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Mary Baine Campbell

Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series

Carnegie Mellon
2003 • 72 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
Poetry / Poetry - American

$15.95 Paperback, 978-0-88748-382-0

A collection of poems by Mary Baine Campbell.

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Reviews / Endorsements

"Mary Baine Campbell's Trouble is a brilliant expression of that great predicament in which we all constantly find ourselves: the problem of living, living truthfully, in our gorgeously flawed world. Her poems are stunning meditations on the risks of believing in our own humanity—and the ultimate consolation of our capacity for bewilderment when we aren't so sure. Read this incomparable poet—conjurer of our pain, interpreter of our wonder—to know the thrill of being so profoundly imperiled, amidst the pleasure and joy in the mere possibility of redemption."—Rafael Campo

"These poems present a woman's voice whose passionate intelligence is unforgettable. From her heart she speaks of the necessity, the glory, and the impossibility of care. Her purpose as a writer is not to make you hear her voice but to make you hear your own voice in her words: 'a voice so rich/Even the telephone turns/To gold.' In these poems Mary Campbell manages, by her magic, to make the world of her reader better known, more real, more worth the price."—Allen Grossman

"Mary Campbell writes as one who has visited the Land of the Dead. She knows 'where they live/And exactly how to get there.' In this time of the war of all against all, in the calm before the storm, or in the heart of the storm itself—the craft of these poems is crisp, fast, with flashes of beautiful vistas, many hairpin turns. The love in them is constant, analytic, vulnerable, intimate, despairingly global. Because 'the old men and the kings/Are rioting,' and 'it's hard/To reach safety, or even to be on the way,' the wisdom in these poems resists ecstasy, which sometimes leaks through anyway. I love it that Campbell rages, thinks and feels all at once: she is part wolf, part owl, and fearless."—Alicia Ostriker

MARY BAINE CAMPBELL was born in Hudson, Ohio. She now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and teaches poetry and medieval and early modern literature at Brandeis University. She is the author of The World, the Flesh, and Angels, which received the Barnard New Women Poets Prize, as well as two critical books, The Witness and the Other World and Wonder and Science (the latter, winner of the James Russell Lowell Prize from the Modern Languages Association in 2000).

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