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John Warner Barber’s Views of Connecticut Towns, 1834-36
Christopher P. Bickford, ed.; J. Bard McNulty, ed.

Acorn/Connecticut Historical Society
1990 • 160 pp. 114 illus. 1 map 6 x 9"
American History

$25.00 Hardcover, 978-0-940748-98-9

The earliest known images of many Connecticut towns

This charming volume is a collection of ink washes produced by engraver and historian John Warner Barber (1798–1885), each depicting a specific locale in a Connecticut town. Barber, possibly the first popular American historian, created these drawings in preparation for producing wood engravings to be included in his book Connecticut Historical Collections (1836), one of the first popular local histories in the US. In creating these drawings, Barber sought realism, but also to portray the beauty in rural nature and the peacefulness and harmony of life in small-town Connecticut. The drawings, most never published before, are accompanied by contemporary descriptions of the view and buildings, and the changes that have occurred there since the mid-nineteenth century.

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From the Book:

“In 1834 he purchased a horse and buggy from Mr. Daggett for $110 and for three years between the months of April and November he toured the state making pencil drawings of the various towns and cities of Connecticut. He often traveled with friends who appear in so many of the views and stayed overnight in one town or another. When he returned home and through the winter months Barber would take the pencil drawings and develop ink wash drawings. Then he prepared his engraved blocks.” —from the introduction

CHRISTOPHER P. BICKFORD has served as the director of the Connecticut Historical Society, and is the author of several books on the history of Connecticut, including Farmington in Connecticut (1982) and Voices of the New Republic: Connecticut Towns 1800-1832 (2004). He lives in Providence, Rhode Island. J. BARD MCNULTY is professor emeritus of English at Trinity College, and author of several books on the cultural history of Connecticut, including Connecticut Observed (1999), written with Richard Buel Jr. McNulty lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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