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It's Saturday
Mike Barrett

Carnegie Mellon Short Fiction Series

Carnegie Mellon
2005 • 144 pp. 5 x 8"
Short Stories - Single Author

$16.95 Paperback, 978-0-88748-441-4

A collection of short stories by Mike Barrett.

America is a life unexamined. Farmers, cops, factory workers, used car salesmen, the characters in It's Saturday define themselves by their work, but when the weekends roll around, they find themselves wondering what makes them who they really are. Some find answers: love, the yearning for it, self-awareness, joy, connection. Others must keep searching.

These are American stories.

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Reviews / Endorsements

"Mike Barrett writes of big dreams in small places, of characters looking beyond the flat horizons of the small Midwestern towns in which they live. Here are the invisible people of the heartland, as real as you or me, made in plain stories that are achingly true and compelling."—Scott Lasser

"The desolation in these stories results, against all expectations, in a strange variety of comedy and good-natured energy. Like Raymond Carver, Mike Barrett knows how closely the incongruities of everyday life are to laughter and suffering; in It's Saturday, even the maimed characters are capable of taking a stand against their work or the conditions of their lives. This is a wonderful collection, whose stories move so quickly they can barely stop for breath."—Charles Baxter

"I wish to say how much I admire these stories for how scrupulous and tender they are. They search for truth. They quietly yearn on our behalf. They are the key left under the rock outside the dark and locked door."—Robert Olmstead

"These stories are shot through with a feel of black and white photos. Their settings are farms, factories, and the hard scrabble places where people toil for daily bread. Their working-class characters say things to one another like, 'Dream on.' Michael Barrett knows them intimately—both their dreams and their limitations—and portrays their lives with a convincing realism; he pays them the respect of writing with an austere prose that matches their stories."—Stuart Dybek

MIKE BARRETT was raised in the rural Midwest. He's held jobs in factories, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities. Past editor of Passages North and the 1990-1991 Fiction Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, he produces an online chronicle for emergency department staff and registers patients in the ER of a major university hospital.

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