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Orphic Songs
Dino Campana; Charles Wright, trans.; Jonathan Galassi, intro.

FIELD Translation Series

Oberlin College Press
1984 • 136 pp. 5 x 7 1/2"
Poetry - European

$14.95 Paperback, 978-0-932440-17-4

Trans. from the Italian

This vivid presentation of Campana demonstrates why Italian readers have cherished his poems since the first appearance of Canti Orfici in 1914. Charles Wright’s translation, Jonathan Galassi’s introduction, and, as afterword, Montale’s thoughtful essay on Campana, identify the heart of this poet’s achievement.

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From the Book:

Autumn Garden

To the spectral garden to the silent laurel
Of green garlands
To the autumnal earth
A last goodbye!
To the hard dry hillsides
Reddened in the hand-heavy sun
A confusion of raw noises
From life far away:
It cries to the setting sun
That bloodies the flower beds in its going down.
You hear the fanfare
That rises like a rip in the old fabric: the river disappears
In the gold sands: in the silence
The white statues on top of the bridgeheads
Have turned: and things that once were are no longer so.
And from down below like a chorus
Soft and majestic
Silence rises and gasps to the height of my balcony:
And in the smell of laurel,
In the sharp and persistent laurel smell,
Among the immortal statues against the sunset
She appears to me, here and present.

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