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Rachel Hadas

Wesleyan Poetry Series

2001 • 109 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

$15.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6440-5

Indelible is Rachel Hadas's first book since her critically acclaimed Halfway Down the Hall: New and Selected Poems (1998).

The title, Indelible, refers to the enduring marks of time's passage. Accordingly, the poems in this thematically resonant and tightly unified collection trace the ways family, art (particularly literature), elegy and dreams color and shape one another. The poems in Indelible pick up thematic threads from her earlier poetry with a new perspective, and new stylistic features such as prose and prose-like poems, but with all of the hallmarks Hadas' readers have come to expect: fine-honed style; human and very accessible subject matter; lyric beauty and formal control.

Reviews / Endorsements

"These are spirited poems, in every sense. The surface closures of Rachel Hadas's poems do not obscure her deeper disclosures of loss and dissolution. Her traffic with the ordinary -- closet-cleaning, recycling paper, sorting files -- goes on under the gaze of ancient gods."—Rosanna Warren, author of Stained Glass

From the Book:

And that was thirty years ago. The ache
having moved inward, buried splinter-wise,
for decades, lately has begun to make
marked if sporadic reappearances
halfway to pleasure -- more than halfway there.

-- from "Fathers and Daughters, Mothers and Sons"

Rachel Hadas is a poet, translator, essayist, critic, and much of her work is influenced by her love of classics. Her books include Halfway Down the Hall: New and Selected Poems (Wesleyan, 1998), The Empty Bed (Wesleyan, 1995), and A Son from Sleep (Wesleyan, 1987). She has led creative writing workshops at the Gay Men's Health Alliance in New York for over ten years, and her own poems on the AIDS crisis have been lauded as being among the best elegies of our time. A Professor of English at Rutgers University, Hadas lives in New York City.

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