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Editors: Deborah Wong, Sherrie Tucker, and Jeremy Wallach

For over twenty years, the Music/Culture series has consistently reshaped and redirected music scholarship. Founded in 1993 by George Lipsitz, Susan McClary, and Robert Walser, the series features outstanding critical work on music. Unconstrained by disciplinary divides, the series addresses music and power through a range of times, places, and approaches. From ethnographic classics to cutting-edge studies, Music/Culture zeroes in on how musicians articulate social needs, conflicts, coalitions, and hope. Books in the series investigate the cultural work of music in urgent and sometimes experimental ways, from the radical fringe to the quotidian. Music/Culture asks deep and broad questions about music through the framework of the most restless and rigorous critical theory.

Among the Jasmine Trees
Music and Modernity in Contemporary Syria
The first ethnographic study of music-making in modern Syria
Shannon, Jonathan Holt

Animal Musicalities
Birds, Beasts, and Evolutionary Listening
How conflicts between science and the humanities have shaped our understanding of the line between art and animal behavior
Mundy, Rachel

Antiphonal Histories
Resonant Pasts in the Toba Batak Musical Present
A vivid ethnography and in-depth history of musical performance in North Sumatra
Byl, Julia

Any Sound You Can Imagine
Making Music/Consuming Technology
Describes digital musical instruments, industries that supply and promote them, and the meanings they have for musicians.
Théberge, Paul

The Arab Avant-Garde
Music, Politics, Modernity
The first in-depth study of diverse and radical innovation in Arab music
Burkhalter, Thomas, Kay Dickinson, and Benjamin J. Harbert, eds.

Mexican Musical Life Across Borders
The first in-depth study of banda, a Mexican and Mexican American musical practice.
Simonett, Helena

Between Nostalgia and Apocalypse
Popular Music and the Staging of Brazil
Chronicles the entanglement of traditional and experimental music in northeast Brazil
Sharp, Daniel B.

Black Noise
Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America
A comprehensive look at the lyrics, music, cultures, themes, and styles of rap music.
Rose, Tricia

Black Rhythms of Peru
Reviving African Musical Heritage in the Black Pacific
How Afro-Peruvian music was forgotten and recreated in Peru.
Feldman, Heidi Carolyn

The Book of Music and Nature
An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts
A provocative book explores the relationship of music and the natural world.
Rothenberg, David, and Marta Ulvaeus, eds.

The Book of Music and Nature
An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts
A provocative book with audio explores the relationship of music and the natural world
Rothenberg, David, and Marta Ulvaeus, eds.

Born in the U.S.A.
Bruce Springsteen and the American Tradition
A thinking person’s exploration of the cultural significance of Bruce Springsteen.
Cullen, Jim, Daniel Cavicchi, fwd.

Bright Balkan Morning
Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia
A celebration of settled “Gypsies” and music-dance in Greek Macedonia with CD.
Blau, Dick, photos; Keil, Charles & Angeliki, text; Feld, Steven, soundscape

Carriacou String Band Serenade
Performing Identity in the Eastern Caribbean
A Caribbean music festival as a window on social change
Miller, Rebecca S.

The Christopher Small Reader

A rich representation of the transformative work of an influential scholar of music studies
Small, Christopher; ed. by Robert Walser

Citizen Azmari
Making Ethiopian Music in Tel Aviv
An examination of popular Ethiopian music styles in Tel Aviv
Webster-Kogen, Ilana

The City of Musical Memory
Salsa, Record Grooves and Popular Culture in Cali, Colombia
A social history of salsa in Colombia.
Waxer, Lise A.

Club Cultures
Music, Media, and Subcultural Capital
A close look at the music and culture of dance clubs and the “rave” phenomenon..
Thornton, Sarah

Coming to You Wherever You Are
MuchMusic, MTV, and Youth Identities
A cross-cultural look at music television
Pegley, Kip

Dissonant Identities
The Rock’n’Roll Scene in Austin, Texas
A fascinating analysis of the music scene in Austin, Texas.
Shank, Barry

Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae
The first inside story of this Jamaican reggae style
Veal, Michael E.

Dynamic Korea and Rhythmic Form

South Korean percussion genre samul nori goes global
Lee, Katherine In-Young

Echo and Reverb
Fabricating Space in Popular Music Recording, 1900-1960
The untold story of acoustic effects in popular music.
Doyle, Peter

Empire of Dirt
The Aesthetics and Rituals of British Indie Music
Inside the culture of an artistically influential music community
Fonarow, Wendy

False Prophet
Field Notes from the Punk Underground
On the road with a punk rock band.
Taylor, Steven

Global Noise
Rap and Hip Hop Outside the USA
International scholars explore the hip hop scenes of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.
Mitchell, Tony, ed.

Global Soundtracks
Worlds of Film Music
The first volume focusing on film music as a worldwide phenomenon
Slobin, Mark, ed.

The Hidden Musicians
Music-Making in an English Town
A classic ethnography reveals the worlds of amateur musicians. Back in print with a new preface.
Finnegan, Ruth

The 'Hood Comes First
Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop
Examines the significance of the 'hood in rap and hip hop
Forman, Murray

Jazz Consciousness
Music, Race, and Humanity
Grounded essays on jazz as a unifying and transcendent force.
Austerlitz, Paul

The Kind of Man I Am
Jazzmasculinity and the World of Charles Mingus Jr.
An exploration of masculinity in jazz culture and the work of Charles Mingus Jr.
Rustin-Paschal, Nichole

Lineage of Loss
Counternarratives of North Indian Music
Explores the forgotten voices and visions of a North Indian musical tradition
Katz, Max

Listening and Longing
Music Lovers in the Age of Barnum
An intriguing look at music listening in nineteenth-century America
Cavicchi, Daniel

Listening to Salsa
Gender, Latin Popular Music, and Puerto Rican Cultures
Portrays the complex politics of gender, sex, class, and race in Puerto Rican salsa music.
Aparicio, Frances R.

Locating East Asia in Western Art Music

How does a piece of music embody the sound of a different culture?
Everett, Yayoi Uno and Frederick Lau, eds.

Making Beats
The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop
First book on hip-hop sampling as a musical process, now with a new foreword and afterword
Schloss, Joseph G.; foreword by Jeff Chang

Metal, Rock, and Jazz
Perception and the Phenomenology of Musical Experience
A lively comparison of musical meaning in Ohio's Jazz, metal, and hard rock scene.
Berger, Harris M.

Monument Eternal
The Music of Alice Coltrane
Long-awaited biography of an African American avant-garde composer
Berkman, Franya J.

Music & Camp

Illuminates the expressive, social, and political stakes of style
Moore, Christopher, and Philip Purvis, Edited by

Music and Cinema

A wide-ranging look at the role of music in film.
Buhler, James, Caryl Flinn, and David Neumeyer,eds.

Music and Cyberliberties

An activist’s guide for musicians and fans opposed to the major label lockdown of online music
Burkart, Patrick

Music and Technoculture

Explores the rich relationship between technology, music and culture.
Lysloff, René T. A. and Leslie C. Gay, Jr., eds. Afterword by Andrew Ross.

Music of the Common Tongue
Survival and Celebration in African American Music
“A magnificent book about Afro-American music and its impact on western culture. ”—Race and Class
Small, Christopher

Music, Politics, and Violence

An in-depth consideration of the relationship between music and violence
Fast, Susan, and Kip Pegley, Eds.

Music, Society, Education

A groundbreaking work expanding our view of music beyond the Western classical tradition.
Small, Christopher. Robert Walser, new fwd.

Musical Childhoods and the Cultures of Youth

Essays explore music’s roles in the lives of children
Boynton, Susan; Kok, Roe-Min

The Meanings of Performing and Listening
Acclaimed scholar rethinks the nature and meaning of music.
Small, Christopher

Musicking Bodies
Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music
Investigates the life of the body in Indian vocal music
Rahaim, Matthew

My Music
Explorations of Music in Daily Life
A first-hand exploration of the diverse roles music plays in people's lives.
Crafts, Susan D., Daniel Cavicchi, Charles Keil, and the Music in Daily Life Project

My Music, My War
The Listening Habits of U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
Music in the everyday lives of U.S. troops and combat veterans
Gilman, Lisa

The Other Side of Nowhere
Jazz, Improvisation, and Communities in Dialogue
Scholars, composers and performers write about the art of jazz improvisation.
Fischlin, Daniel, ed.; Heble, Ajay, ed.; Monson, Ingrid, intro.

Phat Beats, Dope Rhymes
Hip Hop Down Under Comin' Upper
How Aussies came to belong to the hip-hop nation.
Maxwell, Ian

Planet Beethoven
Classical Music at the Turn of the Millennium
Exploring the complexities and significance of classical music today
Yang, Mina

Popular Music in Theory
An Introduction
A lively contribution to the debates that are central to popular music studies.
Negus, Keith

Presence and Pleasure
The Funk Grooves of James Brown and Parliament
What does it mean to be in the groove?
Danielsen, Anne

Punk Ethnography
Artists & Scholars Listen to Sublime Frequencies
A critical companion to the radical DIY record label that challenges the conventions of ethnography, representation, and the category of “world music”
Veal, Michael E., & E. Tammy Kim, Editors

Radicalism and Music
An Introduction to the Music Cultures of al-Qa’ida, Racist Skinheads, Christian-Affiliated Radicals, and Eco-Animal Rights Militants
A comparative study of the music cultures of four radical groups
Pieslak, Jonathan

Recollecting from the Past
Musical Practice and Spirit Possession on the East Coast of Madagascar
Studies interconnections between sound production, spirit possession, colonialism and ceremonial remembering in Madagascar.
Emoff, Ron

Resonances of Chindon-ya
Sounding Space and Sociality in Contemporary Japan
An investigation of music, sound, and public space in contemporary Japan
Abe, Marié

Roots in Reverse
Senegalese Afro-Cuban Music and Tropical Cosmopolitanism
A study of the impact of Cuban music on Senegalese music and modernity
Shain, Richard M.

Running with the Devil
Power, Gender, and Madness in Heavy Metal Music
A comprehensive musical, social, and cultural analysis of heavy metal music, with a new foreword and afterword
Walser, Robert; foreword by Harris M. Berger

Sensational Knowledge
Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance
A compelling ethnography of traditional dance and bodily knowledge
Hahn, Tomie

Sensational Knowledge
Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance
A compelling ethnography of traditional dance and bodily knowledge
Hahn, Tomie

Singing Archaeology
Philip Glass’s Akhnaten
Illuminates the aesthetics of a major American composer.
Richardson, John

Singing Our Way to Victory
French Cultural Politics and Music during the Great War
A penetrating cross-disciplinary study of the cultural constructions of singing.
Sweeney, Regina M.

Solkattu Manual
An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music
The first hands-on introduction to South Indian spoken rhythm
Nelson, David P.

Some Liked It Hot
Jazz Women in Film and Television, 1928–1959
Investigates the changing representations of jazz women in American culture
McGee, Kristin A.

Songs, Dreamings, and Ghosts
The Wangga of North Australia
A mesmerizing journey into the musical world of Australia’s Aboriginal people.
Marett, Allan

Ideas about Emotion, Style, and Meaning for the Study of Expressive Culture
How we find and make meaning through music and performance
Berger, Harris M.

Subcultural Sounds
Micromusics of the West
A fascinating study of subcultural musics and their cultural identities.
Slobin, Mark

Symphonic Metamorphoses
Subjectivity and Alienation in Mahler’s Re-Cycled Songs
An intimate investigation of Mahler’s distinctive voice.
Knapp, Raymond

Theorizing Sound Writing

An eclectic and experimental exploration of sound from the vantage point of writing
Kapchan, Deborah, Ed.

A Thousand Honey Creeks Later
My Life in Music from Basie to Motown—and Beyond
The rise of jazz and Motown seen through the eyes of a premier African American performer.
Love, Preston. Johnny Otis, pref.; George Lipsitz, introd.

Traveling Spirit Masters
Moroccan Gnawa Trance and Music in the Global Marketplace
The sacred and musical phenomenon of trance
Kapchan, Deborah

Umm Kulthum
Artistic Agency and the Shaping of an Arab Legend, 1967–2007
How an extraordinary woman shaped her career and legacy through war
Lohman, Laura

Upside Your Head!
Rhythm and Blues on Central Avenue
An intriguing memoir by the legendary bandleader.
Otis, Johnny. George Lipsitz, introd.

Voices in Bali
Energies and Perceptions in Vocal Music and Dance Theater
A polyphonic study of Balinese aesthetics that broadens an intercultural understanding of performance.
Herbst, Edward; Judith Becker, fwd.; René T. A. Lysloff, afterward.

Wired for Sound
Engineering and Technologies in Sonic Cultures
Ethnographically-grounded studies of technology in global music.
Greene, Paul D., and Porcello, Thomas, eds. Greene, Paul D. and Porcello, Thomas, contribs.

“You Better Work!”
Underground Dance Music in New York
The first in-depth study of underground dance music.
Fikentscher, Kai