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Six Girls without Pants
Paisley Rekdal

Eastern Washington University
2002 • 80 pp. 6 x 8 1/2"
Poetry / Poetry - American

$15.95 Paperback, 978-0-910055-82-6

A collection of poetry by Paisley Rekdal.

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Reviews / Endorsements

"Six Girls without Pants confronts the terror of sexuality, its economies of accident and control, vulnerability and power. Paisley Rekdal's edgy, intelligent poems muse upon our hapless wedding with the world, and in doing so, participate in the uncanny beauty of the 'strange conjunctions, uneasy / alliances' that are their subject. The intoxications of art, the heady pleasures of science, and the ecstasies of religion are part of this linguistic world—a world that shimmers with tactile and cerebral bliss, 'part animal, part elegance.'"—Alice Fulton

"Paisley Rekdal's work is an irresistible combination of boldness, sly humor and striking lyric insight. These powerful poems open up to the paradox of our human fallibility and equally human grace. They explore the mystery and masquerade of sexual identity, the limits of desire, the tensions between body and representation. The language is beautiful, unstinting, marvelously precise. But that is not to sum up the work—as with any original voice there is an ineffable element, that flavor in the sumptuous dish that guests try to identify and then, giving up, simply revel in."—Beckian Fritz Goldberg

"Paisley Rekdal's poems are so gleefully omnivorous! From Caravaggio's eye to the politics of Iraq, from the passions of St. Theresa (pierced by 'God's slick mystery') to an impromptu nude summertime swim . . . her poems are smart, audacious, funny, angry, sexy, urban, pastoral, feminist, intimate, public, creative in form, and painstaking in language. The result is a delight."—Albert Goldbarth

PAISLEY REKDAL is the author of A Crash of Rhinos, co-winner of the 2000 University of Georgia Press' Contemporary Poetry Series Award, and the author of a memoir, The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee, published by Pantheon and Vintage Books. She is the recipient of the 2000 Village Voice Writer on the Verge award, a Wyoming Arts Council Literary Fellowship, and a Fulbright Fellowship. Her work has appeared in such publications as The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Nerve, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Indiana Review, Poetry Northwest and Pleiades, among others. She teaches at the University of Wyoming.

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