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A Time to Dance
American Country Dancing from Hornpipes to Hot Hash
Richard Nevell

Publication date: October 3, 2017

2017 • 266 pp. 20 illus. 6 x 9"
Folk Dance / Social History / Dance Music

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“The immense scope is handled with clarity and insight, fitting this popular social dance form into the broader context of American Studies.”—American Library Association

A well thought-out, carefully put together volume on an important part of Americana

A Time to Dance: American Country Dancing trom Hornpipes to Hot Hash presents a well-documented history of American country dancing. Richard Nevell records American country dances as historical artifacts, as social expressions of rural and urban communities, as manifestations of democracy, and as an evolving traditional art that changes to meet the needs of a changing American society. The breezy, relaxed style lends itself to easy reading, and is accompanied by excellent illustrations.

RICHARD NEVELL is a photographer, visual artist, author, filmmaker, and songwriter. He has created CD covers for musicians in Europe and the U.S. His songs have been performed by many musicians and received special awards from ASCAP. He lives in New Hampshire and Bali.

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