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Lullaby for One Fist
Andrea Werblin

Wesleyan Poetry Series

2001 • 64 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

$14.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6463-4

"NPR reporter Werblin's gimlet-eyed poems would seem acerbic if they were less vivid and sympathetic . . . Hope, disaffection, humor and lyricism intermingle in fresh but recognizably Gen-X sensibilities." —Publishers Weekly

A first collection of poems that explores the anatomy of destructive relationships.

In Lullaby for One Fist, Andrea Werblin explores the anatomy of destructive relationships and the now what? at their ends. Intimate, accessible, and sharply self-conscious, these musical poems trace the arc of such a relationship, conveying the speaker's struggle to invent freedom. They also reflect how often such inventions can reveal themselves to be trickery and self-deception, yet are at the same time very necessary practice runs and steps toward genuine independence.

Werblin's poems also speak about the slow and painstaking work of self-recovery, of the self as a burden one carries, and of the self as a previously unoccupied and unfamiliar territory into which one slowly makes her way. Metallic and pointed, yet fluid, these poems course strongly through the emotional veins; they brace and jar melodically as steady, illuminating undercurrents rise from the syntax in a contrapuntal dance and shed sudden and intense beams of light on the confusing and intensely human experience of extricating ourselves from ties that damage.

Reviews / Endorsements

" . . . A lyrical experience which transcends the personal, creating a sense of place, and, even more importantly, reflecting the high speed of late 90's/early 21st-century consciousness . . . [A]n unabashedly sensuous experience."—Jane Miller, author Memory at These Speeds: New and Selected Poems

From the Book:

Leonard hands off marriage
like a football to his son
dances the Horah,
and takes a smoke.
My Chagall bra droops
in front to say, look,
is it really all this intimate?

Andrea Werblin is a reporter for NPR/Online in Boston, Massachusetts. This is her first book.

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