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Levinas Studies
An Annual Review, Volume 10
Jeffrey Bloechl, ed.

Levinas Studies

2016 • 280 pp. 6 x 9"
Ethics & Moral Philosophy / Judaism

$35.00 Paperback, 978-0-8207-0496-8

The latest volume of Levinas Studies, featuring eight new extended essays on Emmanuel Levinas’s thought

In volume 10, scholars from several countries contribute essays that range throughout Levinas’s published works to address themes extending into a number of fields of inquiry: aesthetics, biblical theology, politics, and religion. Levinas appears, in turn, as a phenomenologist with an empirical bent, a startling reader of ancient texts, a forceful critic, and a persistent advocate of moral intervention in social life. Contents include:

Editor’s Introduction by Jeffrey Bloechl, “The Transcendence of Words” by Akos Krassoy, “Tracing a Traumatic Temporality: Levinas and Derrida on Trauma and Responsibility” by Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen, “Flipping the Deck”: On Totality and Infinity’s Transcendental/Empirical Puzzle by Jack Marsh, “The Recurrence of Acoustics in Levinas” by Roberto Wu, “Bearing the Other and Bearing Sexuality: Women and Gender in Levinas’s ‘And God Created Woman’” by Deborah Achtenberg, “Interpreting from the Interstices: The Role of Justice in a Liberal Democracy—Lessons from Michael Walzer and Emmanuel Levinas” by Nicholas R. Brown, “Otherwise than Laïcité? Toward an Agonistic Secularism in Levinas” by Mark Cauchi, “Ethical Dwelling and the Glory of Bearing Witness” by Hanoch Ben-Pazi

JEFFREY BLOECHL is associate professor of philosophy at Boston College and honorary professor of philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. He has published widely in contemporary European thought and philosophy of religion. He is currently working on book-length studies of philosophy of religion in the wake of Heidegger and on Freud’s later work. Bloechl is also the founding editor of Levinas Studies: An Annual Review.

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