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Wesleyan Film
Editors: Scott Higgins and Lisa Dombrowski

The Wesleyan Film series takes a back-to-basics approach to the art of cinema. Books in the series deal with the formal, the historical, and the cultural—putting a premium on visual analysis, close readings, and an understanding of the history of Hollywood and international cinema, both artistically and industrially. The volumes are intended to be rigorous, critical, and accessible both to academics and to lay readers with a serious interest in film. The series founding editor is Jeanine Basinger, Corwin-Fuller Professor of Film Studies at Wesleyan University, and curator and founder of the Wesleyan Cinema Archives.

Action Speaks Louder
Violence, Spectacle, and the American Action Movie
An authoritative and entertaining history of the action film
Lichtenfeld, Eric

Anthony Mann

Classic study of a filmmaker’s career, now including every Mann film. Back in print—new and expanded edition.
Basinger, Jeanine

Brutal Intimacy
Analyzing Contemporary French Cinema
A major survey of contemporary French cinema’s leading films and filmmakers
Palmer, Tim

The Cinema of Errol Morris

First book on documentary cinema’s most innovative and influential director
Resha, David

Escape Velocity
American Science Fiction Film, 1950–1982
A cultural and economic history of science fiction cinema, from B-movies to blockbusters
Schauer, Bradley

The Films of Samuel Fuller
If You Die, I’ll Kill You
First comprehensive study of this American original
Dombrowski, Lisa

Hollywood Ambitions
Celebrity in the Movie Age
The Hollywood experiences of five remarkable American personalities reveal how the motion picture industry created a new kind of fame
Orgeron, Marsha

It’s the Pictures That Got Small
Hollywood Film Stars on 1950s Television
An original study of Hollywood film stars and 1950s television
Becker, Christine

Kazan Revisited

Top critics and scholars reconsider the cinematic legacy of Elia Kazan
Dombrowski, Lisa, ed.

The Lives of Robert Ryan

The definitive biography of the legendary film noir actor
Jones, J.R.

The New Entrepreneurs
An Institutional History of Television Anthology Writers
How television writers thwarted the constraints of corporate culture in the 1950s and flourished
Kraszewski, Jon

Paul on Mazursky

Conversations with one of America’s funniest filmmakers
Wasson, Sam and Mel Brooks, fwd.

Physical Evidence
Selected Film Criticism
The first collection from this distinguished American movie critic
Jones, Kent

Soul Searching
Black-Themed Cinema from the March on Washington to the Rise of Blaxploitation
An engrossing look at black-themed films in pre-blaxploitation Hollywood
Sieving, Christopher

The South Korean Film Renaissance
Local Hitmakers, Global Provocateurs
How a homegrown cinema took on Hollywood and dazzled Cannes
Choi, Jinhee

A Splurch in the Kisser
The Movies of Blake Edwards
A detailed and hilarious look at the art and life of a legendary Hollywood filmmaker
Wasson, Sam

The Hollywood Comedies of Frank Tashlin
The long-overdue study of an important American filmmaker
de Seife, Ethan