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Music History from Primary Sources
A Guide to the Moldenhauer Archives
Jon Newsom, ed.; Alfred Mann, ed.

Library of Congress
2000 • 761 pp. 125 illus. (88 color). 243 signatures. 5 tables. End-paper illus. 8 3/8 x 11"
Music / Reference & Bibliography / Books on Books

$85.00 Hardcover, 978-0-8444-0987-0

An amply-illustrated book on the Moldenhauer Archives, spanning the history of Western classical music, with essays by noted experts.

The Moldenhauer Archives, gathered during nearly 40 years and spanning the history of Western music from Gregorian chant to the present, represent the most comprehensive collection of manuscripts and other sources for the study of music undertaken by an individual. The manuscripts include music, ranging from full scores to sketches; letters; literary works such as the prologue to Wedekind's play Erdgeist or poems by Hildegard Jone; and other documents, such as receipts signed by J. S. Bach. Some of the manuscripts are "holographs" (entirely in the hand of the author) and some are in the hands of copyists (one letter signed by Beethoven was written out by his nephew). With sensitivity to both their visual and informational value, Hans Moldenhauer used his last sighted years to gather these incomparable documents of musical creativity.

This substantial volume contains 57 essays by a variety of experts on items in the Archives citing the location of each item. With superb color illustrations and a comprehensive inventory, it is an indispensable reference source for librarians and students of music history. Its information on authenticating manuscripts will be useful to collectors and dealers in music manuscripts. It is also a unique source of supplementary reading for college-level courses in music history, providing students with extensive examples of the manuscripts of major composers.

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JON NEWSOM is Chief, Music Division, Library of Congress. ALFRED MANN, Professor Emeritus of Musicology at Rutgers University and at the Eastman School of Music, enjoyed a 50-year friendship with Hans Moldenhauer.

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