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Opening the book on a new direction.

LogoUPNE launched the ForeEdge trade imprint in Spring 2014. All of our books for a national, general interest audience on the subjects of history, politics, true crime, music, and other popular topics now carry this imprint. In book production, “fore-edge” refers to the front edge of the book, opposite the spine. While the spine of a book keeps it all together, it is the fore-edge that transforms the artifact of the book into a form of mental and emotional transport. Enjoy. Click here for the complete list.
Recent and Forthcoming Titles

Cover image The Ice Bucket Challenge:
Pete Frates and the Fight against ALS

Casey Sherman,
Dave Wedge

The true story behind the Ice Bucket Challenge
cover image Shallow Graves:
The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer

Maureen Boyle

The worst serial killing case in Massachusetts since the Boston Strangler
Cover image Tell:
Love, Defiance, and the Military Trial at the Tipping Point for Gay Rights

Major Margaret Witt;
Tim Connor, contrib.;
Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, fwd.

The true story of the woman who ended the ban on gays in the military
Cover image The Enlightened Gene:
Biology, Buddhism, and the Convergence that Explains the World

Arri Eisen, Yungdrung Konchok; Dalai Lama, fwd.

Are humans inherently good? Where does compassion come from? Is death essential for life? The surprising confluence of Buddhist thought and cutting-edge biology.
Cover image
Squid Empire:
The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopodsg

Danna Staaf

The ancient, mysterious, intelligent, and adaptable creatures who once ruled the oceansg
Cover image
The Book Smugglers:
Partisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jewish Treasures from the Nazis

David E. Fishman

The Monuments Men for book lovers

Cover image Shortchanged:
Height Discrimination and Strategies for Social Change

Tanya S Osensky

Provokes a public debate about heightism, its detrimental effects, and how to reshape society's view and treatment of short people
Cover image Flashpoint Trieste:
The First Battle of the Cold War

Christian Jennings

At the end of World War II in Europe, all the contending forces—the Allies, the Nazis, the Red Army, Italian Fascists, and Yugoslav Partisans—fought for control of the city of Trieste