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Claremont Boy
My New Hampshire Roots and the Gift of Memory
Joseph D. Steinfield

2014 • 240 pp. 6 x 9"

$24.95 Paperback, 978-0-87233-173-0

A memoir of a full life, told two or three pages at a time

In Claremont Boy:My New Hampshire Roots and the Gift of Memory, Joseph Steinfield shares humorous, insightful, and often poignant recollections spanning more than half a century. The author recalls what it was like to grow up as part of a small Jewish community in a New Hampshire mill town, but the book includes much more. Readers will meet, and perhaps recognize from their own lives, grandparents and other relatives from Eastern Europe; influential public school teachers; some public figures whom he has known, Julia Child among them; and a host of other fascinating people from New England and beyond, including a Hebrew-speaking Muslim from the Northern Caucasus Republic of Adygeya and a P.L.O. leader from Jericho in the West Bank.

Originally written over several years for the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript of Peterborough, New Hampshire, these essays are united by the author’s sense of irony and the unexpected. Steinfield’s true stories will produce laughter, an occasional tear, and a reminder of the universality of life’s experiences. Whether writing about a caring neighbor, an encounter with governmental bureaucracy, or the surprise endings that often occur in life, Steinfield has taken his storytelling skills and used them to recount a life well lived. Claremont Boy: My New Hampshire Roots and the Gift of Memory will resonate with readers everywhere.

Reviews / Endorsements

“It’s a good thing Joe Steinfield is such a masterful storyteller because he has so many wonderful stories to tell--about his relatives who were immigrants from Eastern Europe, and their success and patriotism; about friendships and brushes with the famous; about travel and jazz and the Red Sox. And what comes through these insightful, frequently funny and often beautiful recollections is how closely Steinfield has paid attention to the events he has experienced, and how appreciative he is of those he has known.”—Bob Abernethy, executive editor, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

“Joe Steinfield has made himself a master of what The New Yorker used to call ‘Casuals.’ They are grace notes from a life well lived, one marked by enormous enjoyment of whatever comes along, from petty annoyances to the perks and opportunities that accompany high achievement. Each of these little essays was fashioned for the readers of a small town newspaper, but they deserve a much wider audience. They are distilled studies in character and coincidence and highly amusing. Joe is a natural born storyteller.”—Emily Arnold McCully, writer, illustrator, & winner of the Caldecott Medal

“What a joy you will have traveling through Joe Steinfield’s life. You will journey to a small New England town where this young Jewish boy was warmly embraced. You will experience a family who came to America from the Old Country and enveloped Joe with extraordinary support and love. But best of all you’ll share the joy this funny, loving, and very successful attorney receives from his friends. It caused me to appreciate my friends more and I'll bet it will for you too.”—John Rauh, chairman, Americans for Campaign Reform

JOSEPH D. STEINFIELD grew up in one of only a handful of Jewish families in Claremont, New Hampshire, graduated from Brown University and Harvard Law School, and now works as a Boston trial lawyer, teacher, and writer who describes his profession as “telling stories for a living.”

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