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Blind Painting
John Tamilio III

2003 • 80 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

$14.95 Paperback, 978-0-87233-132-7

Tamilio's poems systematically deconstruct the human condition of love and death, faith and despair, and transgression and redemption

Bold and daring, Blind Painting introduces readers to the multi-layered poetry of John Tamilio III. Systematically deconstructing the human condition, the themes of love and death, faith and despair, transgression and redemption, are all summoned through innovative metaphors that sample the poet’s extensive theological and literary background. Rich in natural imagery, readers are taken on a journey along the shoreline and through the landscape of the poet’s native New England—astutely capturing "the space between thought and pen."

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Reviews / Endorsements

John Tamilio weaves tenderness of memory and clarity of observation. By sharing his own stories, he hands us a mirror reminding us we are human, and then celebrates every human season. In his own words, he take us "back to the water".—Maren Tirabassi, recent Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, NH

In the poetry of Blind Painting, poetry that is at times allusive, sensory, recollective, personal, mythic, and translucent, John Tamilio practices an alchemy that draws the universal out of quotidian. —Rod Kessler, Professor of English, editor of the journal Sextant, 1992-1999, and author of Off in Zimbabwe

From the Book:

Again, For My Father

I have always wanted to return to the water:
liquid innocence, uniting creation and procreation.

The naked child fumbles pails that quench the circuits of his skin.

To return to the water requires the true humility of virginity.
The water breeds a darkness imperceptible to human eyes.

The young maiden's blood stains the ocean's froth, but is soon diluted.

I have returned to the sea:
the bond of life, age, and time is complete.

The old man pulls his catch into the boat, and the two are one.

Author Photo

JOHN TAMILIO III is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and serves the First Congregational Church of Wakefield, New Hampshire as their senior pastor and teacher. He received his B.A. in English and philosophy from Salem State College. He also holds a M.A. from Northeastern University in British and American literature and a M.Div. from Andover Newton Theological School. Currently, he is working towards his Doctorate at the Boston University School of Theology. John lives with his wife and children in Wakefield Corner, New Hampshire.

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