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Pocket Book of Prompts
Leaf Seligman; Bruce Ballenger, fwd.

2015 • 96 pp. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2"
Teaching Arts & Humanities / Creative Writing / Inspiration & Personal Growth

$9.95 Paperback, 978-0-87233-200-3

“This is a book rich in triggering subjects, doorways that lead to hallways with other doors that you will unlock with words you didn’t expect to write.”—Bruce Ballenger

A pocketful of opportunities to jumpstart the writing process, make meaning, and reflect in fun and imaginative ways

Writer and teacher Leaf Seligman encourages students to use writing as a way to “deepen connection, make meaning or clarify it.” In this pocket-sized book she asks more than seventy questions intended as invitations to plumb, to look, to listen, and to engage with life.

Reviews / Endorsements

“These prompts are protein for mind and soul.”—Sheri Reynolds, NYT best-selling author of The Sweet In-Between and the Rapture of Canaan

“Many of us want to take the leap into the world of writing, discovering meaning through words. A Pocket Book of Prompts calls out wonderful invitations, making it easier to take this leap into meaning, connection, and joy.”—Steve Chase, Director of Education, Pendle Hill

LEAF SELIGMAN began writing as a child in Tennessee. She graduated from the writing program at the University of New Hampshire, where she taught for thirteen years before pursuing pastoral ministry. A decade later, she happily returned to a writing-centered life in rural New Hampshire. In college, work, community, and prison settings, Seligman engages people with writing as a way to foster authenticity, deepen connection, and explore what matters.

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