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John Lewis Krimmel
Genre Artist of the Early Republic
Anneliese Harding

1994 • 276 pp. 354 illus. (113 color). 8 x 11"

$60.00 Hardcover, 978-0-912724-25-6

"Harding's study is likely to remain the major source on the artist for many years . . . it provides a well-researched biography of the artists, a good bibliography on genre painting, and the most complete set of illustrations of Krimmel's work." —Journal of the Early Republic

The life and work of America's first genre painter

John Lewis Krimmel (1786-1821), a German emigrant who worked in Philadelphia between 1809 and 1821, was initially influenced by David Wilkie, William Hogarth, and Benjamin West. In this authoritative examination, Harding traces the development of the artist through his sketchbook images and oil paintings. Seven sketchbooks now in the library at Winterthur contain approximately 700 separate drawings, ranging from quick pencil sketches to finished watercolor pictures, and are the key to reconstructing Krimmel's conceptual processes. When compared, they show clear distinctions in subject matter and drawing style, commensurate with the stylistic development evident in his paintings. Harding places Krimmel's specialty, genre art, in an international context by discussing his work in terms of larger stylistic trends and defines his use of democratic and moralizing themes within the political and social changes affecting Philadelphia and the Continent.

ANNELIESE HARDING (1920-2010) was resident art historian and coordinator of exhibitions at the Goethe Insitut of Boston.

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