai Popov and Heather McHugh, trans.

Gnostic Contagion
Robert Duncan & the Poetry of Illness
Brings together the study of literature with the psychology and history of religions.
O'Leary, Peter

Grace, Fallen from

Illuminating poetry that quiets and startles and troubles
Boruch, Marianne

The Grand Permission
New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood
How writing and motherhood influence one another.
Dienstfrey, Patricia and Brenda Hillman, eds. Foreword by Rachel Blau DuPlessis.

Grave of Light
New and Selected Poems, 1970–2005
Selected poems from a visionary feminist poet.
Notley, Alice

Graven Images
New England Stonecarving and its Symbols, 1650–1815
The classic study of gravestone art
Ludwig, Allan I.

The Great Camouflage
Writings of Dissent (1941–1945)
A new and complete English translation
Césaire, Suzanne, Daniel Maximin, ed., and Keith L. Walker, intro. & trs.

Great River
The Rio Grande in North American History. Vol. 1, Indians and Spain. Vol. 2, Mexico and the United States. 2 vols. in one
An epic history of the American southwest.
Horgan, Paul

Green Planets
Ecology and Science Fiction
Essays exploring the relationship between environmental disaster and visions of apocalypse through the lens of science fiction
Canavan, Gerry and Kim Stanley Robinson (eds.)

A Guide to Poetics Journal
Writing in the Expanded Field, 1982–1998
An anthology of key texts in the development of contemporary poetics
Hejinian, Lyn, and Barrett Watten, editors

The Half-Inch Himalayas

A stellar collection of early work from a renowned poet.
Ali, Agha Shahid

The Half-Inch Himalayas
Miniature Edition
A stellar collection of early work from a renowned poet.
Ali, Agha Shahid

Halfway Down the Hall
New and Selected Poems
A generous gathering of the best poems, both previously published and uncollected, from Rachel Hadas's career.
Hadas, Rachel

Hanya Holm
The Biography of an Artist
Sorell, Walter

Hard Travelin’
The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie
A celebration by friends, family, and scholars of the life and achievements of America's foremost folk singer.
Santelli, Robert, and Emily Davidson, eds

The Heart to Artemis
A Writer's Memoir
Out of Africa meets A Moveable Feast in this swashbuckling memoir of courage, literary passion, and adventure

The Heirs of Columbus

A novel which turns cultural aggression on its head as the Native American heirs of Christopher Columbus, himself descended from early Mayan explorers, create a fantastic tribal nation.
Vizenor, Gerald


Beauty and peril abound in new poems from this spirited poet
Christle, Heather

Henry Austin
In Every Variety of Architectural Style
A colorful introduction to one of New England’s most productive and imaginative architects
O’Gorman, James F.

Here Be Dragons
Exploring Fantasy Maps and Settings
First in-depth study of the use of landscape in fantasy literature
Ekman, Stefan

Here on Earth

A collection of poetry from an award-winning poet, playwright and novelist.
Brennan, Karen

Heroes for All Time
Connecticut Civil War Soldiers Tell Their Stories
Compelling first-hand accounts of the war, lavishly illustrated with rare period photos
Longley, Dione and Buck Zaidel

H.G. Wells
Traversing Time
A look inside one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.
Wagar, W. Warren

Hidden in Plain Sight
A Deep Traveler Explores Connecticut
The art of discovering cultural and natural treasures in everyday landscapes
Leff, David K.

The Hidden Musicians
Music-Making in an English Town
A classic ethnography reveals the worlds of amateur musicians. Back in print with a new preface.
Finnegan, Ruth

Hiking the Horizontal
Field Notes from a Choreographer
Award-winning choreographer shares insights and methods for making real art in the real world
Lerman, Liz

Hiking the Horizontal
Field Notes from a Choreographer
Award-winning choreographer shares insights and methods for making real art in the real world
Lerman, Liz

Hinge & Sign
Poems, 1968–1993
A renowned poet’s artful collection is a striking body of work
McHugh, Heather

Historiography in the Twentieth Century
From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge
A broad perspective on historical thought and writing, with a new epilogue.
Iggers, Georg G.

A History of Economic Thought

An invigorating study of the development of systematic economic ideas
Barber, William J.

A History of The Eclectic Society of Phi Nu Theta, 1837–1970

The history of a unique New England fraternity
Moody, William B. B.

The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling

The best edition available, with a critical introduction, chronology and bibliography.
Fielding, Henry. Martin C. Battestin, introd. and commentary; Fredson Bowers, ed.

Hollywood Ambitions
Celebrity in the Movie Age
The Hollywood experiences of five remarkable American personalities reveal how the motion picture industry created a new kind of fame
Orgeron, Marsha

Homegrown Terror
Benedict Arnold and the Burning of New London 
A new look at the quintessential traitor
Lehman, Eric D.

The 'Hood Comes First
Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop
Examines the significance of the 'hood in rap and hip hop
Forman, Murray

The Hottest Water in Chicago
Notes of a Native Daughter
An illuminating cultural journey through black and white America.
Pemberton, Gayle

A Musical
Houdini is an exploration of freedom and imprisonment. This cross genre musical unlocks time and reality—on the page, in a box, under water, onstage
Rukeyser, Muriel

The House That Jack Built
The Collected Lectures of Jack Spicer
Illuminates Jack Spicer’s provocative lectures on radical poetics.
Peter Gizzi, ed., inc. afterword and Jack Spicer

How Charlie Shavers Died and Other Poems

With its passion, humor, and rich detail, this exquisite volume marks Harvey Shapiro's finest work to date.
Shapiro, Harvey

How Reading Is Written
A Brief Index to Gertrude Stein
A critical guide to the poetics and philosophy of Gertrude Stein
Lorange, Astrid

How To Do Things with Dance
Performing Change in Postwar America
How American modern dance contributed to aesthetic and social change in the 1950s
Kowal, Rebekah J.

A Hubert Harrison Reader

Critical writings by the "father of Harlem radicalism".
Perry, Jeffrey B., ed., Harrison, Hubert

I Got a Song
A History of the Newport Folk Festival
The first book-length history of an essential American music festival
Massimo, Rick

I Have a Name

I have a Name is a vital engagement with life and an unflinching stare at death, concluding that love transcendent is a reality,
Ignatow, David

il cuore – the heart
Selected Poems, 1970-1995
Rich and detailed poems by one of America’s preeminent experimental writers.
Fraser, Kathleen. Peter Quartermain, introd.

Imagining Mars
A Literary History
Mars in the human imagination from the invention of the telescope to the present
Crossley, Robert

Imagining Urban Futures
Cities in Science Fiction and What We Might Learn from Them
What science fiction can teach us about urban planning
Abbott, Carl

Impossible Dance
Club Culture and Queer World-Making
An ethnographic account of gay, lesbian and queer club culture in the 1990s New York City.
Buckland, Fiona

In Balanchine’s Company
A Dancer’s Memoir
Intimate recollections of a wondrous time and place.
Fisher, Barbara Milberg

In Defense of Nothing
Selected Poems, 1987–2011
A new lyricism for the twenty-first century
Gizzi, Peter

In Favor of Lightning

Fine poems that bring the imagination out to the senses.
Molloy-Olund, Barbara

In History’s Wake
The Last Trap Fishermen of Rhode Island
Evocative photographs and first person accounts of contemporary fishing life
Starr, Markham

In Mad Love and War

Sacred and secular poems of the Creek Tribe.
Harjo, Joy

In Search of Silence
The Journals of Samuel R. Delany, Volume I, 1957-1969
The private journals of renowned novelist and critic Samuel R. Delany
Delany, Samuel R.

In the Air
Essays on the Poetry of Peter Gizzi
The first comprehensive exploration of the poetry of Peter Gizzi
Caleshu, Anthony, ed.

In the Grand Tradition
The Enduring Art of Elbert Weinberg
Retrospective of versatile sculptor Elbert Weinberg
Finlay, Nancy; Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library

In the Language of My Captor

Poems about captivity, escape, and the possibility of freedom - Finalist for the 2017 National Book Award for Poetry
McCrae, Shane

The Incomplete Projects
Marxism, Modernity, and the Politics of Culture
A concise, lively account of Marxist thought and American culture
Freedman, Carl


How we answer to love beneath the lash of history
Ali, Kazim

Inside Connecticut and the Civil War
Essays on One State’s Struggles
How a small state struggled, survived, and remains connected to its past
Warshauer, Matthew, editor

Inside the Dancer’s Art

Elegant photographs of the mysterious and complex world of dance
Eichenbaum, Rose

Inside the Minstrel Mask
Readings in Nineteenth-Century Blackface Minstrelsy
A sourcebook of contemporary and historical commentary on America's first popular mass entertainment.
Bean, Annemarie, James V. Hatch, and Brooks McNamara, eds. Mel Watkins, fwd.

Interview in Weehawken
The Burr-Hamilton Duel as Told in the Original Documents
Engaging overview with first-person accounts of America’s most infamous duel
Syrett, Harold C., and Jean G. Cooke, Edited by. Introduction and Conclusion by Willard M. Wallace

Invasion of the Sea

First English edition of a classic Verne novel.
Verne, Jules. Edward Baxter, trans.; Arthur B. Evans, ed. and introd.

Ishiro Honda
A Life in Film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa
The first comprehensive biography of the director behind Godzilla and other Japanese sci-fi classics
Ryfle, Steve and Ed Godziszewski

It Is If I Speak

New poems from the most iconoclastic poet of his generation.
Wenderoth, Joe

It’s the Pictures That Got Small
Hollywood Film Stars on 1950s Television
An original study of Hollywood film stars and 1950s television
Becker, Christine


Deft and audacious new poems from the Pulitzer Prize–winning poet
Armantrout, Rae

Jacob Weidenmann
Pioneer Landscape Architect
The first full biography of a groundbreaking landscape architect
Favretti, Rudy J.

James Dickey
The Selected Poems
Gathers the very best lyrics from the career of one of America's best known poets.
Dickey, James. Robert Kirschten, ed. and introd.

Jazz Consciousness
Music, Race, and Humanity
Grounded essays on jazz as a unifying and transcendent force.
Austerlitz, Paul

The Jewel-Hinged Jaw
Notes on the Language of Science Fiction
An indispensable work of science fiction criticism revised and expanded
Delany, Samuel R.

John Cage Was

Intimate portraits and remembrances of one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century
Klosty, James

John Warner Barber’s Views of Connecticut Towns, 1834-36

The earliest known images of many Connecticut towns
Bickford, Christopher P. and J. Bard McNulty, eds.

José Limón
An Unfinished Memoir
A captivating illustrated autobiography of the early years of a major American choreographer.
Limón, José. Lynn Garafola, ed.; Deborah Jowitt, introd.; Carla Maxwell, fwd.; Norton Owen, afterwd.

Juniper Fuse
Upper Paleolithic Imagination & the Construction of the Underworld
A commanding meditation on the development of early human imagination.
Eshleman, Clayton

Just Saying

Deft and deeply intelligent poems on the nature of language
Armantrout, Rae

Kazan Revisited

Top critics and scholars reconsider the cinematic legacy of Elia Kazan
Dombrowski, Lisa, ed.

Kazuo Ohno's World
from without & within
Photographs and words illuminate Butoh dance.
Ohno, Kazuo; Ohno, Yoshito; Barrett, John , trans.; Mizohata, Toshio, pref.

The Kind of Man I Am
Jazzmasculinity and the World of Charles Mingus Jr.
An exploration of masculinity in jazz culture and the work of Charles Mingus Jr.
Rustin-Paschal, Nichole

The Kingdom of God in America

The classic reflection of the Protestant roots and ethos behind pluralistic American and its religions today.
Niebuhr, H. Richard. Martin E. Marty, new introd.

The Kip Brothers

Jules Verne’s extraordinary crime drama—now in English
Verne, Jules. Stanford L. Luce, trans. Arthur B. Evans, ed. Jean-Michel Margot, intro and notes.

The Known World

Stunning poetry that explores the complex relationship between past and present.
Bogen, Don

Lamy of Santa Fe

The extraordinary biography of a pioneer hero of the frontier Southwest.
Horgan, Paul

Landfill Meditation
Crossblood Stories
Fourteen stories by the man N. Scott Momaday has called “the supreme ironist among American Indian writers of the twentieth century.”
Vizenor, Gerald

The Language of Dance

Wigman, Mary. trans. from the German by Walter Sorell; Charlotte Rudolph, photos.

The Last American Puritan
The Life of Increase Mather, 1639–1723
A critically acclaimed and accessible biography of one of the towering figures of New England's colonial period; winner of The Conference on Christianity and Literature's Book Award.
Hall, Michael G.

The Last Clear Narrative

Radical, intimate poems about marriage and motherhood.
Zucker, Rachel

The Last Man

New English translation of this “demise of the human race” story.
Cousin de Grainville, Jean-Baptiste François Xavier; Clarke I.F. & M., trans.; Clarke, I.F, intro. & critical materials

Lavish Absence
Recalling and Rereading Edmond Jabès
An intimate portrait of one of France’s most important writers by his translator.
Waldrop, Rosmarie; Stamelman, Richard, foreword

The Lazarus Poems

A mystical masterwork
Brathwaite, Kamau

Le Style Apollinaire
The Writing of Guillaume Apollinaire
First English/ French edition of a seminal work.
Zukofsky, Louis. Edited with introduction by Serge Gavronsky; foreword by Jean Daive.

Legacies of Twentieth-Century Dance

Selected writings illuminate a century of international dance.
Garafola, Lynn

Let’s Not Live on Earth

If an alien ship came to Earth, would you get on?
Blake, Sarah

The Liberal Mind in a Conservative Age
American Intellectuals in the 1940s and 1950s
An excellent study of American intellectuals in the 40’s and 50’s.
Pells, Richard H.

Life Against Death
The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History
A shocking and extreme interpretation of the father of psychoanalysis.
Brown, Norman O. and Christopher Lasch, intr.

The Life of Poetry

Our century's lost classic about American culture, the essential saving force of poetry, and how it can improve the quality of life in the United States
Rukeyser, Muriel

The Light Holds
A celebrated poet writes on the hidden beauty of American cities.
Shapiro, Harvey

Lineage of Loss
Counternarratives of North Indian Music
Explores the forgotten voices and visions of a North Indian musical tradition
Katz, Max

The Listeners
U-boat Hunters During the Great War
An untold story of scientists and engineers who changed the course of World War I
Manstan, Roy R.

Listening and Longing
Music Lovers in the Age of Barnum
An intriguing look at music listening in nineteenth-century America
Cavicchi, Daniel

Listening to Salsa
Gender, Latin Popular Music, and Puerto Rican Cultures
Portrays the complex politics of gender, sex, class, and race in Puerto Rican salsa music.
Aparicio, Frances R.

The Little Edges

Poems that play in the sonic texture of discourses
Moten, Fred

Live from the Homesick Jamboree

Molten and musical poetry from an acclaimed Southern writer
Blevins, Adrian

The Lives of Robert Ryan

The definitive biography of the legendary film noir actor
Jones, J.R.

Local Government in Connecticut, Third Edition

Indispensable guide to the ins and outs of Connecticut local government
Connolly, Frank B. with Roger L. Kemp and Philip K. Schenck

Locating East Asia in Western Art Music

How does a piece of music embody the sound of a different culture?
Everett, Yayoi Uno and Frederick Lau, eds.

A Loftier Flight
The Life and Accoplishments of Charles-Louis Didelot, Balletmaster
Swift, Mary Grace

The Logbooks
Connecticut’s Slave Ships and Human Memory
Three long-neglected logbooks from Connecticut’s slave trade raise questions about memory and collective forgetting
Farrow, Anne

The Long Journeys Home
The Repatriations of Henry ‘Opukaha‘ia and Albert Afraid of Hawk
The moving stories of two Indigenous men and their repatriations
Bellantoni, Nick

Longer Views
Extended Essays
A comprehensive expansion of the theoretical writings of one of our most important cultural critics.
Delany, Samuel R. Ken James, introd.

Look to the Future
Ruth Stone Reading from Ordinary Words and Simplicity
Ruth Stone’s NBCC award-winning poems captured on a rare recording of her reading from two groundbreaking collections
Stone, Ruth, Stone, Bianca

Loose Sugar

An elaborate collection of poems that culminate in a meditation on the possibility of a native and feminine language,
Hillman, Brenda

Lullaby for One Fist

A first collection of poems that explores the anatomy of destructive relationships.
Werblin, Andrea


One of the first science fiction novels to describe alien life forms.
Flammarion, Camille, Brian Stableford, ed. and trans.


A direct and moving account of a young man's life in a time of plague.
Powell, D. A.


Bold and compassionate exploration of a powerful human drive
Eigen, Michael


Vivid exploration of what the world of objects reveals about our lives.
Bogen, Don

Writings ’67–’72
Mainly mesostics inspired by music, mushrooms, Marcel Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Marshall McCluhan, etc. and includes "Mureau"-composed from the writings of Henry David Thoreau.
Cage, John

Magic City

An award-winning poet evokes his childhood in Louisiana.
Komunyakaa, Yusef

Magic City Nights
Birmingham’s Rock ’n’ Roll Years
An oral history of rock’n’roll music and culture in Birmingham, Alabama
Millard, Andre

Making and Selling Culture

An inside look at cultural industries, featuring interviews with key players from such companies as Twentiety-Century Fox, National Public Radio, and Coca-Cola.
Ohmann, Richard, ed. With Gage Averill, Michael Curtin, David Shumway, and Elizabeth G. Traube.

Making Beats
The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop
First book on hip-hop sampling as a musical process, now with a new foreword and afterword
Schloss, Joseph G.; foreword by Jeff Chang

Making Freedom
The Extraordinary Life of Venture Smith
The inspiring story of an 18th-century New England slave who emancipated himself
Saint, Chandler B. and George A. Krimsky

Making the News, Taking the News
From NBC to the Ford White House
Veteran reporter and Washington insider reflects on personal experiences and public events in the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s
Nessen, Ron

Maple Sugaring
Keeping It Real in New England
The art and science of maple syrup, and stories from the people who make it
Leff, David K.

Martha Hill and the Making of American Dance

A lively and intimate portrait of an unsung heroine in American dance
Soares, Janet Mansfield

The Mary Wigman Book
Her Writings
Wigman, Mary. Walter Sorell, ed. and trans.

Metal, Rock, and Jazz
Perception and the Phenomenology of Musical Experience
A lively comparison of musical meaning in Ohio's Jazz, metal, and hard rock scene.
Berger, Harris M.

Meteoric Flowers

A bold poetic intervention into the pastoral tradition.
Willis, Elizabeth

The Mighty Orinoco

First English edition of a classic Verne adventure, with a unique feminist twist.
Verne, Jules; Luce, Stanford, trans; Evans, Arthur B., ed.; Miller, Walter James, intro. & notes

The Millennium Hotel
The Rider Quintet, vol. 2
A captivating sequel to Rider.
Rudman, Mark

Mirrors and Scrims
The Life and Afterlife of Ballet
How ballet repertory adapts, evolves, and reflects contemporary culture
Siegel, Marcia B.

Miscellanies by Henry Fielding, Esq
Volume Two
Contains the fantasy, A Journey from This World to the Next, and two plays: the farce Eurydice, and The Wedding Day, a revision of an early intrigue comedy.
Fielding, Henry. Bertrand A. Goldgar, introd. and commentary; Hugh Amory, text ed.

Mixed Plate
New and Selected Poems
Irreverent and edgy renderings of the American scene.
Kicknosway, Faye

The Modern Dance
Seven Statements of Belief
Seven Statements of Belief: José Limón, Anna Sokolow, Erick Hawkins, Donald McKayle, Alwin Nikolais, Pauline Koner, Paul Taylor
Cohen, Selma Jeanne, ed. and intr. Erick Hawkins, Pauline Koner, José Limón, Donald McKayle, Alwin Nikolais, Anna Sokolow, and Paul Taylor, contribs.

Modern Gestures
Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan Dancing
Watercolors by a modernist master capture the beginnings of modern dance
Albright, Ann Cooper

A Momentary Glory
Last Poems
The passionate testament of a brilliant poet in the face of age, illness, and mortality
Shapiro, Harvey; edited by Norman Finkelstein

Money Shot

Pulitzer Prize–winning poet searches for new ways to understand the world in the wake of the Great Recession
Armantrout, Rae

Monument Eternal
The Music of Alice Coltrane
Long-awaited biography of an African American avant-garde composer
Berkman, Franya J.

The Moon Pool

The first scholarly edition of a classic science fiction novel.
Merritt, A.; Levy, Michael, ed.


A book-length narrative poem exploring one man’s experience of crime and imprisonment.
Graham, Loren

Motion Arrested
Dance Reviews of H. T. Parker
Holmes, Olive, ed

The Mountains in Art History

The first English-language study of mountains as subject matter and inspiration for the visual arts
Mark, Peter, ed. with Helman, Peter and Snyder, Penny

Movable Pillars
Organizing Dance, 1956–1978
How six professional dance organizations transformed the landscape of modern dance scholarship
Kolcio, Katja

Moving History/Dancing Cultures
A Dance History Reader
A comprehensive and multifaceted anthology of dance history -- ideal for the classroom.
Dils, Ann, and Ann Cooper Albright, eds.

Moving Toward Life
Five Decades of Transformational Dance
The collected writings of one of the most influential luminaries of American dance.
Halprin, Anna. Rachel Kaplan, ed.

Mr. West

Identities are formed and broken in this unauthorized lyric biography
Blake, Sarah

Music & Camp

Illuminates the expressive, social, and political stakes of style
Moore, Christopher, and Philip Purvis, Edited by

Music 109
Notes on Experimental Music
An engaging inside view of experimental music
Lucier, Alvin. Foreword by Robert Ashley.

Music and Cinema

A wide-ranging look at the role of music in film.
Buhler, James, Caryl Flinn, and David Neumeyer,eds.

Music and Cyberliberties

An activist’s guide for musicians and fans opposed to the major label lockdown of online music
Burkart, Patrick

Music and Technoculture

Explores the rich relationship between technology, music and culture.
Lysloff, René T. A. and Leslie C. Gay, Jr., eds. Afterword by Andrew Ross.

Music at Wesleyan
From Glee Club to Gamelan
A vividly illustrated, richly anecdotal account of over 150 years of music at Wesleyan University
Slobin, Mark

Music of the Common Tongue
Survival and Celebration in African American Music
“A magnificent book about Afro-American music and its impact on western culture. ”—Race and Class
Small, Christopher

Music, Politics, and Violence

An in-depth consideration of the relationship between music and violence
Fast, Susan, and Kip Pegley, Eds.

Music, Society, Education

A groundbreaking work expanding our view of music beyond the Western classical tradition.
Small, Christopher. Robert Walser, new fwd.

CAGE MUSES on Words * Art * Music
The entire range of John Cage's work and thought, explored in three wide-ranging dialogues, which constitute his last unified statement on his art.
Cage, John, in Conversation with Joan Retallack.

Musical Childhoods and the Cultures of Youth

Essays explore music’s roles in the lives of children
Boynton, Susan; Kok, Roe-Min

The Meanings of Performing and Listening
Acclaimed scholar rethinks the nature and meaning of music.
Small, Christopher

Musicking Bodies
Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music
Investigates the life of the body in Indian vocal music
Rahaim, Matthew

My Body, The Buddhist

A premiere choreographer's compelling argument for the agency of the body in creative processes.
Hay, Deborah. Susan Foster, introd.

My Life and My Life in the Nineties

New edition of one of the founding works of Language writing
Hejinian, Lyn

My Music
Explorations of Music in Daily Life
A first-hand exploration of the diverse roles music plays in people's lives.
Crafts, Susan D., Daniel Cavicchi, Charles Keil, and the Music in Daily Life Project

My Music, My War
The Listening Habits of U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
Music in the everyday lives of U.S. troops and combat veterans
Gilman, Lisa

My Theatre Life

Bournonville, August. Patricia N. McAndrew, trans.

My Vocabulary Did This to Me
The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer
An essential collection of a highly original American poet
Spicer, Jack; edited by Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian

The Mysterious Island

First new unabridged translation since 1876 of one of Verne's best-known novels.
Verne, Jules. Sidney Kravitz, trans.; Arthur B. Evans, ed.; William Butcher, introd. and notes.

N by E

A classic tale of seafaring, shipwreck, and survival, reprinted from Wesleyan University Press's 1978 facsimile of the original.
Kent, Rockwell. Edward Hoagland, fwd.

Native Tributes
Historical Novel
Historical novel about Native American veterans who march in the Bonus Army during the Great Depression
Vizenor, Gerald

Nature Knows No Color-Line
Research into the Negro Ancestry in the White Race
Classic work of black study refuting scientific racism
Rogers, J. A.

Neon Vernacular
New and Selected Poems
An award-winning poet’s testimony of the war in Vietnam.
Komunyakaa, Yusef

Neveryóna, or
The Tale of Signs and Cities—Some Informal Remarks Towards the Modular Calculus, Part Four
A novel of myth and literacy about a long-ago land on the brink of civilization. Vol 2
Delany, Samuel R.

the new black

A profound and uplifting meditation on the meanings of race and belonging in America
Shockley, Evie

New Dark Ages

Evocative poems about the most simple and complicated ideas.
Revell, Donald

New Directions in European Historiography

Impressive analytical essays on the transformation of historical studies in Europe.
Iggers, Georg G.

The New Entrepreneurs
An Institutional History of Television Anthology Writers
How television writers thwarted the constraints of corporate culture in the 1950s and flourished
Kraszewski, Jon

New Haven’s Sentinels
The Art and Science of East Rock and West Rock
The innovations in art and geology inspired by two classic Connecticut landmarks
Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle and John Wareham

New Time

The latest collection of poetry from one of the foremost American avant-garde poets.
Scalapino, Leslie

Next Life

Forward-looking poetry that pushes the limits of knowledge
Armantrout, Rae

Next Week, Swan Lake
Reflections on Dance and Dances
An important book of essays on “dance and ideas about dance”
Cohen, Selma Jeanne

Night's Dancer
The Life of Janet Collins
The biography of the first African-American prima ballerina
Lewin, Yaël Tamar

A Nomad Poetics
Powerful essays on the state and aims of contemporary poetry.
Joris, Pierre

A Northern Christmas

How a father and son find the spirit of Christmas in the Alaskan wilderness.
Kent, Rockwell. Doug Capra, introd.

Not This Pig
A compelling second collection of poetry.
Levine, Philip

Notebook of a Return to the Native Land

Césaire's masterpiece that reaches the powerful and overlooked aspects of black culture.
Césaire, Aimé. Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith, trans.

Of Gravity & Angels

A precise and passionate collection by a brave new voice in poetry.
Hirshfield, Jane

Of the Presence of the Body
Essays on dance and Performance Theory
Writing at the dynamic intersection of dance and performance studies.
Lepecki, André, ed.

The Old Leather Man
Historical Accounts of a Connecticut and New York Legend
Fascinating documentation of a mysterious figure
DeLuca, Dan W.

On Being Ill
with Notes from Sick Rooms by Julia Stephen
With magnificent language, Virginia Woolf explores the ways that illness transforms our perceptions
Woolf, Virginia; Stephen, Julia; Lee, Hermione, Hussey, Mark, Charon, Rita

On Edge
Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century
The state of performance art in the 80s and 90s, documented by the form’s leading critic.
Carr, C.

On Joanna Russ

A multifaceted look at one of science fiction and feminism’s most original voices
Mendlesohn, Farah, ed.

On Pagans, Jews, and Christians

An analysis of the relationships between pagan Greece, imperial Rome, Judaism, and Christianity.
Momigliano, Arnaldo

On the Outskirts of Form
Practicing Cultural Poetics
Essays on modern and contemporary poetry from a cultural studies perspective
Davidson, Michael

Once Again, La Fontaine
Sixty More Fables
New translations of classic French fables.
La Fontaine, Jean de. Norman R. Shapiro, trans. David Schorr, illus. John Hollander, fwd.

100 Amazing Facts About the Negro with Complete Proof
A Short Cut to The World History of The Negro
Classic collection of black history and trivia
Rogers, J. A.

Open Me Carefully
Emily Dickinson's Intimate Letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson
Emily Dickinson's uncensored and breathtaking letters, poems, and letter-poems to her sister-in-law, Susan Huntington Dickinson
Dickinson, Emily, edited by Smith, Martha Nell, and Hart, Ellen Louise

Ordinary Words

Ordinary Words celebrated Ruth Stone's 84th birthday. This luminous, wild, and lyrical collection received the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry.
Stone, Ruth

The Orgy
An Irish Journey of Passion and Transformation
Muriel Rukeyser's account of Ireland's Puck Fair — the last existing pagan festival of the goat — captures this wild and lush experience and tradition. With a preface by Sharon Olds.
Rukeyser, Muriel, Olds, Sharon

The Original 1939 Notebook of a Return to the Native Land
Bilingual Edition
The first bilingual edition of this radically original work
Césaire, Aimé. Edited and translated by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman

Original Discontents
Commentaries on the Creation of Connecticut’s Constitution of 1818
Primary documents illuminate the second Hartford Convention
Buel, Richard, Jr. and George J. Willauer, eds.

British and Irish Poetry since 1970
The most significant US anthology of innovative poetries from the UK and Ireland in over 25 years.
Caddel, Richard, and Peter Quartermain, eds.

The Other Side of Nowhere
Jazz, Improvisation, and Communities in Dialogue
Scholars, composers and performers write about the art of jazz improvisation.
Fischlin, Daniel, ed.; Heble, Ajay, ed.; Monson, Ingrid, intro.

The Outernationale

A luminous new work for the 21st century
Gizzi, Peter

Outlandish Blues

Root-wise, soulful poems reinvent the domestic and spiritual spheres.
Jeffers, Honoreé Fanonne

Owen Barfield (Video)
Man and Meaning
Award-winning documentary video in US standard (NTSC) color videotape with transcript. 40 minutes.
Barfield, Owen; Tennyson, G. B.. filmaker

Papa, Play for Me
The Autobiography of Mickey Katz
The heartwarming autobiography of a vintage Jewish comedian, with a new introduction highlighting his relevance to contemporary culture and cultural studies.
Katz, Mickey. Joel Grey, fwd.; Josh Kun, introd.

Parabolas of Science Fiction

Essays about the inherently collaborative nature of science fiction
Attebery, Brian, and Veronica Hollinger, eds.


Poems of perception
Mulhern, Maureen

Paris Spleen
little poems in prose
A modernist classic translated for the twenty-first century
Baudelaire, Charles, Waldrop, Keith, trans.

New and Selected Poems, 2001–2015
New and selected poetry from Pulitzer prize-winning author Rae Armantrout
Armantrout, Rae

Paul on Mazursky

Conversations with one of America’s funniest filmmakers
Wasson, Sam and Mel Brooks, fwd.

The Peacock Poems

Sherley Anne Williams first book of honest poetry
Williams, Sherley Anne

The Peopling of New Connecticut
From the Land of Steady Habits to the Western Reserve
A collection of primary source documents offers new insight into the settlement of Connecticut’s Western Reserve in northeastern Ohio
Buel, Richard, Jr.

Perspectives on Korean Dance

The first comprehensive English language study of Korean dance.
Van Zile, Judy

Enhanced and Revised Edition
A race for the stolen phallus of a nameless god
Delany, Samuel R., edited by Robert F. Reid-Pharr

Phat Beats, Dope Rhymes
Hip Hop Down Under Comin' Upper
How Aussies came to belong to the hip-hop nation.
Maxwell, Ian

Physical Evidence
Selected Film Criticism
The first collection from this distinguished American movie critic
Jones, Kent

Picturing Victorian America
Prints by the Kellogg Brothers of Hartford, Connecticut, 1830-1880
A landmark reference on 19th-century American lithographic production
Finlay, Nancy

Pieces of Air in the Epic

Innovative lyric poetry breathes new life into 21st century nature and culture.
Hillman, Brenda

The Place of Dance
A Somatic Guide to Dancing and Dance Making
An essential guide to embodied awareness
Olsen, Andrea with Caryn McHose

The Place Where You Go to Listen
In Search of an Ecology of Music
A personal journey into the music of the Arctic
Adams, John Luther

Planet Beethoven
Classical Music at the Turn of the Millennium
Exploring the complexities and significance of classical music today
Yang, Mina

Planetary Noise
Selected Poetry of Erín Moure
An extraordinary retrospective spanning forty years
Moure, Erín, Edited by Shannon Maguire

The Player's Boy
A Novel
Shakespeare in Love meets Oliver Twist in this Elizabethan story of adventure, loyalty, and the stage
Bryher; Gregory, Patrick

Pleasure Dome
New and Collected Poems
Yusef Komunyakaa has become one of America's most compelling poets. Pleasure Dome gathers over twenty-five years of work, including early uncollected poems and a rich selection of new poems.
Komunyakaa, Yusef

Selected Poems 1986-1999
Poasis, Joris's first major publication in the United States, highlights his work since the mid-1980s.
Joris, Pierre

Poems, 1957–1967

Classic poems from a famous American poet
Dickey, James

Poetic Diction
A Study in Meaning
Barfield discusses poetry’s meaning in terms of both his personal experience and objective standards of criticism.
Barfield, Owen, Howard Nemerov, fwd.

Poetics Journal Digital Archive

A complete archive of the ten issues Poetics Journal
Hejinian, Lyn, and Barrett Watten, editors

Poetry and the Public
The Social Form of Modern U.S. Poetics
An informative account of the social meaning of poetry in the 20th century US.
Harrington, Joseph

The Political Economy of Slavery
Studies in the Economy and Society of the Slave South
A stimulating analysis of the society and economy in the slave south.
Genovese, Eugene D.

The Politics of Cultural Practice
Thinking through Theatre in an Age of Globalization
Explores the social and political dynamics of emergent cultural practices in the intersections of contemporary theatre and the world.
Bharucha, Rustom

Politics of Knowledge
The Commercialization of the University, the Professions, and Print Culture
Cultural analysis of the American university system.
Ohmann, Richard. Foreword by Janice Radway.

Popular Music in Theory
An Introduction
A lively contribution to the debates that are central to popular music studies.
Negus, Keith

Posing a Threat
Flappers, Chorus Girls, and Other Brazen Performers of the American 1920s
A lively look at the ways in which American women in the 1920s transformed their lives through performance and fashion.
Latham, Angela J.

Post Roads & Iron Horses
Transportation in Connecticut from Colonial Times to the Age of Steam
The fascinating history of turnpikes, steamboats, canals, railroads, and trolleys in Connecticut
DeLuca, Richard

Practical Water

The latest volume in Hillman’s acclaimed meditations on the elements
Hillman, Brenda

Prejudice and Your Child

Analyzes racial prejudice and its impact on white as well as black children, and provides wise counsel and a plan for action that is as fresh—and as necessary—as when the book was first written.
Clark, Kenneth B. Stuart W. Cook, fwd.; Kenneth B. Clark, intr.

Prepositions +
The Collected Critical Essays
An indispensable collection of an avant-garde poet's literary essays.
Zukofsky, Louis. Charles Bernstein, fwd. Mark Scroggins, ed. and introd. of additional prose.

Presence and Pleasure
The Funk Grooves of James Brown and Parliament
What does it mean to be in the groove?
Danielsen, Anne

Producing Country
The Inside Story of the Great Recordings
Legendary producers describe the making of country music’s great recordings
Jarrett, Michael

Provoked in Venice
The Rider Quintet, vol. 3
The remarkable third volume in a trilogy that includes the award-winning Rider and Millennium Hotel.
Rudman, Mark

Prudence Crandall’s Legacy
The Fight for Equality in the 1830s, Dred Scott, and Brown v. Board of Education
Compelling account of the abolitionist’s life, legal battles, and legacy
Williams, Donald E., Jr.

Public Figures

An investigation of the gap between sight and site
Osman, Jena

The Public World/Syntactically Impermanence

A new collection of essays and poetry from the poet Library Journal called "one of the most unique and powerful writers at the forefront of American literature."
Scalapino, Leslie

Punk Ethnography
Artists & Scholars Listen to Sublime Frequencies
A critical companion to the radical DIY record label that challenges the conventions of ethnography, representation, and the category of “world music”
Veal, Michael E., & E. Tammy Kim, Editors

Puritan Village
The Formation of a New England Town
An award-winning study of Puritans and the formation of their towns.
Powell, Sumner Chilton

Radicalism and Music
An Introduction to the Music Cultures of al-Qa’ida, Racist Skinheads, Christian-Affiliated Radicals, and Eco-Animal Rights Militants
A comparative study of the music cultures of four radical groups
Pieslak, Jonathan


Provides a complex account of a human emotion.
Eigen, Michael

Rare Light
J. Alden Weir in Windham, Connecticut, 1882–1919
Chronicling the artist’s life in Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner”
Dawson, Anne E., Editor

Ravishing DisUnities
Real Ghazals in English
A star-studded anthology infuses English poetry with the rigor and wit of a foreign form.
Ali, Agha Shahid, ed. Sarah Suleri Goodyear, afterword.

The Real Enough World

Lyrical, philosophical, and inventive poems.
Brennan, Karen

Reality by Other Means
The Best Short Fiction of James Morrow
Seventeen stories from the award-winning author of the Godhead Trilogy
Morrow, James

Realm of Unknowing
Meditations on Art, Suicide, and Other Transformations
Powerful meditations on the nature and limits of human understanding.
Rudman, Mark

Recollecting from the Past
Musical Practice and Spirit Possession on the East Coast of Madagascar
Studies interconnections between sound production, spirit possession, colonialism and ceremonial remembering in Madagascar.
Emoff, Ron


A widely acclaimed collection by one of France’s leading poets and thinkers. Bilingual—first English translation.
Deguy, Michel; Baldridge, Wilson, trans.

Red Planets
Marxism and Science Fiction
A critical exploration of the connections between science fiction and Marxism
Bould, Mark and China Miéville, eds.

Reel History
The Lost Archive of Juma Sultan and the Aboriginal Music Society
Striking visual account of jazz in the 1960s and 1970s
Farina, Stephen

The Rehearsal of Misunderstanding
Three Collections by Contemporary Greek Women Poets—The Cake by Rhea Galanaki, Tales of the Deep by Jenny Mastoraki, Hers by Maria Laina
Fills a serious gap in contemporary poetry in translation, in general, and in Greek poetry, in particular.
Van Dyck, Karen, trans. and introd.

Rescue the Dead
Poetic explorations of a celebrated poet’s inner world.
Ignatow, David

Resonances of Chindon-ya
Sounding Space and Sociality in Contemporary Japan
An investigation of music, sound, and public space in contemporary Japan
Abe, Marié

Rethinking Disney
Private Control, Public Dimensions
Wide-ranging interdisciplinary essays look at the Disney empire.
Budd, Mike and Max H. Kirsch

Rethinking the Sylph
New Perspectives on the Romantic Ballet
A revisionist look at romanticism in ballet.
Garafola, Lynn, ed.

Return to Nevèrÿon

A novel of myth and literacy about a long-ago land on the brink of civilization. Vol 4
Delany, Samuel R.

The Returns of Alwin Nikolais
Bodies, Boundaries and the Dance Canon
Long overdue reflections on a visionary choreographer
Gitelman, Claudia and Randy Martin, editors

Rhetorics of Fantasy

Examining fantasy literature
Mendlesohn, Farah

Rhythms of Resistance
African Musical Heritage in Brazil
The first definitive history of the full range of African contributions to Brazilian music.
Fryer, Peter

The Rider Quintet, vol. 1
Rudman skillfully explores his own life and past.
Rudman, Mark

Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth
A Culture of Promise
A personal history of the groundbreaking children’s mental health facility
Wiseman, Richard J.

Riverview Hospital Staff Manuals

The manual developed for Riverview Children’s Hospital
Wiseman, Richard J.

The Robbers Cave Experiment
Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation. [Orig. pub. as Intergroup Conflict and Group Relations]
A classic of behavioral science.
Sherif, Muzafer. O. J. Harvey, William R. Hood, Carolyn W. Sherif, Muzafer Sherif, and B. Jack White, contribs.; Donald T. Campbell, new introd.

Robur the Conqueror

First complete English translation of Jules Verne’s classic novel of flight
Verne, Jules; Edited by Evans, Arthur B.; Translated by Kirstukas, Alex

Rococo and Other Worlds
Selected Poems
First English language publication of Urdu’s greatest modern poet
Syed, Afzal Ahmed; Musharraf Ali Farooqi, trans.

Roll Call of Mirrors
Selected Poems of Ivan V. Lalic
A postwar Serbian poet captures the spirit of the classical in his newly translated book of poems.
Lalic, Ivan V. Charles Simic, trans. and introd.

Roll over Beethoven
The Return of Cultural Strife
Stanley Aronowitz traces the history of the cultural issue – in both British and American manifestations.
Aronowitz, Stanley

Roots in Reverse
Senegalese Afro-Cuban Music and Tropical Cosmopolitanism
A study of the impact of Cuban music on Senegalese music and modernity
Shain, Richard M.

Running with the Devil
Power, Gender, and Madness in Heavy Metal Music
A comprehensive musical, social, and cultural analysis of heavy metal music, with a new foreword and afterword
Walser, Robert; foreword by Harris M. Berger


New edition. Vivid depictions of a now-vanished Greenland and its people.
Kent, Rockwell, and Scott Ferris, fwd.

Same-Sex Marriage
The Legal and Psychological Evolution in America
A persuasive history and clearly argued case for same-sex marriage
Cantor, Donald J.; Cantor, Elizabeth; Black, James C.; Barrett, Campbell D.

Sam’s Book

Eloquent and accessible poems commemorating the “stunning blast” of loss

Ray, David

Samuel Phelps and Sadler's Wells Theatre

Allen, Shirley S.

Saving the Appearances
A Study in Idolatry
Barfield draws on sources from mythology, philosophy, history, literature, theology, and science to chronicle the evolution of human thought from Moses and Aristotle to Galileo and Keats.
Barfield, Owen

Melographed by César Vallejo
The first complete English translation of a Latin American avant-garde masterpiece
Vallejo, César, Joseph Mulligan, ed. & trs.


A lyric exploration of crisis, transformation, love, and recovery
Fernandez, Robert

The Scenography of Josef Svoboda

Burian, Jarka.

Science Fiction and the Mass Cultural Genre System

A fresh approach to the history and shape of science fiction
Rieder, John

Sea Room

A poetic exploration of love, fear and god.
Flook, Maria

Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire

The final volume in the poet’s extraordinary tetralogy on earth, air, water, and fire
Hillman, Brenda

The Selected Letters of John Cage

Letters of an avant-garde icon available to the public for the first time
Cage, John. Edited by Laura Kuhn.

Selected Poems
Linguistically and formally audacious, Tarn is a true innovator.
Tarn, Nathaniel

Selected Poems

An award-winning gathering of exquisite poems by a celebrated poet.
Tate, James

Selected Poems

Collection of poems of great emotional investment.
Shapiro, Harvey. James Atlas, introd

Selected Poetry, 1937–1990

Brings together a representative selection of the work of one of Brazil’s most respected poets, including many poems published in English for the first time.
Cabral de Melo Neto, João. Djelal Kadir, ed.

Selected Writings of César Vallejo

Essential writings from the catalyst of the Latin American experimental tradition
Vallejo, César, edited by Joseph Mulligan

The Self-Dismembered Man
Selected Later Poems of Guillaume Apollinaire
First substantial translation of Apollinaire’s later works by an award-winning poet.
Apollinaire, Guillaume; Revell, Donald, trans.


Poetry that acts as a fierce and loving resistance to violence
Shockley, Evie

Sensational Knowledge
Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance
A compelling ethnography of traditional dance and bodily knowledge
Hahn, Tomie

Sensational Knowledge
Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance
A compelling ethnography of traditional dance and bodily knowledge
Hahn, Tomie

A Sense of Wonder
Samuel R. Delany, Race, Identity, and Difference
In-depth study places a major American writer in the African-American tradition.
Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

The Sensitive Self

Compelling insights into the role of emotional sensitivity.
Eigen, Michael

The Sentient Archive
Bodies, Performance, and Memory
Top scholars and artists theorize the body as a crucible of knowledge
Bissell, Bill, and Linda, Caruso Haviland, Editors

Setting the Stage
What We Do, How We Do It, and Why
The life and work of a stage designer who worked with Kazan and Balanchine
Hays, David

The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction

A major critical work from one of the preeminent voices of science fiction scholarship
Csicsery-Ronay, Istvan, Jr.

Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking
A modular, easy-to-read relaxation device
Lin, Tan

Seven for the Apocalypse

A dazzling new collection carries Reed's trademark blend of sentiment and sting.
Reed, Kit

The Seventh Stream
The Emergence of Rocknroll in American Popular Music
A cultural and social study of the origins and evolution of “rocknroll”.
Ennis, Philip H.

Sex and Race, Volume 1
Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- The Old World
Classic work of black study provides detailed historico-biographical surveys of black history
Rogers, J. A.

Sex and Race, Volume 2
Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- The Old World
Classic work of black study provides detailed historico-biographical surveys of black history
Rogers, J. A.

Sex and Race, Volume 3
Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- Why White and Black Mix in Spite of Opposition
Classic work of black study provides detailed historico-biographical surveys of black history
Rogers, J. A.

Sex and the Slayer
A Gender Studies Primer for the Buffy Fan
An introduction to gender studies through one of TV’s most popular shows.
Jowett, Lorna


An exquisite series of poems that explore living and dying.
McHugh, Heather

Shadow Distance
A Gerald Vizenor Reader
A rich selection from the broad range of a prolific Native American writer’s work.
Vizenor, Gerald

The Shaping of South African Society, 1652–1840.

The only book devoted to the first 200 years of that nation’s history based on recent research.
Elphick, Richard and Giliomee, Hermann, eds. James C. Armstrong, Richard Elphick, William M. Freund, Hermann Giliomee, Leonard Guelke, Martin Legassick, V. C. Malherbe, J. B. Peires, Robert Ross, Gerrit Schutte, Robert Shell, and Nigel A. Worden, contribs.

She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks

The groundbreaking seminal collection by the author of Zong!
Philip, M. NourbeSe

Shorter Views
Queer Thoughts & the Politics of the Paraliterary
A brilliant theorist and cultural critic on race, sexuality, science fiction, and the art of writing.
Delany, Samuel R.

The Sights Along the Harbor
New and Collected Poems
The comprehensive collection of a master of the American modern form
Shapiro, Harvey

Signs and Abominations

Poems search for signs of the divine amid the abominations of the profane and the materials of language itself.
Beasley, Bruce

Signs of Life
Six Comedies of Menace
A stunning collection of Schenkar’s unsettling and unnervingly funny plays available for the first time.
Schenkar, Joan M. Vivian Patraka, ed. and introd.

Lectures and Writings
Silence, A Year from Monday, M, Empty Words and X (in this order) form the five parts of a series of books in which Cage tries, as he says, "to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them." Often these writings include mesostics and essays created by subjecting the work of other writers to chance procedures using the I Ching (what Cage called "writing through").
Cage, John

Lectures and Writings, 50th Anniversary Edition
Special edition of the book that revolutionized our understanding of how we make and experience art
Cage, John and Kyle Gann, fwd.

Silence in the Snowy Fields
Striking and moving poems that are rooted deep in the earth
Bly, Robert

Silence in the Snowy Fields, a minibook edition
Limited edition of this beloved collection
Bly, Robert

Silent Interviews
On Language, Race, Sex, Science Fiction, and Some Comics—A Collection of Written Interviews
A collection of substantial written interviews.
Delany, Samuel R.

Silent Stars

An eminent film historian illuminates the stars of silent film.
Basinger, Jeanine

Simon Says

This visceral collection by Jan Freeman takes the reader by the throat, combining a metaphysics of grief with gut-wrenching humor.
Freeman, Jan


Poetry by Ruth Stone, winner of the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry
Stone, Ruth

Singing Archaeology
Philip Glass’s Akhnaten
Illuminates the aesthetics of a major American composer.
Richardson, John

Singing Our Way to Victory
French Cultural Politics and Music during the Great War
A penetrating cross-disciplinary study of the cultural constructions of singing.
Sweeney, Regina M.


A celebration of language by a gifted poet.
Howe, Susan

An Anthology
A heartwarming, heartbreaking, laugh-out-loud, grind-your-teeth anthology celebrating the unique world of sisters
Freeman, Jan, Wojcik, Emily, Bull, Deborah,

Sisters of Tomorrow
The First Women of Science Fiction
Anthology of stories, essays, poems, and illustrations by the women of early science fiction
Yaszek, Lisa, and Patrick B. Sharp, Eds.

Sky Ward

New poems from this poet of “precision and ardor”
Ali, Kazim

The Sleep That Changed Everything

Playful, sexy poems illuminate a rich multiplicity of experiences.
Brown, Lee Ann

So Dreadfull a Judgment
Puritan Responses to King Philip’s War, 1676–1677
A classic selection of materials on Philip’s War.
Slotkin, Richard, and James K. Folsom, eds.

The Diary of Letters of a Denishawn Dancer in the Far East, 1925-1926
Sherman, Jane

Solar Throat Slashed
The Unexpurgated 1948 Edition
The only bilingual edition of this radically original collection
Césaire, Aimé, A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman, eds. & trans.

Solitude of Self

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's inspiring and timeless speech, presenting her appeal for equal rights for women and equal education for all
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Solkattu Manual
An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music
The first hands-on introduction to South Indian spoken rhythm
Nelson, David P.

Some Liked It Hot
Jazz Women in Film and Television, 1928–1959
Investigates the changing representations of jazz women in American culture
McGee, Kristin A.

Some Values of Landscape and Weather

A visionary new work from an award-winning poet.
Gizzi, Peter

Songs and Stories of the Ghouls

An epic poem of genocide, designed to create power for the dead
Notley, Alice

Songs, Dreamings, and Ghosts
The Wangga of North Australia
A mesmerizing journey into the musical world of Australia’s Aboriginal people.
Marett, Allan

Sonnets to Orpheus

An accomplished poet’s first and only sonnet sequence.
Rilke, Rainer Maria. David Young, trans. and introd.

Soul Searching
Black-Themed Cinema from the March on Washington to the Rise of Blaxploitation
An engrossing look at black-themed films in pre-blaxploitation Hollywood
Sieving, Christopher

Soul Talk, Song Language
Conversations with Joy Harjo
Intimate and illuminating conversations with one of America’s foremost Native artists
Harjo, Joy and Tanaya Winder, Laura Coltelli

The Sound of Culture
Diaspora and Black Technopoetics
Investigates the parallel and intertwined histories of race, technology, and science fiction
Chude-Sokei, Louis

The South Korean Film Renaissance
Local Hitmakers, Global Provocateurs
How a homegrown cinema took on Hollywood and dazzled Cannes
Choi, Jinhee

The Spaces Between Birds
Mother/Daughter Poems, 1967–1995
In 1967, Sandra McPherson’s daughter Phoebe was born with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. Representing 28 years of work, these poems descripe the voyage on which mother and daughter embarked. Interspersed are poems by Phoebe.
McPherson, Sandra

New and Selected Poems
A spellbinding collection from one of America’s most original and magical poets
Finch, Annie

A Spicing of Birds
Poems by Emily Dickinson
The bird poems of a revered American poet paired with classic bird illustrations
Dickinson, Emily, Jo Miles Schuman and Joanna Bailey Hodgman, eds.

A Splurch in the Kisser
The Movies of Blake Edwards
A detailed and hilarious look at the art and life of a legendary Hollywood filmmaker
Wasson, Sam

Staging Whiteness

How whiteness is portrayed in contemporary drama and enacted in everyday life.
Brewer, Mary F.

Ideas about Emotion, Style, and Meaning for the Study of Expressive Culture
How we find and make meaning through music and performance
Berger, Harris M.

Star Begotten
A Biological Fantasia
H.G. Wells’s second Martian invasion comes from within.
Wells, H.G.; Huntington, John, ed.

Star Maker

First scholarly edition of this 20th century science fiction masterpiece.
Stapledon, Olaf; McCarthy, Patrick A. , ed.; Dyson, Freeman J., fwd.

Starboard Wine
More Notes on the Language of Science Fiction
The long-awaited reissue of a classic work of criticism -- revised and expanded
Delany, Samuel R., and Matthew Cheney, intro.

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

The story of a truly galactic civilization with over 6,000 inhabited worlds.
Delany, Samuel R.; Carl Freedman, fwd.


First English critical edition of a bilingual masterpiece with facsimile and facing-page translation
Segalen, Victor, Timothy Billings & Christopher Bush, trans., Haun Saussy, fwd.

Stories in Stone
How Geology Influenced Connecticut History and Culture
Exploring the many facets of Connecticut’s unique geology
Zeilinga de Boer, Jelle

The Story Until Now
A Great Big Book of Stories
The best stories from a master of speculative fiction
Reed, Kit

Stove by a Whale
Owen Chase and the Essex
A thrilling documentation of the first sinking of a ship by a whale.
Heffernan, Thomas Farel

Subcultural Sounds
Micromusics of the West
A fascinating study of subcultural musics and their cultural identities.
Slobin, Mark

Subterranean Worlds
A Critical Anthology
Exploring the hollow earth from the 17th century to the present.
Fitting, Peter

A Sulfur Anthology

A vital compendium of poetic vision
Eshleman, Clayton

Sunken Garden Poetry
A poetry anthology celebrating the first 20 years of the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival
Davis, Brad, ed., Rennie McQuilkin and Lary Bloom, intro.

Svoboda: Wagner
Joseph Svoboda's Scenography for Richard Wagner's Operas
Burian, Jarka

Symphonic Metamorphoses
Subjectivity and Alienation in Mahler’s Re-Cycled Songs
An intimate investigation of Mahler’s distinctive voice.
Knapp, Raymond

Taken by Surprise
A Dance Improvisation Reader
First comprehensive overview of improvisation in dance.
Albright, Ann Cooper, and David Gere, eds.

Taking on the Local Color
Erotic, calculated, witty poems in this first book.
Genser, Cynthia

Tales of Nevèrÿon

A novel of myth and literacy about a long-ago land on the brink of civilization. Vol 1
Delany, Samuel R.

The Hollywood Comedies of Frank Tashlin
The long-overdue study of an important American filmmaker
de Seife, Ethan

The Tatters

An elegy for the end of a pristine natural world
Coultas, Brenda

The Teatro Solís
150 Years of Opera, Concert and Ballet in Montevideo
The first comprehensive history of the oldest major opera house in the Americas.
Salgado, Susana. Foreword by E. Thomas Glasow, preface by Julio Marìa Sanguinetti

Tell Me Another Morning
An Autobiographical Novel
Three girls come of age in the Nazi concentration camps and repeatedly save each other through their ingenuity, kindness, and acts of courage
Berger, Zdena

The Spirit of Isabella Beecher Hooker
First full-length biography of a key figure in nineteenth-century American culture
Campbell, Susan

Ten Huts

Site-specific art installations create structures and performance spaces from cast-off objects
Sigman, Jill. Foreword by Pamela Tatge

Ten to One
Selected Poems
The first selected poems from one of the most inventive poets writing today.
Perelman, Bob

The Tennis Court Oath
A Book of Poems
Still a touchstone of contemporary avant-garde poetry today, this 35th anniversary edition of John Ashbery's second book celebrates an American poet who has won a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Award, and a National Book Critics Circle Award.
Ashbery, John

Terpsichore in Sneakers
Post-Modern Dance
A dance critic’s essays on post-modern dance.
Banes, Sally

Testimony, A Tribute to Charlie Parker
With New and Selected Jazz Poems
A collaborative tribute of words and music reflecting the tension and beauty of jazz, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation audio recording with music by Sandy Evans
Komunyakaa, Yusef

Testimony, A Tribute to Charlie Parker
With New and Selected Jazz Poems
A collaborative tribute of words and music reflecting the tension and beauty of jazz
Komunyakaa, Yusef

The Theater of the Bauhaus

Classic essays about theater design from Bauhaus masters
Gropius, Walter and Wensinger, Arthur S., eds.; Arthur S. Wensinger, trans.; Oskar Schlemmer, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Farkas Molnár, contribs.

Theatre Lighting before Electricity

Penzel, Frederick

The Theatre of Donald Oenslager

Oenslager, Donald. Foreword by John Mason Brown.

The Theatre of Robert Edmond Jones

Pendleton, Ralph, ed. and chronol. John Mason Brown, Mary Hall Furber, Kenneth Macgowan, Jo Mielziner, Donald Oenslager, Lee Simonson, and Stark Young, contribs.

Theorizing Sound Writing

An eclectic and experimental exploration of sound from the vantage point of writing
Kapchan, Deborah, Ed.

There Are Three
Poems from the indestructible wilderness of American words and silences.
Revell, Donald

Thieves of Paradise

Pulitzer Prize winner Yusef Komunyakaa delivers a powerful meditation on American, and particularly African American, life in the wake of Vietnam.
Komunyakaa, Yusef

Things Come On
An amneoir
National and family disasters converge in this radically new kind of memoir
Harrington, Joseph

Thirty Polite Things to Say

A darkly humorous look at etiquette
Reed, Kit. Illustrated by Reed, Joseph

A Thousand Honey Creeks Later
My Life in Music from Basie to Motown—and Beyond
The rise of jazz and Motown seen through the eyes of a premier African American performer.
Love, Preston. Johnny Otis, pref.; George Lipsitz, introd.

Three Science Fiction Novellas
From Prehistory to the End of Mankind
Three ground-breaking works from a master of modern science fiction
Rosny aîné, J.-H., Danièle Chatelain and George Slusser, trans. & anntd.

Threshold Songs

A series of private and ecstatic meditations on living and dying
Gizzi, Peter

Through the Eyes of a Dancer
Selected Writings
A compilation of the writings of dance critic and editor Wendy Perron, from the 1960s to the present.
Perron, Wendy

Tickets for a Prayer Wheel

Celebrate re-publication of this Pulitzer Prize-winning author's first book.
Dillard, Annie; Collier, Michael, foreword

The Time Ship
A Chrononautical Journey
Globe-trotting scientists pursue immortality and love in the world’s first time machine
Gaspar, Enrique, Yolanda Molina-Galiván and Andrea L. Bell, intro. & trs.

Times Alone
Selected Poems of Antonio Machado
A new book of poetry translation that enhances the ordinary
Machado, Antonio. Chosen and trans. by Robert Bly.

To See the Earth Before the End of the World

Generous, visionary new work by this major American poet
Roberson, Ed

Toward the Open Field
Poets on the Art of Poetry 1800-1950
The historical writings that helped shape our current understandings of poetry.
Kwasny, Melissa, ed.

Toward Wholeness
Rudolf Steiner Education in America
A fascinating study about a uniquely artistic individual.
Richards, Mary Caroline

Traces of Light
Absence and Presence in the Work of Loïe Fuller
The first major English-language study of a legendary dancer
Albright, Ann Cooper

The Trailhead

Visionary poems lay claim to the power of the female poet
Webster, Kerri


The first poetic exploration of transgender issues by the mother of a transgendered child.
Raz, Hilda

The Traprock Landscapes of New England
Environment, History, and Culture
Lavishly illustrated natural history of the distinctive lava highlands in the Connecticut Valley
LeTourneau, Peter M. and Robert Pagini

Travel Scholarships

A suspense-filled adventure tale about piracy on the high seas
Verne, Jules; translated by Teri J. Hernández, edited by Arthur B. Evans, introduction by Volker Dehs

Traveling Spirit Masters
Moroccan Gnawa Trance and Music in the Global Marketplace
The sacred and musical phenomenon of trance
Kapchan, Deborah

Poems and Intermedia Works
The long-awaited first collection of Lew’s poems and intermedia pieces.
Lew, Walter K.

Treaty Shirts
October 2034—A Familiar Treatise on the White Earth Nation
The imagined narratives of seven native exiles from the White Earth Nation
Vizenor, Gerald

belief / culture / balance
Acclaimed choreographer explores the idea of intercultural performance.
Lemon, Ralph


A highly-praised translation of a seminal work of Spanish literature is once again available.
Vallejo, César. Clayton Eshleman, trans.; Spanish text established by Julio Ortega; Américo Ferrari, introd.

Trisha Brown
Choreography as Visual Art
First in-depth study of the ground-breaking work of artist/choreographer Trisha Brown
Rosenberg, Susan

Trophic Cascade

Poems about birth, death, and ecosystems of nature and power
Dungy, Camille T.

Trouble on Triton
An Ambiguous Heterotopia
Interplanetary war, capture and escape, diplomatic intrigues that topple worlds.
Delany, Samuel R. Kathy Acker, fwd.

The True Patriot and Related Writings

Fielding’s political pamphlets of the Jacobite uprising.
Fielding, Henry. W. B. Coley, ed.


An inmate on Florida’s death row writes piercingly of incarceration, racism and growing up.
Booker, Stephen Todd

The Twentieth Century

Humorous, illustrated novel by the “father of science fiction illustration”.
Robida, Albert; Willems, Philippe, trans. & intro..; Evans, Arthur B., ed.

The Two of Them

How female solidarity begins—in experience, thought, action, and force of conviction.
Russ, Joanna; Sarah LeFanu, fwd.

Typescript of the Second Origin

The first English translation of a Catalan science fiction masterpiece
Pedrolo, Manuel de; Translated by Sara Martín

Umm Kulthum
Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend, 1967–2007
How an extraordinary woman shaped her career and legacy through war
Lohman, Laura

Under the Dark Sky
Life in the Thames River Basin
Photographs tell the story of contemporary rural life in eastern Connecticut and southern Massachusetts
Smith, Steven G., Foreword by Steve Grant

The Underground Railroad in Connecticut

The story of a “railroad” shrouded in secrecy
Strother, Horatio T.

Up to Speed

Corrosive new poems from a poet whose work challenges expectations.
Armantrout, Rae

Upside Your Head!
Rhythm and Blues on Central Avenue
An intriguing memoir by the legendary bandleader.
Otis, Johnny. George Lipsitz, introd.

A Useful Art
Essays and Radio Scripts on American Design
Writings on American craft and poetry.
Zukofsky, Louis. Edited with an introduction by Kenneth Sherwood; afterword by John Taggart.

New and Selected Poems
First book of selected poems by this core member of the Language writing group.
Armantrout, Rae


Winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
Armantrout, Rae

Vintage Visions
Essays on Early Science Fiction
Top scholars investigate the nature and variety of early science fiction
Evans, Arthur B., ed.

Virtual Muse
Experiments in Computer Poetry
A poet-programmer explores the intersection of reading, writing, and computing.
Hartman, Charles O.

Visa for Avalon
A Novel
George Orwell meets Margaret Atwood in this stunning dystopian novel

A Visit to Civilization

A meditation on brokenness and wholeness, history and forgetting.
McPherson, Sandra

Visual Culture
Images and Interpretations
Fifteen key art historians and cultural critics redefine the scope and concerns of scholarship on visual culture—a history of representation seen as something different from a history of art.
Bryson, Norman, Michael Ann Holly, and Keith Moxey, eds.

Voices in Bali
Energies and Perceptions in Vocal Music and Dance Theater
A polyphonic study of Balinese aesthetics that broadens an intercultural understanding of performance.
Herbst, Edward; Judith Becker, fwd.; René T. A. Lysloff, afterward.

Southward from the Strait of Magellan
The 75th anniversary printing of the captivating story of Kent's journey to Tierra del Fuego.
Kent, Rockwell

Walking in Stone

Remarkable poems exploring the relationship between the colonists and Native Americans.
Spaulding, John

Watching Daytime Soap Operas
The Power of Pleasure
An engaging, in-depth look at the myriad pleasures of the soap opera fan.
Spence, Louise


Intimate, intense poems forge a language for life when life is at stake
López Colomé, Pura; Forrest Gander, Trans.

Water for Hartford
The Story of the Hartford Water Works and the Metropolitan District Commission
How three men brought clean water to Hartford, on a massive scale
Murphy, Kevin

We Modern People
Science Fiction and the Making of Russian Modernity
How science fiction forged a unique Russian vision of modernity distinct from Western models
Banerjee, Anindita

We Who Are About To...

One woman’s quest to die with dignity may doom them all.
Russ, Joanna; Samuel R. Delany, intro.

Weird Women, Wired Women

Visionary stories expose the humor and horror of contemporary women's lives.
Reed, Kit. Connie Willis, fwd

Welcome to Wesleyan
Campus Buildings
A photograph book of the Wesleyan campus, with historical notes
Starr, Leslie

The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction

The best single-volume anthology of science fiction available—includes online teacher’s guide
Evans, Arthur B., Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr., Joan Gordon, Veronica Hollinger, Rob Latham, and Carol McGuirk, eds.

The Wesleyan Tradition
Four Decades of American Poetry
A compelling anthology of the best poetry of a unique press.
Collier, Michael, ed.

Wesleyan University, 1831–1910
Collegiate Enterprise in New England
A lively narrative connecting Wesleyan University’s early history to economic, religious, urban, and educational developments in 19th-century America.
Potts, David B.

Wesleyan University, 1910–1970
Academic Ambition and Middle-Class America
A lively and probing analysis of the development of twentieth-century liberal education
Potts, David B.

Giving Girls a Place of Their Own
A century of girls’ education in the history of an extraordinary school
Lisle, Laurie

What Is Amazing

Poems stunned by the world and their presence in it
Christle, Heather

When Magoo Flew
The Rise and Fall of Animation Studio UPA
The story of the renegade artists who brought modern art to the world of animation
Abraham, Adam

The White Fire of Time

A stunning new work by a profound poetic talent.
Hinsey, Ellen

The White Rose
Munich, 1942–1943
A unique study of the WW2 culture of Germany.
Scholl, Inge. Arthur R. Schultz. trans.; Dorothee Sölle, introd.

The Whole Motion
Collected Poems, 1945–1992
Documentation of the development of a major literary figure.
Dickey, James

Why Haiti Needs New Narratives
A Post-Quake Chronicle
A Haitian-American anthropologist makes sense of her homeland in the wake of the 2010 earthquake
Ulysse, Gina Athena; foreword by Robin D. G. Kelley

A Wild Perfection
The Selected Letters of James Wright
The thoughtful, inspiring letters of a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
Wright, James, Anne Wright and Saundra Rose Maley, eds.

A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska—Including Extensive Hitherto Unpublished Passages from the Original Journal
A new paperback edition of Kent's first book, often referred to as "Alaska's Walden."
Kent, Rockwell. Doug Capra, fwd.

Winter Music
Composing the North
Eminent composer discusses music, culture, and the environment.
Adams, John Luther. Gann, Kyle, fwd.

Wired for Sound
Engineering and Technologies in Sonic Cultures
Ethnographically-grounded studies of technology in global music.
Greene, Paul D., and Porcello, Thomas, eds. Greene, Paul D. and Porcello, Thomas, contribs.

With Needle and Brush
Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley, 1740–1840
First book to explore schoolgirl needlework of the Connecticut River Valley
Huber, Carol and Stephen, Susan P. Schoelwer, and Amy Kurtz Lansing


Poems written on the shifting ground of imminent systemic collapse
Armantrout, Rae

A Woman’s View
How Hollywood Spoke to Women, 1930–1960
A lively portrayal of Hollywood's contradictory message of conformity and riotous freedom in films about women's lives and loves.
Basinger, Jeanine

Words of Our Mouth, Meditations of Our Heart
Pioneering Musicians of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, and Dancehall
Celebrating the legendary studio musicians of Jamaican popular music through personal photographs and interviews
Bilby, Kenneth

The Work of Dance
Labor, Movement, and Identity in the 1930s
Explores the complex relationship between dance, work and labor in the 1930s.
Franko, Mark

The Work-Shy

A poetic archive of subcultures rooted in the lives and language of the unsettled

The World the Slaveholders Made
Two Essays in Interpretation
A seminal and original work that delves deeply into what slaveholders thought.
Genovese, Eugene D.

The World War II Combat Film
Anatomy of a Genre
Lively, comprehensive analysis of World War II movies.
Basinger, Jeanine

Writing Dancing in the Age of Postmodernism

A leading critic traces three decades of contemporary dance from Balanchine to breakdancing
Banes, Sally

Writing in Motion
A treasure trove of writings by America’s only dancing philosopher.
King, Kenneth

Writings ’79–’82
One of a series of experimental texts in which Cage tries “to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them,” he attempts in X to create looser structures in both life and art, to free “my writing from my intentions.”
Cage, John

A Year from Monday
New Lectures and Writings
Includes lectures, essays, diaries and other writings, including "How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)" and "Juilliard Lecture."
Cage, John

Yellow Light
A beautiful and moving collection of poetry by a new author.
Hongo, Garrett Kaoru

The Yellow Wave
A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia
A classic adventure story of a Chinese invasion.
Mackay, Kenneth. Edited by Andrew Enstice and Janeen Webb

Yip Harburg
Legendary Lyricist and Human Rights Activist
A new interview-based biography of The Wizard of Oz lyricist
Alonso, Harriet Hyman

“You Better Work!”
Underground Dance Music in New York
The first in-depth study of underground dance music.
Fikentscher, Kai

Zither & Autobiography

A reflective, eclectic mixture of poetry and prose.
Scalapino, Leslie


A haunting lifeline between archive and memory, law and poetry
Philip, M. NourbeSe, as told to the author by Setaey Adamu Boateng