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The Sights Along the Harbor
New and Collected Poems
Harvey Shapiro

Wesleyan Poetry Series

2006 • 292 pp. 5 x 8 1/2"

$24.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6905-9
$29.95 Hardcover, 978-0-8195-6795-6

"[Harvey Shapiro is] a veritable dynamo and a venerable American original whose small poems at their tonic best are as large as life." New York Times Book Review

The comprehensive collection of a master of the American modern form

Direct, informal, and richly evocative of his Jewish heritage and New York City home, Harvey Shapiro’s poetry has occupied a unique place in American letters for over 50 years. This new collection brings together his latest work and much of his 11 previous collections, revealing the full arc of his carefully calibrated poetics. Shapiro engages themes including the immigrant experience, urban landmarks and lifestyles, family life, and war. The reader will see the more formal British-tinged cadences of his earlier work give way to the colloquial, personal nature of his later poems, and how Shapiro’s candor and simplicity mark his work throughout the last five decades. Bringing the city and its balance of despair and exuberance into stark relief, this poetry is intimately attuned both to life’s quiet disappointments and to its unanticipated miracles.

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Reviews / Endorsements

"Few modern poets can match the range of experience that Shapiro records with a classical sanity and clarity. Giving a reader so much in return for such little effort risks underestimation. I'm confident that posterity won't make this mistake..."The Forward

"Shapiro has established himself as a hidden treasure in a city of otherness.... Whether at JFK, Ben-Gurion airport or at his desk in East Hampton, where statues of a Buddha and a goddess of creativity are perched, Shapiro is poised to soar with pen and powers of observation in hand."—The Jerusalem Report

“The book is quite simply a stunning achievement. I know that I will turn to it again and again for its wit, its depth, its intellectual adventurousness, and the exultant play of its language.”
Southhampton Press

“What Shapiro can do with the first-person, anecdotal mode is close kin to a jazz master’s version of an old standard. This gathering, warm and alive, is a national treasure."Norman Finkelstein, author of Not One of Them in Place

“Harvey Shapiro has written his great long poem in small increments, poem by poem, detail by radiant detail. Brought together they make a book of life, where love and war, memory and fantasy, landscape and ancient text coexist and reflect on one another. A master equally of aphorism and Imagist snapshot and savage one-liner, Shapiro is also a storyteller whose perspectives are epic even when his form is brief.”Geoffrey O'Brien, author of The Browser’s Ecstasy

From the Book:

We are like inhabitants
of a southern river town
gathering summer evenings by the water.
A flock of bridges greet us
and the stone hunks of Manhattan.
The power of redemptive love, like
New Jersey red, has gone into the clouds.
Everyone must feel it.
—“Brooklyn Nights”

Author Photo

Harvey Shapiro’s many books include How Charlie Shavers Died and Other Poems (2001) and National Cold Storage Company (1988). He published his first book in 1953, and has taught at Cornell University, Bard College, Columbia University, and Yale University. In his career as a journalist, he has served as editor of the New York Times Book Review and senior editor of the New York Times Magazine. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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