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Donald Revell

Wesleyan Poetry Series

2002 • 64 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

$14.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6474-0

A musical desert elegy on life born from loss.

Donald Revell’s new work, Arcady, draws its inspiration from Charles Ives and Henry David Thoreau to create a distinctly American poetic music. Triggered by a series of deaths in the poet’s intimate circle, anchored in the deserts of the Spring Mountains of Nevada, this book is nonetheless replete with lush, still moments. Many of the poems begin as meditations on loss and then transform themselves, thanks to the poet’s awareness of the spaciousness and openness of the void following grief. The attention to rhythm and the exploration of seen and unseen worlds lead the poet to find solace in the earthly rhythms of seasons’ passage and seasonal rituals. Revell’s sparse, experimental lines are soundings within which the music of language harnesses us to the present and its infinite resonance. Like Ives’s notion of music heard through and against other music, Revell’s words and images well up against each other and a profound language of images, meter and rhythm emerges.

Reviews / Endorsements

“As ever Donald Revell’s poems are evidence of a singular mastery. He is able to sound facts of feeling and perception with a grace I find altogether his own.”Robert Creeley

"A new and unforeseeable elegy, Arcady teaches us how to read itself, and even to read the world. The tender humanity of the 'Prefatory' opens the anguished language which follows, opens the gore and the glitter of these essentially pre-Socratic investigations of postmodern humanity. Haunting, fascinating, challenging, heartbreaking."Bin Ramke, editor of the Denver Quarterly


Winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award in Poetry (2003)
“Best Poetry Books of the Year” by Publishers Weekly (2002) Commendation
Utah Book Award for Poetry (2002)

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