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The Maggie Murphs 1906-73
A History of Margaret Morrison Carnegie College
Edwin Fenten

Carnegie Mellon
2003 • 136 pp. 233 illus. 8 1/2 x 11"
Education / History / Carnegie Mellon University

$24.95 Paperback, 978-0-88748-412-4

A history of the Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, now part of Carnegie Mellon University, by Edwin Fenton.

This volume has been written primarily for alumnae of Margaret Morrison Carnegie College. It covers the history of the school beginning with the charter class that entered in 1906 and ending with tis final class that graduated in 1973. Rich with illustrations, this intriguing volume combines photos and illustrations with the reminiscences of more than 140 alumnae and two-page interviews with 18 representative graduates and one dean.

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EDWIN (TED) FENTON (HA '66), Professor Emeritus of History, joined the Carnegie Institute of Technology (Carnegie Tech) faculty in 1954, and taught Margaret Morrison women for many years. He has served under five of Carnegie Mellon's eight presidents and has received the University's highest honor in teaching (the William H. and Frances S. Ryan Teaching Award) and education (the Robert Doherty Prize for Educational Leadership).

Author or editor of more than 200 publications, Fenton has also served as director of the Carnegie Education Center, the University Teaching Center, the Center for University Outreach and the Educational Facilities Committee. He was a founding member of the Academy for Lifelong Learning and a lifetime member of the University's philanthropic association, the Andrew Carnegie Society.

Fenton spends his summers in Wellfleet on Cape Cod, where he fishes, gardens, makes furniture, reads, writes and celebrates life with his wife, Barbara, and assorted offspring, friends and dogs.

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