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The Rider Quintet
Mark Rudman

Wesleyan Poetry Series

2009 • 812 pp. 5 1/2 x 9"

$50.00 Paperback, 978-0-8195-6948-6

5 volume set

“Few writers in the wake of Proust have led a more rigorous and exhaustively inexhaustible inquiry into the subject of our conversations with the past than Mark Rudman.”—Mike Wexler, Raritan

Rudman’s unique exploration of relationships

In The Rider Quintet, Mark Rudman has developed a hybrid form in which he merges the intimate and the epic. The work is a synthesis of many genres—dialogue, lyric, travel guide—that merge history and myth, elegy and humor. The five volumes read as one poem, like walking along a variegated road on which you encounter, as the light and landscape change, ditches and deserts, pools and oceans, backwaters and cosmopoli—each of which required a somewhat different form to render. His compact, colloquial and dazzling shifts from popular culture to classical history allow him to create what William Eccleston has called a “truly democratic work. Rudman may be the poet that Borges had in mind when he suggested that, were epic to have a renaissance, it could very well come from America.

This 5 volume set includes Rider (1994), The Millennium Hotel (1996), Provoked in Venice (1999), The Couple (2002), and Sundays on the Phone (2005).

Reviews / Endorsements

“The poetry Rudman makes at its best reflects and dwells on the tensions between one person and another, a dialectic if you will; poetry is its synthesis. ...Mark Rudman has sought and rediscovered the meaning of universal experience.”—Mark Jarman, Hudson Review

Sundays on the Phone is moving and vivid, also brilliantly witty and ingenious in its employment of the dialogue form that Rudman has been reinventing with such originality over the past decade.”—James Lasdun, author of Landscape with Chainsaw

MARK RUDMAN received the National Book Critics Circle Award for Rider (1994). He teaches poetry at New York University.

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