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Dream of the Gone-From City
Barbara Edelman

Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series

Carnegie Mellon
2017 • 88 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"

$15.95 Paperback, 978-0-88748-618-0

New Poetry

Dream of the Gone-From City treads the fault lines between worlds: internal and external, natural and constructed, past and present. “Blessed am I, when neither/here nor there” Edelman writes, probing borders between mothers and daughters, lovers tracing words in sand, the living and the dead. Infused with intelligence and sly humor, these poems travel from Malibu to the Adirondacks to Bordeaux, France—weaving disco, Shakespeare, and nursery rhymes into their exquisitely crafted lyric narratives.

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Reviews / Endorsements

Dream of the Gone-From City is brilliant—as in intelligent, smart, astute. It is brilliant—as in vivid, intense, luminous.”—Lynn Emanuel

“Barbara Edelman’s first full-length collection, with flaring intelligence and elegant ingenuity, argues against our complacency even as we fulfill purposes that remain largely unknown to ourselves. Edelman’s urban landscapes are cleanly told, brightest at the lonely edges where we find ourselves in the company of restless, clear-eyed survivors living by wit and split-second generosity, migrating ceaselessly toward reconciliation, the hard world’s un/making, “every cell an insurrection. Every misheard word a revolution.” Dream of the Gone-From City is a beautiful, long-awaited debut.”—Dorothy Barresi

“The raveling is held together by jump cuts, by sleights, by the laws of mathematics as applied to the horizon. You must make a journey to the gone-from city surrounded by forest. Do not miss this smart and grave book.” —Marsha De La O

From the Book:


Let it be night when you plunge
on wheels through the ravenous
forest. Bats, ecstatic, twist
into illuminated view and shoot upward;
the lewd-faced possum trails
his nude tail into the spotlight
of your high beams.
At the bend, there, nibbling, the doe
bares her throat to your oncoming glare,
tracks you sideways in the gaze of her one eye
in the light. And you see that it's your own
slow longing she's captured—in the neck,
the tongue, in the lithe, submissive body.
Let the trees claw at wind. The moon,
half occluded, is your lost eye
opening; the road is a nerve stem
through hemispheres of trees
and your taut rabbit heart
is the double blade of light
calling out to the dark.

BARBARA EDELMAN’S poems and prose have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Cimarron Review, Arts & Letters, 5 AM, and Poet Lore, among other journals, and in several anthologies. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks. Her work has been recognized by a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts individual artist grant in poetry, the Turow-Kinder Award in short fiction, and several residency fellowships. She teaches writing and literature at the University of Pittsburgh.

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